Saturday, April 13, 2019

L Is For The Little Things

Keeping with my Saturday plans to mention small things that delight. And since we've reached the letter L in the A-Z challenge we'll call those small things little. Perhaps too little to merit individual blog posts, but not so little they don't deserve a mention.

L is for Little Things That Delight

a garden full of lavender
an empty laundry basket
newborn lambs on an English hillside
Thanksgiving leftovers
learning something new
love that lasts
the occasional lazy day
loons on the lake
a freshly mown lawn
long leisurely lunches
knowing all the lyrics to a song
lobster rolls on the coast of Maine
that perfect shade of lipstick
memories of London
the ocean lapping at your toes
a bowl of lemons on the kitchen counter
a letter in the mailbox
a perfectly pressed linen tablecloth
leaves changing color
red licorice

Okay, your turn...what's on your 'L' list?


  1. Your list is perfect. It brings peace to my heart.

  2. I think quite of few of those "little" things really could make up an entire blog post but I'm with you on little things meaning so much in our lives. Kind of like "stop and smell the roses" along the way. We need to pay attention to the little things that bring us joy and one of those is seeing a post from you in my Feedly Reader!

  3. I love your list but licorice? Thanks but no thanks lol. (Mine would have to include Lindt chocolate instead.)