Thursday, August 30, 2018

Lucky Thirteen

A bunch of random on a Thursday, thirteen randoms to be exact because I still like the sound of Thursday thirteen. Here we go-

1.  Consider this a Public Service Announcement: It's too early to be talking all things pumpkin.

2. Back to school clothes, #2 pencils, and apples maybe, but not pumpkins. It's still August!

3. It's fine to talk spring though because we have a wedding happening here in the spring.

4. I'm meeting the adorable bride-to-be at the dress shop later today to pick up her wedding dress. We are so ahead of the game this time round.

5. For the record, this is her first wedding. It is not my first time planning a wedding. Felt that needed clarifying-ha!

6. She's also going to try on veils today and I won't feel misty eyed at all.

7. Sometimes I lie.

8. I made this cinnamon roll coffee cake recently and it's a keeper (click here for the recipe).  It's not one of those cakes made with cinnamon rolls, but when you pull it from the oven it smells and tastes just like home made cinnamon rolls. This recipe is far less labor intensive than from scratch rolls. You're welcome.

9. Guess who's coming to see his Nana in a few days?

photo credit: his mama

10. I 'borrowed' this photo from his mama's Facebook page.

11. Sometimes I steal.

12. And for the record they will not need super cute bulky sweaters and flannel shirts in the Palmetto State in early September.

13. Because it's still summer!!


  1. I hope she found the perfect veil. I agree, enough talk about pumpkins! Thanks for the recipe link, I'm going over to see it after I comment. Enjoy your visit with your grandson.....hooray!

  2. Cute little bride to be sitting on your lap. Love the pic of your daughter with that sweet boy! But I wish it were cool enough for all things like sweaters and pumpkin!

  3. Veils do have a way of making things seem more "REAL" for a bride!!!! Have fun with that!!!!
    I still cant believe how big your little Grand is! How did that happen so fast!

  4. Look how BIG that little man has gotten!! I agree with you on the pumpkin stuff. I don't even like pumpkin stuff!! LOL Much too early. Ahhhh... the wedding!!

  5. Yes, I suppose it is still "legally" summer but I'm pushing for fall as hard as I can. :o)) I bet you will be a pro wedding planner after this wedding. I always look at that time as such a fun, fun experience and I only got to do it once. I'm about to go print off that recipe. Thanks for sharing! Enjoy that Tommy!

  6. I enjoy a good pumpkin spice something or other, but since moving to countries that don't have that - or at least, don't do that - I don't miss it at all. Yes. It's still summer!

  7. Yes, it is still summer and it's been awful as usual down here in the low-country. I can't wait for the cooler temps we get in...November. LOL

  8. This was so much fun. And let me just say, Your Man Cub looks so much like his daddy in that picture. I hadn't seen that resemblance before, but it's there for all the world to see. I was thinking about the upcoming wedding just a day or so ago and wondering how Daughter #2 feels about sharing each step with us. I hope she approves.

    1. She loves it. I'm not sharing anything too specific until after the wedding, but she's disappointed if I don't mention it at all : ) Yes our little guy is a good combination of his mom and dad. When he smiles I think he looks a lot like his grandfather (his dad's dad).

  9. Have fun with the wedding planning and with the grandkid. Sounds like some great plans for your immediate future.

  10. Bring on pumpkin spice...I'm ready! :D

  11. Thursday Thirteen -- what a cute idea! And yes, it was too early in August for pumpkins. But now that September has dawned ....

    Have a great weekend!