Thursday, August 2, 2018

A Day In The Life

I have about a hundred and seventy five things to blog about but I think I'll start with today and work backwards. Where else better to begin than with the cutest baby boy in the world?

Who is officially a whole year old! but let's come back to that in another post because I'm determined not to jam all one hundred and seventy five things into this post. What you need to know today is our favorite boy has been left in our care for a few days while his mom and dad are away. 

Y'all. It has been a long time since I've been in charge of a busy busy busy one year old baby boy and while it all comes back to you I think it does take a day or so to get your rhythm. Hubs and I tag team him and so far so good. I mean it's still Day 1, but he's sleeping snug as a bug upstairs right now so go us! 

We were up and caffeinated before he awoke and will not deviate from that strategy going forward. I slipped into his still dark room quietly, hoping he'd be as happy to see me as he was the day before when his mama and daddy were in the house. No worries, he greets me with his million dollar smile and we go downstairs and he greets hubs the same way and then we all sit on the floor and 'play'. 

We read a few pages of five or six books and we make animal sounds that match the animals in his brand new puzzle and we watch him take steps and we stack a lot of blocks. Or we try anyway...he does not let a stacked block stand. 

We take an early morning walk in the stroller, mostly because the dog needs to get out and run, but also because there are many minutes in an hour and they all must be filled. 

Back home hubs juggles and makes funny faces while I fix breakfast because I wasn't kidding when I said we're a team. 

Shoutout to my daughter1 who has this boy on a very manageable schedule and bless the babies who sleep like teenagers because grandparents need a minute to get the house picked up and laundry started and ourselves showered and ready for the day. 

Once he's up from his nap we do not mess around. We get in the car so we can run the errand that needs running and hit Chick-fil-A for lunch because he loves him some grilled nuggets and people watching. 

I'm toting my purse and a diaper bag (because I didn't think that through) and the baby of course, so hubs gets in the queue for the food because I was once a young mom of two, surely I can manage the whole get the highchair to the table, stick the plastic placemat on the table (thanks Chick-fil-a!), get his 'side dishes' out of the diaper bag, buckle him in, re-stick the placemat because I'm not on top of my game yet and forgot he would want to pull that up as soon as it was down. Whew. 

Is hubs ordering me a coffee because I think I might need coffee?

Our little mancub loooves him some chicken with a side of strawberries so lunch is a delight. Plus did I mention he's the cutest baby boy in the world? 

Hubs and I also eat I think? and and then we move on to pick up a few things in the nearby supermarket before heading home. We play some more and then it's back to bed for an afternoon nap. His too. Ha! Once he's up we roll the ball and push the truck and read a few more pages of ten different books and we drop the tiny basketball through the tiny hoop and then we load up for some fresh air and sunshine.

My daughter's neighborhood has all kinds of wonderful walking trails amidst beautiful scenery and it never gets old to me. When you were a kid did you have a playground in the tall tall trees like our little guy does? Sunlight in a Jurassic Park pine is magical. 

Baby boy is content and we're content and the sun is soft as we walk back home. Hubs is a man of a million tricks, voices, impressions, faces and has no trouble keeping the man cub happy while I make dinner. It's not my best effort but there's chicken so somebody enjoys every morsel. 

Then there are dishes to wash and a baby to wash so we do our best to give him a bath and then it's time for snuggles and milk and bed. 

Hubs and I contemplate also calling it a day at 7:30 PM but I blog instead. 

                                                              photo credit: Chris Klas 

And marvel at my girl, who does this all day every day while her hubs works long hard hours. I say a little prayer she loves every minute of her time away and comes home feeling refreshed, recharged, and ready for year two with the sweetest baby boy in the world. 


  1. It is amazing, isn't it? Savannah was such an easy baby. She still is at the age of six. Always content to play quietly. I never was exhausted minding her because she was so easy! Ha!
    He baby brother came along and he is the sweetest, but oh my goodness, that boy is busy, busy, busy! And Oma is exhausted the entire time. We run, we jump, we play, and during bath-time I wear more of the water than he does!
    Still I wouldn't change a moment I share with them, and I know you feel the same.
    I smiled reading your entry! I can tell how much you're enjoying being a Grandma (or Nana?) and your husband a Papa! It is simply the very best!

  2. This was such fun to read. Hubby just kept our two boys while Bridget and I went for some mother/daughter time to Pioneer Women Country. It was such a wonderful time and Poppa survived. It does make you wonder how these Moms balance it all everyday. Tommy is just adorable!

  3. I had to smile remembering those days long ago when entertaining a grandchild was the height of enjoyment and exhaustion. He is a cutie pie for sure. Remember, you can always rest later, but they are babies for such a short time. Just ask me.

  4. Loved reading about your day. Thanks for taking such good care of my boy xox

  5. This year has gone by much too quickly. Tommy is adorable and so blessed!! I really enjoyed reading about your day with your little mancub!!

  6. He is simply adorable and so are the two of you just loving being grandparents!

  7. Tommy sounds like a delightful little guy! It has been a whille since this grandma has taken care of a little one but I remember how fun it was to keep them overnight. What a sweet blessing that you and your hubs are available to do this for your girl. I enjoyed reading this sweet post. Enjoy the rest of your time together!

  8. I bet you were exhausted. But loving every minute of it. He's so cute.

  9. Such a wonderful gift to give your daughter and son-in-law--time away.

  10. Where has the year gone? How awesome that you watched him for a few days. I can't wait to do that! He is so darn cute. What a blessing.

  11. You did a good job! I am glad most of us get to have our babies when we are young (as opposed to Abraham and Sarah).

  12. We've just been back from a few days with our little grand and giving her folks some time off here and there. Boy it's fabulous and exhausting. Enjoy the fact that you are younger. It's hard for me to get up off the ground when I play with her, LOL. You two did great and I bet your daughter and hubby enjoyed their time away...hopefully not too worried about how your cute grand was doing without them.