Thursday, April 18, 2019

Pressing On

We're more than half way through the A-Z blog challenge and in spite of ten thousand things going on here I'm managing to stay mostly on track.

Since I don't normally blog on Saturdays I've been using those posts to make lists of small things that delight centered around the day's letter. We're rolling in to the Easter weekend and I have something else in mind for this week's Saturday post so will make my list today instead.

Here we go-

P is for Pint-Sized Delights

Princess Kate
lightly salted popcorn
encountering patient people 
a package at the front door
Paris in the spring
overcoming the urge to procrastinate
old photos
homemade peanut butter cookies
lounging in my pjs
accomplishing a difficult task because I persevered 
porch sitting
a walk in Central Park
lots of stamps in my passport
opening up a brand new planner 
the last piece in a jigsaw puzzle
the first peach of the season 
playing peek-a-boo with the mancub
hitting publish


  1. I'm a Princess Kate fan. I haven't been able to warm up to Meghan Markle at all. I think Kate has great timeless style, is down to earth and never seems to be trying too hard to be noticed.

  2. That is one fine list of things that delight, starting with a 'P'.

  3. P is definitely one of the easier letters. I can think of so many favorite parks - I haven't been to Central Park in many years. But what is best of all for P? It helps us rest up for "Q" although, personally, I've had little trouble with Q in the past. Alana

  4. May you have a blessed end of Holy Week and Easter Sunday.

  5. Great list - do you have to put in the last jigsaw piece too? lol