Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Still Glad Tidings

Joy to the world! 

How is everyone? Busy? Angry? Excited? Sad? A little bit all of the above? The noise of the world presses in at an ever increasing volume, but let's all whisper joy to the world and ponder that instead. 

So often lately I'll start writing a blog post and go off on a little (sometimes not so little) rant. Then I read it back to myself and delete delete delete. While it feels good to put it on 'paper' I know hitting publish would feel less so. 

Christmas reminds us that joy is possible in spite of the heaviness of this world. In spite of the ongoing war in Ukraine, people streaming across our border unchecked, bullies on the internet, the price of groceries, drag queens performing for children while so many of the people in charge shrug their shoulders as if to say, 'Oh well, what can we do?' 

Joy to the world. Joy to the world. Joy to the world. 

Our tree is up and decorated but I haven't taken any pictures yet. Unless you count these-

Hubs and I had a lovely day recently, driving over the mountain to a little tree farm in North Carolina-

A hay wagon takes you out to the trees and then you sip a cup of hot cocoa and visit with the donkeys while the guys wrap and load your selection onto your vehicle.  

Christmas cards and letters are arriving in our mailbox daily and I love it. One of my favorite things about the season is seeing friends and family names on envelopes in the post. 

We've watched our favorite movies, shopped some, wrapped some, and had many fun nights out with friends and neighbors including this past weekends Santa Pub Crawl for charity. Absolutely everyone dresses in some sort of Santa suit or related holiday costume-  

Here's me and the hubs...if ya know ya know. 

If you don't then you need to watch A Christmas Story. 

Hubs and I have a date this weekend to see a holiday musical performance in the nearby small big city and I'm looking forward to seeing the festive lights and decorations there too. 

And then comes Christmas. Time with wide-eyed little boys who can't be quiet because it's all too thrilling. Time with brand new babies who hold tight to your finger and give sugarplum smiles. Time with matching pajama clad daughters sleeping at home like it was yesteryear. 

Luke chapter 2 and o holy night. 

Let heaven and nature sing. 

Repeat, repeat, the sounding joy. 


  1. I am 100% with you on all those awful things pressing in and yet, no one who has the power to change things, does. I mean, how many videos of Biden eating ice cream can you watch before you want to scream? But we can focus on our little corners of the world and do good. That's what I am focusing on!

  2. That tree farm looks great and i love your outfits in the pic...

  3. What a wonderful post. Love your tree farm trip. I love you finding joy in all things and reminding us to also find the joy. Hope you have a joyful day.

  4. What a fun way to find your tree. You two are the cutest! Love that traditional Santa Pub crawl. So much to be merry about and have joy about now and forever because of that little Babe in a Manger...

  5. I know just how you feel. So often I am about to post a rant, usually on Instagram, and just hold back at the last minute. Besides, I don't think I would change anyone's mind with my reposts or rants. Love the tree outing!

  6. Your costume is over-the-top AMAZING!!! I loved reading this post and thank you for writing the words I wish I could say about the state of the world today. BUT... praise God from Whom all blessings flow and let that star shine!! xo

  7. This post made me smile. What a cute idea for everyone to dress as Santa. Loved your Cmas card and thanks so much for sending me one. Cards did not make the cut here this year. Merriest of Christmases!

  8. I agree, we can still have joy at Christmas. Love your tree. I love your costume. Too cute! Repeat the sounding joy.....Amen