Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Rockettes Can Eat All The Christmas Cookies They Want

We spent the past day and a half in NYC looking at the lights...

admiring the store window decorations

and taking in all the sights and sounds of the city at Christmas

We ate lunch in Grand Central Station which had a little Christmas market happening along with a laser light show

We went up to the Top of the Rock as it is known...this is the 67th floor of the GE Building in Rockefeller Plaza where you get fantastic views of the city...

Can you tell it was cold up there?

And then last night we had tickets to The Christmas Spectacular at Radio City Music Hall...may I just say it is appropriately named...

It's spectacular! My daughter and I decided that the muscles in the Rockettes legs must be like rubber bands. They probably don't even have to work to kick their foot up to their eyebrow anymore...we think it just pops up there on its own. The precision of these dancers is positively amazing. I love the soldier dance the best...they all fall like dominoes and it is truly something to see

My favorite part of the show is the live nativity. When they burst into Hark the Herald Angels Sing I want to cry...'Hail the Heaven Born Prince of Peace, Hail the Son of Righteousness'...that bit gives me goosebumps it is so beautifully done.

After the show we took a carriage ride around and thru the park...

did I mention it was cold?

Here's something fun...today we popped into the Hilton for breakfast and on the way out we happened to see this...

It is a real live Christmas tree dipped in chocolate. Amazing! All the presents and nutcrackers and Santas under the tree are also made of chocolate. And speaking of chocolate...this was my daughter's dessert last night.

What was I saying? Oh yeah...after breakfast we walked down 5th Avenue and my girls and I all picked out jewelry in Tiffanys. We didn't actually buy any...just picked some out that we liked in case hubs needs to do anymore shopping . Then we popped into FAO Swartz kinda for old times sake. The store is still alot of fun...

In fact few things are more festive or more fun than NYC in December...

especially when shared with your favorite people in the whole wide world.


  1. I have never been to NYC. Looks wonderful! I hope to go someday. Thanks for sharing! :)

    Have a wonderful Christmas with your family!

  2. OH my gosh!!!!! What an amazing time you had in NYC! I live about 2.5 hours from there, and have never been at Christmas time. Your photos are luring me to make the trip next year.....for sure!

    What beautiful memories...

    Merry Christmas Joyce~

  3. Thanks so much for sharing! You make me feel like I was there (almost!) and you've given me a clear picture of something I've always wanted to see. Merry Christmas!

  4. Wow....sounds perfect in every way!!!!
    You all look so cute!
    My eyes started watering when you were talking about the part of the show that gave you goose bumps. I can just imagine I'd be in tears if I were there in person.
    How precious.
    I loved going to The Top of the Rock. The views truly were spectacular from there. I liked that you could see the Empire State Building, Central Park etc. We were there in March and it was cold.
    I can't imagine how cold it must be in Dec. :)
    It all sounds like so much fun and being there during Christmas was just perfect. I'm so glad your family was able to be together to share these unforgettable memories.
    Thanks for sharing with us!!!!

  5. *huge sighhhh* I am so envious of your NYC trip, Joyce. I so wanted to go there over the hoidays but, alas, we won't be going BUT thank you ever so much for sharing your great photos with us.
    I watched a TV special about the Rockettes some time ago and it told and showed how they practice and prepare for the Christmas Spectacular. It was truly amazing!
    Merry Christmas to you and your precious family!

  6. It looks like you had a spectacular time. I so want to see the Rocketts at Radio City. Anyway, I love all of the pictures you posted and how vibrant in color they were. NY is the best! If you had a checklist of all the things you wanted to do in New York, you certainly checked off a lot. Wow, Joyce, what an amazing time! You are a blessed family.

  7. I had so much fun in NYC with you! Loved reading about the highlights too! God pics mom!

  8. What a fun family trip. I want to do that same thing sometime at Christmas.

    LBeau was looking back at my post about catching the raccoon, and we were talking about your comment about needing a sniper rifle. I was explaining to him that you had recently moved back to the States from the UK.

    He looked at your profile picture and said, "That looks like it was made on the Thames."

    Then he looked at it more closely and said he was certain it was made at Windsor because he could see the Ferris wheel in the background. So I have to know, was he right?