Thursday, April 11, 2019

Half Full or What Glass?

Some of these A to Z Challenge letters are more problematic than others, and settling on a word for letter J required collective brain power.  I asked my daughter what she thought I should write about and she said, "Well you could write about yourself" 

Because I'm delightful?

Not quite what she meant, but let's pretend it was.

J is for Joyce 

I was thinking about how to tie in my theme of delight with my word and here's where I landed. I am an optimistic person. At least that's how I've always thought of myself. There's a little quiz you can take online (here) to determine if you're an optimist, pessimist, or realist and I came up as an uber realist.  

The description of an uber realist says I've always got a plan (true), and a plan B (true), I set reasonable expectations (I think so), I'm determined (true), and I'm probably listed as the emergency contact for several people I know-ha! I think that might be true too. 

In spite of what I'm sure is a completely scientifically accurate quiz as far as online quizzes go (ahem!), I still stay I'm an optimist. Maybe an optimistic realist? A hopeful person who wants to see the good in people, circumstances, and life, and who also sees nothing wrong with having a plan.

And maybe a plan B. 

A person who knows that sometimes you have to look really hard and dig really deep to find the good, but whose instincts tell her to do just that. And you know what? Sometimes that inclination to always be pointing out the bright side-silver lining is irritating to people who tend to see the glass as half empty. Who deal with what is right before them and choose not to think about what might be.

People who will tell you there isn't always a silver lining to be found.

Since I'm apparently more of a realist than I thought I know this. I know bad stuff happens and disappointments come our way and plans fall apart no matter how full we see the glass. I think it's how we react when any/all of the above happens that is the truer test of our levels of optimism, pessimism, and realism.

Also our faith and sense of hope in Someone greater than ourselves, and in that sense I'm definitely an optimist.

I'm going to find what might be the most microscopic bit of good in the failed plan, the disappointing circumstance, the hard thing, and I'm going to fix my eyes and my mind on that.

And fair warning...

It's very likely I'll try to get you to do the same. 


  1. I love it! I'm an optimist too-- don't know what the glass is half full of sometimes though😉

  2. Cute! I think you're delightful. :)

  3. Yes, you are an optimist! That is one of the things I've always found so appealing about your blog posts. You see and write about the good things, the good in things. Because I am definitely a realist, I need that perspective. So thanks for writing about Joyce today.

  4. I took the quiz. How fun.

    You Are:
    The Silver Lining
    Your friends and family love coming to you with their problems because you can always see the good in even the worst situations. Don't get me wrong, you see the clouds too you just find a way to play in the rain! You're very clever, especially when it comes to thinking your way through difficult problems. You're also unfailingly honest (with yourself and others), which makes you both a valuable employee and a good friend.

    I enjoyed learning more about you, Joyce! I am enjoying your delightful, "Hodgepodge" kind of A-Z!!

  5. I took the quiz after reading your blog post. Turns out I'm a Half Empty person, which surprised me; but the quiz said it's not all bad, and that helps. Thanks for the fun.

  6. My mother was a school psychologist and if I ever complained about a student or a parent she would tell me there is good in everyone and you can see it if you take the time to look for it. I've found that to be true and I try to carry it with me every day though I do not always succeed. I believe you are an optimist, Joyce and probably one of the sweetest people ever. :)

  7. I am an optimists and have been all my life. I am married to a pessimist (although he would say he is a realist) and he has been so all his life. We were young when we were married and I didn't think this difference was so important. I was wrong. Most of our disagreements settle on the difference between our outlooks. Yes, we are still married -50 years in June. I am not sure how we made that work for so long but apparently we have - even with the irritations that evolve because we see the world differently. I will take that quiz, but I don't expect to find a surprise.

  8. I've always taken you as an optimist but definitely with a lot of reality thrown in. I tend to think of myself as a glass half empty but I came out as an uber realist on the quiz too. I'm definitely the planner in my household. Your posts are always a delight to read Joyce.