Thursday, April 4, 2019

Sweet Childs O' Mine

Back at it on Day 4 of the A to Z Blog Challenge-

D is for Daughters

We hear so much now about everything that's wrong with this 'millenial' generation, but I'm here to tell you there are more than a few defying the stereotype.

When my girls were small I don't think I spent a lot of time thinking about how we would interact as adults. Three decades of parenting have shown me there is something magical to be found in every season and this one I'm living now is no different. There are joys and there are challenges and there is grace for the day.

Since it's Thursday how about a list? Thirteen things I find delightful about these girls who call me momma-

1. They're funny. They share our sense of humor, get the inside family jokes, and they make us laugh. They help me laugh at myself too, which is a gift. We all need people in our lives who can do that with gentleness, and these girls are my people.

2. They're wise. When did they become so wise? Deep thoughts and observations about the world around them spill out and amaze me on a pretty regular basis. They give me a fresh perspective when I'm locked into an idea, and they're intuitive about people which is maybe my favorite thing of all the favorite things I'm going to list here.

3. They answer all my technology related questions of which there are many. Often they answer the exact same question multiple times because I can't remember what they told me to do the first time I asked. They only sigh a little.

4. They call to ask me cooking questions. I still sometimes call my own momma to ask a cooking question so this one is super delightful in my book.

5. They bless me with new titles like mother-in-law-

6.  And Nana.

7. They're strong and responsible. They work hard, make decisions, and do the difficult things adulthood so often requires. They make me want to be a better version of myself.

8. It's fun to watch their lives unfold. They help me remember what it was like to be young, newly married, raising babies.

9. They read the same books I read and share new titles they've discovered. Also fun things on Pinterest we should definitely make, hilarious twitter threads I'd never find on my own, cool websites, helpful apps, travel tips, TV shows they think we'd like, and restaurants we should try.

10. They keep my prayer life growing. This has been true in every stage of motherhood, but never more so than in these young adult years where some of life's biggest decisions are made. Where our children are figuring out a career path, choosing a mate, setting up their own homes, and starting families.

11. They are still and always best friends. Delights my heart more than words can say.

12. They encourage me in my pursuits and passions outside the role of mom. They're my honest critcs and my biggest cheerleaders. They hold my hand and laugh at my ridiculousness. They tell me to write more and try the new thing when I'm second guessing myself.

13. Every now and then I catch sight of the little girls they once were. Those little girls are in there still, only I see them now through the wider lens of time. I see all the ways they've grown and bloomed...

...and my heart beats wild with delight.


  1. Awww, this is so sweet. Amazing how daughters grow into friends, isn't it? Even if we get an eye roll now and then. ha.

  2. Awwww this was lovely- I was happy to see your blog was on the az list!

  3. The picture of the three of you with your grandson it precious! I love being with my adult children. Love your 13 reasons and the pictures are so special.

  4. I agree with you about millennial kids who are defying what 'everyone' is saying about them and not just my girls and yours. I don't know one single millennial who isn't hard working, kind, respectful, just all around good people. Go figure. Lovely post!

  5. This is probably my favorite of your A-Zs and I've only read four so far. I love your relationship with your beautiful daughters and grandson. Thanks for sharing the love.

  6. I enjoyed all 13 of these, great post!

  7. I have a daughter too. And I am sssoooo grateful I do. She was my life saver while I was trying to take care of my mom. She is a beautiful and gentle soul and a blessing to me.

  8. Yes your daughters are wonderful and this is a great post but you must also pat yourself and hubby on the backs because it shows that you are great parents!