Monday, December 26, 2022

Christmas 2022

Time to try to capture in words some of the sweet small moments that made for a magical Christmas. If I were to keep it simple it would be this-

Also, if you read here you know I'm not real good at keeping it simple. 

The fun started last Wednesday when Daughter2 and her hubs and the cutest baby boy in the world made a pit stop at our house to leave a car, enroute to the in-laws. My son-in-law has to head back to work Tuesday, but daughter2 and the little guy will stay a few more days. 

They headed over to the in-laws a couple of hours away for an early Christmas with that side of their family before returning here Christmas Eve morning. 

In the meantime, daughter1 and her family arrived Thursday night. They had planned to stop and spend the night with hubs brother and sister-in-law, and introduce baby girl to her great grandma, but the forecast made everyone rethink that idea. They managed a quick hello with hubs mom, then got back in the car to make it here before the icy weather arrived. 

The excitement was palpable and its just the best thing in the world to be a part of. The boys wanted to see all of our ornaments, find their name on a stocking, handle every wrapped gift, eat all the Christmas cookies, and tell us everything about everything. My heart can hardly take it. 

It was positively frigid so we all stayed indoors other than their quick trip over to the other grandparents to say hello and merry Christmas. They live super close which is a blessing. We played, worked a puzzle, built things, watched A Charlie Brown Christmas (their first viewing), and talked about everything under the sun including, but not limited to, their Christmas wishes (a pedal bike for the mancub and a firetruck for Max), how a mongoose has immunity to cobra venom, how beautiful their baby sister is, how it's too cold to swim in the lake, how Santa is coming and so is Auntie M, and much much more. 

My absolute favorite thing about the holiday this year was having both girls, both sons-in-law, and all four of my grands in the same house at the same time, a literal first. 

Did we take a whole group shot? Of course not. I see people sharing their whole family pics on social media, and I wonder how they manage it? It feels like an impossible task here with busy boys and tiny babies and 'ain't nobody got time to sit still and pose' for a picture. 

Candids also say it happened. 

Little man is a fan of his big boy cousins. 

He thinks baby girl is pretty special too. 

She is so content while the chaos swirls around her. 

Life with brothers lol. She is so much like her momma was when she was a baby... easy, gentle, darling. 

Hubs grilled steaks on Christmas Eve with a side of lobster skewers, and my son-in-law read 'Twas The Night Before Christmas before the littles were tucked in tight. That has always been our tradition and it's fun to see it carry on. 

Santa came-

There was indeed a pedal bike and a firetruck and some happy little people. 

There were sisters in matching pjs-

Conversations beside the fire holding one another's babies-

There was a Benton's holiday ham on the Big Green Egg for Christmas dinner, which we all declared a hit. So good! 

There was much laughing and pogo -sticking and diaper changing and lego building and just a little bit of sleeping which nobody minded because it's Christmas and family's in the house. 

And underneath it all, holding everything together, is the miracle of a tiny babe lying in a manger, who brought hope to the world. Who brings hope still. 


  1. Oh, Joyce, I don't know how this post could be any fuller of joy and love and innocence, and blessings overflowing!! Absolutely what this celebration is about!! Thank for sharing the photos and putting a smile on my face!! xo

  2. My goodness, what a precious memory this will always be. Our house was full with rowdy cowboys and two much calmer girls. :o)) I was either cleaning up from a meal or preparing a meal. It was nonstop but hopefully memories were made for all to hold deep within their hearts. Blessings abundant in the new year!

  3. This post just filled me with so much joy! I'm happy to have my 2 college kids home for Christmas. It's a wonderful feeling! Merry Christmas and Happy 2023!

  4. We didn't take a family photo either. I still want to get one because my Facebook profile pic is us from LAST Christmas!

  5. I love this post so much! I see so much love and laughter and just plain joy! And there is nothing that's much better than that. Thanks for sharing and letting us see all your Christmas fun.

  6. Yes, he is absolutely precious and the boy's baby sister is adorable. What a blessing to have them all with you. I am loving all of the photos. Your dinner sounds delicious and the stockings are amazing.

  7. I so enjoyed reading about your everybody-together Christmas of 2022. What a joy!

  8. Everything looks just so sweet and good. Glad you could all be together under one roof for these special days.

  9. The love shines out from your post. Glad you got to have them all together - such a special time and lots of memory making.