Sunday, July 18, 2021

The Hurrier I Go

psa...there will not be a hodgepodge this week... I need a breather. 
The Hodgepodge will be back next week, July 28th. thanks! 

"The hurrier I go the behinder I get...."  Name that author. Besides me I mean-ha! Does anyone else feel as if July is whizzing by like a fast moving train? 

I'm not sad about it because we are trying not to count the days til our daughter and her family arrive stateside, except we are for sure counting the days. My daughter has post it squares on the side of her frig and when we Facetime with them,  the mancub likes to pull one down and tell me how many more days til we're on the same landmass. 

He does not actually say 'landmass' but that is what we're all waiting for. 

Also if I say landmass he will say, 'What's landmass' and I will explain it's a large area of land, a continent even, and then he will  say 'What's a continent?' and I'll explain there are seven and we live on North America and they live in Asia and he'll ask 'why do you live in North America?' and I'll tell him soon we'll all be together and that's the important thing to know. Whew! 

We are so ready for in person hugs and kisses and baby boys on Nana's lap and little men fishing off the dock with their Pawpaw and books read by their favorite aunt and all of us in the very same house at the very same time. Honestly I try to stay busy because if I think too hard and too much about it all I might burst. 

Company helps and thankfully we've had a steady stream of visitors to enjoy and share with, this place we now call home. We lived in Maryland for nine years and had wonderful friends and neighbors there. While we've seen these friends here and there through the years none had been to the lake house until this summer. Set number three arrives tonite and we can't wait.  

We have had the best time catching up with everyone, remembering the sweetness (and occasional saltiness) of raising tiny humans together, and now hearing about how all these once upon a time littles are full fledged adults nearly the age we parents were when we first met as young moms. Say what? 

Time is funny, isn't it?
And it's Lewis Carroll for anyone wondering about the quote up top.  

Besides our Maryland peeps we also had some college friends visit last weekend or I guess since it's Sunday it would be two weekends ago now, but as I said we've been busy and our calendar is so full I am on a day to day basis in terms of what's happening. 

Did I tell you my daughter and her family are moving to one of our favorite states in the US of A? She wrote a post about the transition and it's wonderful and moving and tender and if you've moved a lot or if you've ever had to leave a place behind that marked you deeply and for all time then you'll enjoy her words. The link is here-Preparing For The Next Goodbye

They will be about a six hour drive from us and while many of you are thinking wow-that's not all that close, we are jumping for joy because this is the closest they will have lived to us since they married almost seven years ago. 

And so we wait. And we enjoy the meantime. We feel so much gratitude for friends who knew us when... for neighbors we could call when we needed a cup of sugar, a helping hand, an adult conversation...

For sunlight that sparkles and a warm summer day...

For daughters who get married and move many states away, but who still come home to sip coffee on the porch...

For fire in the sky...

...and a God who cares about all the details of our lives.


  1. I am so excited for those kiddos to be closer to you because I know there are so many special days ahead for all of you! Six hours is nothing. Nice to have old friends visiting and catching up caught up! What a difference this summer is from last. Praise God!! xo

  2. I'm so excited for you and your family to be together again. My daughter lives in Virginia and we only see them three or four times a year... I can't imagine them living someplace where we didn't see them for years.

  3. Such a cheerful post with wonderful photos. I am very happy for you that Daughter#1 and family will soon be back on this "landmass."

  4. Sounds like you are really making the most of your summer!

  5. Oh my goodness you must be SOOOOOO excited. 6 hours is nothing right? Especially when you can stay put once you've arrived!

  6. I'm so excited for you - all of your children under your roof PLUS grands! Have a great time - go ahead - count down the days!!

  7. I can't even imagine how excited you are. I'd love to have my girls live that close again. Maybe some day. Enjoy every minute with the grandsons, as I know you will.

  8. Yippee for just 6 hours away! I can imagine the excitement of the day you all are face to face and hug to hug!! Thanks for the heads up for the hodgepodge!

  9. And your MIL is juat about at the halfway point!

  10. OMG!I can only imagine your excitement! And, 6 hours, just a hop, skip and jump away. Sounds like you have a revolving door with all your company. Excited for you and can't wait for you to see those precious little boys.

  11. Yay for them coming daughter and son in law moved to texas last august...that was hard....BUT then they moved back in April so I was so happy to have them and grandbabies close by. Sometimes we need a breather..I could probably use one too so will look forward to next week. Sounds like you've had a wonderful time with friends.

  12. This is all so exciting and yes, six hours is nothing! It is going to be so wonderful. So glad you have had so much company visiting you. It does help take mind off of things. I'm going to head on over and read her post. Loved all the photos. See you next week for Hodgepodge.

  13. what a breathtaking photo in sunset. We lived in MD for 24 years, near Annapolis... missing it.... your daughter is so pretty and reminds me of some actress...
    LeeAnna at not afraid of color

  14. Happy times😀 6 hours away is a breeze. I’m a 2 hour flight away and not afraid to book at will and that I can live with.

  15. Oh. My. Goodness! The things I have missed…been a crazy summer here too with some heartache mixed in with little good so I’ve been remiss about my blog reading or writing.
    Cannot wait to catch up. Get ready….those lil nous will crawl into your heart and sometimes it will be hard to breathe because of it. And then you’ll sigh…and the cycle of life will catch up to you!!!!!!