Friday, August 4, 2017

A Day In The Life

Before we discuss my new favorite topic, let's discuss my old favorite topic-the weather. Holy moly it's HOT! I think these temps are atypical for the PNW, but we're melting.

Good thing we've got a brand new baby boy to distract us.

Which brings me to my new favorite topic.

Y'all. Grandparenting. It's just the best. The best best. Baby boy is a week and a day and he's eating and sleeping and doing math in his head like a champ. Here's how the day goes-

Hubs and I get up and drink coffee, take the dog for a nice long walk (bless his little heart!), read, write, pray, pace, and wonder when in the world the new parents are going to come downstairs so we can get started on the more serious activity of the day-baby watching.

Yup. That's pretty much how it goes when you're a week old. Your parents and your grandparents and your aunt look at you While we watch him eat and sleep we talk amongst ourselves and the conversation goes something like this-

"He is sooo cute!"
"Isn't he sooo cute?"

"He's perfect!"
"Isn't he sooo perfect?"

"He's got long legs!"
''Doesn't he have long legs?"

"His hair!"
"Oh my word I love his hair!! Don't you just love his hair?!"

"He's waking up. Look, he's waking up!"

I think you get the idea. Of course besides all the watching there is also a lot of doing. I have to take a thousand pictures and text them to his other grandparents and his great grandmothers and my siblings and hubs siblings so they can nod their heads and agree that he is indeed perfectly precious and has been graced with the absolute best head of hair ever.

Which of course they do, because I mean come on! How can you not??? 

We did get out of the house today for a little outing, but that might need to be it's own post, because leaving the house with a newborn is no small thing. He rocked it of course. And I guess eventually I'll get round to writing with more depth about this new season of life, but he's only a week old and I'm still too gaga to sort out the jumble of emotion. Also, it's hot. 

Did I tell you it's HOT here? 

And that I'm totally in love with this boy?


  1. Soooo sweet! Isn't Grandparenting just the BEST!!!!! Enjoy!

  2. Great post Joyce! I'm loving your joy....

  3. Yep, I'd say you nailed it...that's what it's all about! There really are no words to describe grand parenthood but I'm sure you will do a pretty good job. All of my grands were born in cold weather so I can't relate to that part. :D He really is a beautiful little guy! Great post.

  4. Sounds like the best conversation ever. Have fun!

  5. Yep that's it. Just the very best blessing there is. This makes my heart smile. 😊

  6. Oh boy, is it hot. I'm so enjoying this hour between 6am and 7am when I don't have to have the noisy fans on all around me. And the smokey skies, ugh. I miss our views but you have the best view of all with that little bundle of sweetness. Onesies are great, aren't they? Love your post on what it's all about at this stage of life!

  7. Joyful love-filled days!! He is adorable...and just look at all that hair!! Keep posting those thousand photos!

  8. I totally get it Joyce. I wasn't sure how gaga I'd be over a grandchild - I've enjoyed cooing over nieces and nephews babbies but had no problem handing them back. Our little one? I'm totally obsessed! Enjoy this precious time.

  9. He is a cutie and does have a great head of hair! The gaga-ness with be with you for quite a time.

  10. A one week old rarely has chubby little arms like your little man, but what else would one expect from the most healthy, most perfect, most brilliant, and on and on. See, I've completely bought into this first grand baby routine. Nothing quite like it.

  11. You got it and he's perfect! So is being a grandparent

  12. What more can be said? I get it! So happy for you because it truly is so wonderful!

  13. Being a grandparent is the best! He is gorgeous!

  14. Girl, I told you! :) I thought about Y'all when I saw the national weather a couple of days ago and saw it was unusually hot out there. But hey, grandson so... :)

  15. So glad you are all out there together, how FUN!
    He sure is a handsome fellow!
    Enjoy this sweet time!

  16. Congratulations to all! Your new grandson is absolutely adorable, and I can tell all are smitten :) Oh, my goodness! What an awesome head of hair!!!
    Enjoy yourselves,
    Kathy (Reflections)

  17. Congratulations to your family! We just became grandparents 19 months ago. Our family uses an app called 23snaps. Our son and daughter in law start the app on their phones and invite others. So it keeps pictures private for friends and family members. Sure makes getting pictures easier instead of texting everyone. Keeps baby pictures in one place when you need to share.
    There is an option in the app to save the picture to your camera roll.

  18. He's absolutely adorable, and does have the cutest head of hair. It's okay for you to gush and goo; he's your little grandbaby.