Thursday, April 8, 2010

Why would you want to leave?

Yesterday we received the printed graduation announcements we ordered for daughter1. That's crazy. I'm pretty sure we were just in Target shopping for her first teeny tiny dorm room.

Guess not.

Daughter1 is very very excited to be finishing up with university.
Classes I mean...the rest of it, not so much.

The campus where my girls attend school is absolutely stunning. Seriously, hubs and I say we'd like to live there. In fact Southern Living built a house on the campus last year and we think we should be able to move right in...I'm pretty sure we've paid enough tuition to make a good case.

The house was built as 'a model of environmentally responsible design, building techniques and materials and energy-saving systems. It is a hands-on environmental learning laboratory' but whatever. We toured the house last year and feel like we could deal with a few students coming and going. And tending the gardens.

There is a beautiful lake on campus. The campus is very community friendly and you see people walking their dogs, jogging and biking. While my girls were in class one morning I walked the lake path and wondered if it was too late to go back to college.

There is also a little something called The Rose Garden.

The roses weren't in bloom just yet but my daughters tell me that if you walk through when the gardener is there he will cut a rose for you.

Do you love a Japanese Garden?

They have that too... complete with a tea house straight from Japan.

There are beautiful flower beds all over the campus...their school colors are purple and white so lots of purple and white in the gardens.

Then there are the fountains...

many, many fountains.

They are gorgeous.
I can see why it would be hard to leave.
And I haven't even mentioned this...

or this...

or especially this...

"No distance of place or lapse of time can lessen the friendship of those who are thoroughly persuaded of each other's worth." ~Robert Southey


  1. WOW! Such a gorgeous campus. I wouldn't want to leave either. Thanks for sharing. Blessings, SusanD

  2. Those friendships formed in college are priceless, aren't they? I'm so fortunate to still have a close circle of those who share the same stories.

  3. What a beautiful campus!
    I think if I lived near this campus I might be convinced to go back to school.....even at my age!! Beautiful!

    Time certainly does fly, doesn't it? Seems like just a couple of years ago that my two graduated from high school and are now in their late 20's. (and I'm gonna be a grandma!) ;)

    And, you're so right about those precious friendships and memories they make while in college.

    Each stage is so wonderful.

    I love the quote you put on here. I may just have to borrow this for my facebook post.

    Have a great day!

    {{{hugs from the great state of Oklahoma!!!}}}

  4. Wow; what a beautiful campus this is! I think I would hate to leave such beauty. Love the house too and would be happy to move it; lol. The photos are beautiful. Congrats to daughter 1.


  5. Gorgeous! Looks like a fun place. I never went away to college, so I missed that whole experience. But I always thought it would be fun!

  6. Totally gorgeous campus and that house. Whew!

    Congrats to the graduate! Your words were very encouraging yesterday, thanks for that. I believe you are probably right, the anticipation of the empty nest is most likely worse than the actual thing.

    Happy Thursday!

  7. This is a bittersweet time for you all. "you're gonna miss this..." but there are so many new, wonderful things coming down the path for the grad!

  8. Congratulations to your daughter!
    My husband and I were just talking about the friendships forged in college.
    Hugs, andrea

  9. I'm with you I would love to live on that campus! Congrats to your #1 and Hubs should be so proud, what a fine job you have done!

  10. That is a beautiful campus! It would almost be worth it to go back to school just to live there.

  11. That is a beautiful campus! Wow. What an accomplishment, I know you are quite proud of both of your daughters. I am sure this is a bittersweet moment. They grow up so fast!

    until next time... nel

  12. Wow that is a pretty campus! My Daughter's campus is equally beautiful. Makes you wonder if some of that hard earned tuition money goes toward landscaping. Ha

    Bitter sweet for her to be leaving, I'm sure. But . . . WHOO HOO! for you to be finished paying. For one, at least. :) Can you tell I'm a tuition paying Mom myself? Haha

  13. Wow...I haven't even done the dorm shopping thing yet, and am tearful thinking of that. Time does fly by and enjoying each moment is the only remedy for that. Seems like you are on the right path.

  14. That is a beautiful place! One of our neighbors when we lived in Ga. is an alum of the same university...he had a flower bed of purple & white flowers with the first letter of the university in it. Your girls are really blessed to be able to attend there!

  15. What a place to go to school! Incredible. It´s more beautiful than any place I´ve seen in Paraguay. No kidding! I think I need to visit S. Carolina.
    Congratulations on her graduating! Must make you so proud!

  16. What a blessing to see her move to the next stage in her life - and in her case I am pretty sure "stage" is the right word because she is such a shining star. You have done a fabulous job of preparing her for whatever God has in store. It is going to be fun to watch what comes next. Praying for all of you!

  17. That is a gorgeous campus!!! I know #1 is excited about graduating. I have loved reading her blog and commenting. She is so precious! I know she has very mixed feelings about graduating. I love your quote. I am adding that to my quote/sayings journal. Have a great weekend. Love & blessings from NC!

  18. Where is that campus, I so want to live there. How beautiful is that place, OMG! I wouldn't want to leave either. Congratulations on your daughters graduation.

  19. Wow, can I come and visit you guys if you live in the Southern Living house at Furman? The campus is only a couple of hours away, but I've never been, we'll have to stop there on a trip North! I know you guys must be really excited for Shannon's graduation - please let us know if you are in the ATL area! :)