Monday, April 8, 2019

Still Grand

It's Monday which means it's time to dive back in to the A-Z Blog Challenge. Here we go-

G is for Grandparenting

No series on delight would be complete without mentioning this one. If you check the dictionary pretty sure you'll find a picture of a grandchild beside the word delight. 

Or maybe a grandparent's face? 

Honestly I can be having the worst day and this little guy shows up on my phone screen and all my cares just fall by the wayside. Few things fill your heart to overflowing the way grandparenting does. 

Since I've written about this before (here, herehere, and here, so not too often) I think today I'll share a few ways our little mancub is currently spreading sunshine. 

His dimples. 

His vocabulary.

His hair!!

The way he says Cheese! then gives a toothy grin. 

The way he blows kisses.

The way he loves his chow. 

The way he sucks his thumb when he's sleepy. 

The way he backs into his mama's lap for a story. 

The way he loves his books. 

The way he says 'Oh No!' with much drama and inflection. 

The way he throws a ball which, not gonna lie, is pretty impressive for a 20-month old. 

The way he asks 'where is he? where is he?' with lots of slushy ssses. This question is most often asked in reference to his PawPaw, who we all agree is his favorite person in the world next to mom and dad. 

Case in point-since they live so far away from both sides of the family I made a book for him for Valentine's day. I put photographs of every family member inside along with their name and maybe a sentence or two. Parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, great aunts and great uncles, second other words, all of his people. 

My daughter said he absolutely loves looking at this special book so I asked her to send me a picture. Guess who he's pointing to? 

Nope. Not crazy about his PawPaw at all

I have to say I think it's the absolute sweetest thing. I love that he feels an extra special connection with his PawPaw and pray that only deepens with time. I think little boys can learn a lot from their grandfathers and I look forward to seeing that happen. 

Okay, I could go on and on about all the ways he rocks our world except we have a wedding happening in 20-ish days and Nana's got a long list that does not include blogging. 

It might however include Facetime with a delightful almost two year old. 
At least I hope it does. 


  1. Of course G is for Grandparenting!! Your little man-cub is blessed indeed!! I love that you made the photo album for him. Great idea!!

  2. Grand kids are the best part of life - HANDS DOWN!!

  3. Oh I am so with you on this. Our Nathan say "oh no" (Nana taught him) and he is also obsessed with his "Granga". That book is a great idea. 20 days? Yikes it must be getting busy in your house.

  4. Grandparenting is the most delightful thing in our world. I will always treasure the way our 3-year-old grandson often shouted "Grams!" at the sight of me and ran to actually jump up into my arms. Nothing like it. :-)

  5. Such a delight and absolutely the best. We celebrated Addy's 2nd birthday a couple weeks ago and now we await her little brother's entrance into our world. Fabulous.

  6. That book is so sweet. What a great idea. Our James has the biggest smile for his Gramps!! What a blessing he is in your life. I know for me my grandson fills my heart up.