Friday, December 4, 2009


So I know you're all dying to find out if I stooped so low as to snag my own gift at the party last night and the simple answer to that is no. I will confess though that it was not because I wasn't willing but more's the best part...I was the last name drawn...whoohoo! If you've never done one of these exchanges before then you need to know that being last is really like being first. Kinda like winning before the game even begins. If you are last then you get your choice of any gift out there. Well almost any gift because there are always those women who latch onto something and give you a sob story about why they must absolutely have that gift and they put it under their chair or in their lap so you kinda forget its out there and they also tend to play the guilt card which makes you feel like you'd be the lowest form of life for even thinking about taking the gift they chose so you don't. You think really really hard about it but you don't.

Anyway, I chose a gift certificate to a little French bistro here in town that everyone raves about but I haven't managed to get to yet. I love me some jewelry but dining out just might be my love language so its all good. Daughter2 is coming home in less than two weeks and since she is coming directly home to her mama and not making any side treks to the boyfriends house she may just get treated to lunch out at the French Bistro. See it pays to come straight home to mama.

Today I'm baking a chocolate pound cake to take to a party. And guess what...there's an ornament exchange which will be done in the same fashion as last night's gift exchange. I really hope I don't embarrass my husband. He really hopes so too.

While I was baking my cake the piano tuner arrived to tune the piano. Duh. We ended up leaving our piano in England and buying a piano from the people who were selling this house. My husband hit one note on the piano shortly after we moved in and declared it way out of tune. Daughter2 who is my pianist said the same. I am not the person to ask since it all sounds like music to me but the piano tuner confirmed their diagnosis. He gave me all the technical mumbo jumbo but let me summarize for you. The number that is not supposed to be above an 8 ranges anywhere from 56-87 on our piano. Even I don't think that's good. He is going to have to make a second trip out because it seems you can only move it 50 whatevers at one time so while it is hugely improved it is still a teensy bit off key. So he's all music to me. He did play a beautiful Silent Night for me before he left and he also solved a little piano mystery we had going here. There is an electrical chord tucked under one edge of the piano and we had no clue as to what it was for. Turns out there is a dehumidifier inside the piano. The things one learns. Anyway, our piano is sitting in our little sunroom and this may very well be my favorite room in the house. Because its sunny...did I need to say that? As it happens all that fluctuating temperature isn't so great for the instrument so what to do? I really don't want to move the piano and I really don't want to put anything on the windows because the windows y'all...they make the room.

It's a conundrum. I love that word and am happy I finally found an excuse to use it on my blog. Here is a photo of said piano.

And here is a close up of the adorable little hand carved wooden Nativity that now sits upon said piano. I bought this at the Christmas Market in Cologne Germany last December and it is so sweet.

Pictures do not turn out very well when taken in the sunroom because did I mention the windows? Can windows make you happy because these definitely make me happy. Unless I glance out and happen to witness a massacre of sorts but other than that yes, I think windows can make you happy. And so can German Christmas markets. And French markets. Which is where I will be exactly one week from today. Et je suis très excitée.


  1. I just love that Nativity scene!!! It is so adorable. Our piano was way out of tune when we first got it many years ago and I remember the tuner saying some of the same things about ours. Your cake sounds delicious!! I love pound cake. Have fun at your party. You may be lucky again and get a great gift. Enjoy!!! I am jealous that you will be in Europe next week. I want to go back some day. Love & blessings from NC!

  2. You´re going to France? I´m so jealous!! And you were so good to not take back your bracelet. But I know what you mean about "those" people who hoard their gifts. It´s a game people!
    You brought a smile to my face again. You are too funny! :)

  3. Sounds like the party was fun. Hope you enjoy the Bistro.

    I wouldn't cover those wonderful windows, either.

    Blessings, andrea

  4. You know what -- I hate those kinds of parties and I always avoid them when I can.

    But last year my youngest stepson (then age 12) attended one of those gift exchanges. He came home with a pretty porcelain jar for biscotti (and it was full of biscotti, too). I heard later from two relatives who'd attended the party that he had hung on for dear life to that gift all the way through the exchange just so that he could give it to me. Apparently he wasn't shy about playing the guilt card to anyone who came near his chair, either.

    I treasure that jar more than I can say.

  5. I don't like you anymore.... your windows are too clean! Ha!Ha!

    I love the nativity scene. I regret I didn't buy something like that when I was in Germany. I did get a nutcracker and a couple of smokers. I would really love to go to a Christmas Market one day.

    How are managing going to Paris so near to Christmas?

  6. Found your blog from Lisa's above commenter. I live in Germany now and love the Christmas Markets alot of the stuff is crap but the Nativity scenes and nutcracker and smokers are the best. Have a wonderful time in France.

  7. You have an award on arise 2 write.

  8. That's a beautiful piano, a beautiful Nativity scene, and a fantastic room! My only problem would be trying to keep all the windows clean.

    I love those gift exchanges. We had one last year for our Ladies' Bible Study group, and everyone was too polite to take anyone else's gift. Sucked the fun right out of it! So when my number was called, I took a gift I really wanted--from a teenage girl who looked shocked that I would bully her like that.

  9. I had to grin at your 'my own gift" story and I must say I admire you for not asking for it back...
    I am so glad your daughter will get to share the 'gift " you choose. Oh I love your sun room Ha ha I cannot remember how to spell the real name ..
    What a beautiful piano. i p;ay some and love them...
    thanks for stopping by my blog and your kind comments.
    I have snow today and am posting pictures in a little while

  10. I'm all for windows! They make me happy too. Being able to see out and getting that bright light from outside energizes me. I love your sun room and the piano (eventho I can't play it!) LOL