Tuesday, August 14, 2018

It's a bit o' honey life

These early school starts mess with my head. Why do kids (and their teachers) go back to school in the middle of summer? It makes August feel so much less summery, don't you think?

Well it's still summer in my book and I've got the houseguests to prove it. My sister and her family are visiting and since they live up north it's still summer in their book too. Also, summer doesn't officially end for another month. More actually, so why must we always be in a hurry to get to the next good thing? Let's smell the roses here today, k?

Somebody celebrated a birthday while we were visiting the Evergreen State. Y'all. He is the sweetest little boy I've ever known and we absolutely could not love him more. He walks and talks and smiles all the live long day. He reaches up his arms for me to pick him up and our current favorite thing is when hubs says, "Rock n' Roll!" and the mancub does a little dance that is too cute for words.

Daughter1 planned a sweet little celebration with a few friends and the sun shone and he enjoyed his party. She wrote all about the party on her own blog (here) but I will mention this adorable banner she hung across her fireplace mantle.

His picture each month of this first year of his life. So precious!

While my daughter and her hubs were traveling hubs and I manned the store so to speak. We tried to take a little outing every day because busy busy busy one year old baby boys need a little outing every day. Whew!

One of our favorites was to a nearby nature preserve on a crystal clear afternoon. As an aside, the PNW is not known for its fabulous weather EXCEPT summertime.

Visit in the summertime and you find yourself thinking 'wow, I should live here'.

It rained buckets in sunny South Carolina while we were away but not a drop fell in Olympia which is where this little gem is situated. We walked the trail around the Billy Frank Jr. Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge and what a pretty spot!

We stopped to watch some heron play Go Fish...

We peeked through a duck blind...

We attempted binoculars which was really more about how they tasted than what you could see, but still...

Grandparenting helps me remember what it was like to be a young mom. 

Answer me this-why is a one year old better at the art of selfie taking than a grown woman? He is giving me a thumbs up here though. It's like he's saying, 'Yay Nana! We're both in the picture and that's something. Next time we'll work on your ridiculous facial expression and where to put your head in relation to the camera so it's not ginormous, but yay Nana!'

Of course before leaving town we did what all good grandparents do...

We gave him his very first taste of ice cream. If these pictures had sound you would hear mm-mm-mmm!

 Life is full of sweet things baby boy-

You most of all.


  1. Thumbs up to all you said about how we are made to hurry through August. I agree with you completely.

    That birthday banner across the fireplace has got to be one of the most clever things I've seen in a while. What a memory maker (and preserver!).

    Very cute pictures of all of you, and your writing is especially clever as you documented your grandson's thoughts during the selfie picture.

  2. I love the pics from your little guy’s first birthday and time with the grandparents! How can he be a year old already? Such a cutie pie!!

  3. Loved this, just seeing you and the Hubs enjoy this precious little buy is awesome. There's just nothing like it! And, he does seem like such a happy little guy and that's worth the world. All 4 of ours were happy babies and we can hardly believe that Clancy will be 10 in Oct. Time does fly when you are having fun!

  4. What a cutie and has been fun reading your blogs and your adventures to the PNW. My granddaughter and hubby and 3 grandchildren live in the Seattle area and I live in North Dakota so I take the Amtrak out there 3 times a year. I am getting ready to head out again this week. Love riding the Amtrak and seeing western MT and WA different change of scenery April, Aug and Dec. Hoping for great weather too as ND as has been way too hot since May this year with lots of humidity.....not good for me.....survivor972002@midco.net

  5. Such a cutie. Love the thumbs up!

  6. You did have such a great time with that adorable little Man Cub. And he is truly adorable! Such a happy baby boy. It's exhausting, but nothing like having a grand to enjoy all by yourself. Parents can be such distractions. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Sweetness all the way through this post!!

  8. That banner is amazing! Such a good idea! Love the thumbs up, haha.
    We are still having the unprecedented heat here in the PNW, I'm sure you know, but we're not complaining about it. ha.

  9. Love the banner. We take so many photos these days but don't always get enough physical ones. Great records of your trip.

  10. I love the banner! It is such a sweet post!

  11. He is so cute! I love that banner. That walk you visited looks awesome. So glad you got to spend so much time with him.

  12. I couldn’t have asked for better grandparents for Tommy! We are BOTH so lucky and blessed to have you guys and I’m so glad you were able to be there for his first birthday and for our first trip away.

  13. Aww how precious! Shannon, that is a great banner that you created. I will have to keep that in mind if I ever get to be a grandma. :)

    Joyce, I'm glad that you two had such a wonderful visit with the little Man Cub and your girl and her guy. :)

    Have a blessed week.