Friday, April 5, 2019

Drop And Give Me Twenty

It's Day 5 in the A-Z blog challenge and today's post is brought to you by the letter E.

E is for Exercise

Not going to lie. Delight is not the first word that comes to mind when I think of exercise, but I'm trying this year to find delight where there seemingly is none. Five years ago I got to a place where I looked forward to boot camp every morning. Then we moved and moved again and finding a time and a place and something I enjoyed doing as much as boot camp became a challenge.

Also I'm a little bit lazy when it comes to this particular area of my life because I've just never found it to be particularly fun. The opposite of delightful if you will. Oh I know some of you think working out is great fun but for me exercise has always been more of a necessary evil on my weekly to-do list.

I wish I were more athletically inclined. I wish I were stronger. And hey as long as I'm wishing I wish I weighed what I weighed in 1982, but that's not going to happen watching Netflix on the couch. So here I am still plugging away at the planks and the pushups and the newest thing- pickleball.

In the process I'm learning to find delight. Not necessarily in the doing, but definitely in the result, which I think is true in lots of areas of our lives.

It's taken a few sessions, but I've started looking forward to my M-W cardio-strength-pilates-yoga-barre-core-everything but the kitchen sink-class. It's tough and it's close and convenient and I enjoy the camaraderie with the other women there who are a lot like me.

I feel less clumsy. I am stronger, and pushing myself a little bit more each week has made me see I'm stronger than I think. I'm also intentional about what I grab for snacks, drinking lots of water, and not eating all the jellybeans in the bowl. The struggle is real y'all.

Because what's more delightful than a bowl full of jellybeans?

Toned arms for one. Also the energy to climb mountains, chase my grandson, keep up with my energizer bunny hubs, and wear a bathing suit all summer long.

Now that's delightful!


  1. Love the photo of you and your grandson. I had to look up pickleball. Looks like fun, not sure if I can do that anymore but would love to try playing. I never thought I could do much and her I am now in Pulmonary Rehabilitation Therapy and I'm loving it. 20 minutes on a recumbent bike with arms. (Mine at home is just legs) 15 minutes on an arm machine. Like biking with your arms. 10 minutes on the treadmill and then a stretching session and tension bands. I've surprised myself. So I have completed 8 sessions and have 10 more to go. Then I must find a gym so I can keep it up. We get Silver Sneakers memberships with AARP insurance!! You are pretty active just with traveling and company.

  2. Exercise is very close to a dirty word in my vocabulary. Sigh. Enough said.

  3. I'm right there with ya- doing my squats today- my daughter says- mom get a little lower- I tell her if I'm feeling it it's low enough!

  4. I'm with Terri on this one lol.

  5. Yes, I hear you. Keep up with the grandson. I am trying to get back more energy by improving my walking routine. I really want to be energetic enough to keep up with my grand daughter who has just started walking.