Monday, April 12, 2010

Oh I remember

It makes me sneeze.
And want to claw my eyes out.
I know all you southerners have been drowning in pollen for a while now but spring is slower to actually spring in our little corner of the world.

I looked out my back window one day and saw this-

and I woke up on Saturday and saw this.

and this

And my eyes immediately began to water.
And I sneezed no less than 300 times.
And I took some allergy meds and had two naps on the couch.
All in all a very productive Saturday.

The weather was beautiful but I stayed mostly indoors.
Hubs was his usual energizer bunny self and by 7:45 (that's AM) had dressed, turned the mulch in all the beds, raked up the last bit of leaves from the back yard and was asking if I was ready to take the MG to the service guy for part 2 of her spring tuneup.
Is he kidding?

He entertained himself for the rest of the day by washing the cars and throwing down grass seed and I don't know what else while I was chained to the computer trying to coordinate logistics for a little family trip we'd like to take following daughter1's graduation.
Which will happen in 26 days.
I feel the need to say that often so it might one day sink in.
For both of us.

And our trip is STILL not booked but hopefully by the end of today.
Let me just state for the record that it's not easy to get anywhere in the universe directly from Greenville South Carolina.

Oh wait.

I did do something this weekend.

I watched The Masters.
I mean you can do that from the couch right?
We were rooting for Phil and were happy to see him win.
I would have been happy to see Fred Couples pull off a win too.
Because as the commentators liked to say, 'at 50, he's the old guy'
One of the UK papers actually put it this way,

" His dotage defying adventure of the last four days has also proved that he
retains a ruthless competitive edge."

Dotage defying?
Dotage is defined as 'a feebleness of mind, especially as a result of old age.'

Holy moly!
Have I mentioned that I have a big birthday coming up this year?
Consider it mentioned.


  1. We spent our weekend in much the same way. I started planning our Big Ball of Twine Trip II and watched the Masters. We always root for Phil.

    And congrats on the big birthday. A friend of mine recently celebrated her big birthday (40) and found out she was pregnant.


  2. Dotage? At 50? I'm smoked! I have a birthday next month. Matching digits. Can you guess them? I suffer from allergies too. Thankfully, most everything that causes my sinuses to go haywire is about done blooming. Blessings, SusanD

  3. My! Your husband is "Johnny on the Spot!"
    Yay for family vacations! Can't wait to hear where you are going and more details on aforementioned birthday.

    And can I just say I heart that you center your posts.

    Thank you.

  4. I am so with you on the allergy thing. I've been miserable this season and unfortunately, most of the meds for it make me almost feel worse (too hyper or in a fog).

    I was rooting for Phil in the Masters too. I'm glad Tiger is getting his life back on track but I didn't want him to win the first time back. Am I being petty or vindictive because of that? No, I just thought Phil deserved it more.

  5. This is my third time to try and leave a comment. Hope it works this time.

    The pollen here is terrible.

    Blessings, andrea

  6. My daughter is having issues with the pollen right now, oak trees are the culprits, which I'm actually not allergic too! Hope things don't get too bad for you.

  7. My family down in the South are all visiting the doctor's because of the record allergy season this year. I too am sneezing, snorting and snoring and the season like yours is just starting. You have the same kind of guy I have and it is so hard to keep up with them. Congrats on number one's graduation and the big birthday!!

  8. It was so bad here in NC last week it looked smoggy outside. It finally did rain a little and it did clean things up a little. I just heard on the news this morning that we will be having round two later this week. The oak trees are going to start spreading their love around. The first round it was the pine trees.

    How exciting to be planning a family trip! We still do not have plans for this summer because we are waiting for the girls to figure out their summer school schedules, if they decide to take classes or not.

  9. I hear you. Every now and then I have a day of sneezing no less than 300 times. Looking forward to hearing about your upcoming trip {is it sinking in yet?} and birthday celebrations. ;)

  10. Oh, my...I got tired just reading about all your husband did before 7:45! You looked outside and then started sneezing...maybe you need to stop looking outside? :D

  11. Yes, our pollen here has been the worst I have ever seen. I have been living on allergy meds for a while. Pine pollen was been terrible and now we are starting on oak pollen. I have sneezed a lot too, but I think I will make it. I know you are excited about the graduation. And I hope you get the trip plans co-ordinated soon. That will be fun!!! Sounds like hubby was on a roll this weekend. Because of all my allergies, I didn't do too much this weekend either. I guess we all need a weekend like that every once in a while. We were thrilled that Phil won the Masters. My husband got so emotional, he had to leave the room when Phil won. Knowing what it was like going through my cancer experience, I guess he could relate to how Phil was feeling, concerning his wife and Mother's cancer. Hang in there, hopefully your allergies will get better. Have a great week. Graduation must be on May 8th! Love & blessings from NC!

  12. Joyce,

    We sat and watching the nail biting Masters too this weekend as my hubby loves Phil since he is a left handed golfer. I was thrilled and cried when he not only won but dedicated the game to his wife who has been fighting Breast cancer for the last year. It was so nice to see her at the game routing for her man!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  13. My dear hubs has been suffering with sinus and allergies all weekend and today, too, Joyce. We heard on the news that the pollen is worse this year than it has been in decades...DECADES!! Egads!
    My husband tends to be an energizer bunny, too! Makes me feel like a slug sometimes, but, oh well. :-)
    My son and I always root for Phil, too, as he is a lefty. Daniel is, too. Phil is such a gentleman. Tiger? I just think he came back too soon considering all that he is must surely be dealing with still.
    "Dotage defying"? I'm done for and didn't even know it! I think Fred is looking might fine for being so "old". Yes, I do. ;-)

  14. Oh the allergies!! I used to have them more when I lived in NJ, but have had them much less in Michigan. My body hasn't decided what it will do yet this season, but our poor firstborn sure does suffer.

    Your hubby is something else! He and Shawn are so much alike. Shawn was up at 6:30 last Saturday unpacking numerous, countless boxes, about 5000, then went to buy a lawnmower, mowed the grass, played with the kids, went to Saturday service, and on and on... He happened to catch some of the Masters as well. Me... well I went shopping of course! :-) Actually I was looking for a plethora of door knobs for a window treatment for the living room. I wasn't too successful mind you.

    You didn't exactly ask me about my weekend, but I thought I'd update you a bit. :-) I will get to writing a post I hope!

  15. Joyce, in your comment on my blog, you asked if my hubby was a lefty. No, he is not, but he has just always loved Phil. My sweet Dad is right handed, but golfs and bats left-handed. I don't know how he ended up doing that. Love & blessings from NC!

  16. So sorry that you are suffering with allergies, it must spoil spring somewhat - but hurrah for anti-histamines!

    It's been beautiful here in Lancashire the past few days, though it's a bit chillier today.

  17. Oh you poor thing. I am so Blessed not to have to worry about allergies.
    Your husband is just like the Energizer Bunny isn't he? Mine is too, and sometimes - it makes me tired just thinking about it.
    The big one huh? Trust me - it won't even hurt. The hardest year by far - for me at least - was 29. After that - it just gives you excuses to do what you do. you're a big girl!
    Have a great trip!

  18. So sorry about the allergies. :( My husband is always the energizer bunny, I'm always tired just watching him. I am also thankful that he does it all! I wasn't going to watch because I'm not ready to forgive Tiger. My husband had taped it. My dad called and told me who won so I did watch the last six holes with my husband. I was so happy for Phil. Fred Couples would have been a good win too!