Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Tuesdays Were Made For This

Does anyone else feel like this summer is blowing by faster than most? Maybe it's because our calendar has been so full, but really? Labor Day weekend? Already?

Hubs and I declared last night date night as it was long overdue.

Tuesday night dates on the lake are easy breezy. Grab your swim suit (or not, teehee) and a towel, then load up the cooler with a bottle of bubbly and your favorite kind of easy to eat supper foods. Our favorites include peel and eat shrimp, a great cheese and some crackers to go with, veggies and hummus, grapes, plus an excellent bar of dark chocolate.

The lake on a Tuesday night is practically deserted. We made a short stop at the waterfall and ran into some neighbors there. The lake is a whole lot like a small town in all the best ways, and we rafted up with them for a while before moving on.

Eventually we made our way to a quiet cove (fyi-they're all pretty quiet on a Tuesday) with not a single solitary house/boat/person in sight, dropped the anchor and our worries, and went for a swim.

There's nothing like swimming in crystal clear water sixty five feet deep as the sun sets to make you feel all the feels.

We agree this should be an every Tuesday kind of thing.

Why isn't this an every Tuesday kind of thing?
Putting it on the list.

I love watching the sun get lower and lower on the horizon, but my favorite thing is the sky immediately after the sun sinks out of sight. That's when the sky turns all the pastel colors in the paintbox.

For reals.

 In the words of Dr. Seuss, '...when you stop and look around, this life is pretty amazing." 


  1. Yes it is and I am so happy for you that yours is just that.

  2. Wow... now that's what I call the perfect date night! Seems like every Tuesday would be just what the 'doctor' ordered!

  3. What a beautiful evening you had!

  4. Lake life continues to suit you very well and I enjoy reading about it!

  5. Now that's a date night that I would enjoy! Way to go....

  6. Definitely a great way to spend Tuesdays!

  7. That sounds like an absolutely wonderful way to spend a Tuesday and time with your beloved. :)
    Have a blessed day, Joyce!