Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Such are the dreams of the everyday housewife

So today was one of those days that had me wondering how I ever managed to have a job and a life. Course back when I had a job I didn't have a blog so there's some
hours minutes accounted for. I like my mornings. More specifically I like my morning routine which is really not so much a routine as it is drinking lots of coffee in my pjs while I read my favorite blogs and then write a post of my own.

Today began with a needle in the arm and without coffee. I can handle the needle but I need my coffee. I don't care at all about skipping breakfast...I rarely eat breakfast early anyway. But please, just give me my coffee and no one will get hurt. The needle is no big deal...just a follow up of a follow up of a follow up on my cholesterol which you can add to the ever lengthening list of things that fall apart as you age ever so gracefully.

Anyway, it was done, I came home and had coffee. On to the next thing which was gearing up for another adventure with needles. Hers...

Oh she was not a happy camper. She does not like going to the vet. She's so funny because she prances right into the office and lays flat out on the floor and all the other people waiting admire her behavior and tell me how lucky I am to have a dog who just plops down on the floor while theirs is clambering over their shoulders or wrapped around their neck all while barking madly in their efforts to escape. Not mine. She lounges. And doesn't make a sound.

Course they don't go in the exam room with us. She somehow manages to wedge herself all the way into the corner and there is no getting her up. So the vet and I end up in a ridiculous pose down on the floor with me trying to lift her backside and the vet calling plays like go left, go right, hold. I count the hours spent at the vet as part of my daily aerobic workout.

And lets not talk about what that cost. Oh. my. word. We needed to refill the tick and flea meds and refill the heartworm meds and of course pay for the visit and then there was some additional medication and some blood work to check her thyroid and oh.my.word. If ever a pet owner should have purchased pet insurance it was this pet owner. We had a mixed breed dog for 15 years before this pure bred expensive sweetheart entered the picture. And the dog we paid $0 for and who was of the Heinz 57 variety rarely set foot in the vets office. This sweet thing on the other hand?

She had a file the size of War and Peace by the time she was six months old.

C'est la vie. That's another to-do done and it's back home to take a shower because I'm sure I have dog drool somewhere on my person. The next thing on my list is to go have some passport pictures made for a visa I'm hoping to need later this summer and may I just say that was tres unpleasant. The picture taking I mean, not the trip. I asked the girl to do a retake but its still awful. And I'm never sure if I'm permitted to smile or not smile because immigration is strict about that kind of thing these days. She said she thought I could smile but not to go crazy. Um. Okay. Did I look like I might go crazy on ya?

I ran a couple of errands before heading back home once more and it's late afternoon and I'm just now getting online. I'm supposed to be looking at flight availability right this very minute yet, here I am on my blog. And I know you're glad because truly, this is scintillating stuff, isn't it? Actually I've already looked at flights and its going to require a clearer head than mine which is slightly distracted by the thought of what I'm making for dinner, who will stink on American Idol tonite, and what song will be re mixed on Glee later. I heart Tuesday night tv. What was I supposed to be doing again? Oh yeah, hubs wants me to go along on one of his work trips this summer and it may not pan out so I don't want to get too excited. I will tell you this much...we have a bazillion and then some frequent flyer miles, but using them? That requires the tactical skills of an army battalion. Or at least more coffee than I've had today. Which is why I'm currently brewing coffee.

And... we've come full circle, back to my first thought on this post. Amazingly I used to have a full time job where I was responsible for stuff. Lots of stuff. And people too. Sometimes I think I got far more accomplished when I had a paying job. And I toy with the idea of a job but my hubs has a stressful job and its nice for me to be home taking care of life. I mean someone has to take the dog to the vet, meet the plumber (that's tomorrows fun), let the piano tuner in the house or for that matter, book the piano tuner, arrange summer storage for daughter2's belongings, manage the calendar of hair/dental/doctor/appointments, return library books etc., etc. not to mention being ready and available to hop on a plane when the opportunity presents itself. Is there a job that allows time for that?

I didn't think so.


  1. Yeah...a real paying job is SO overrated!!

    Gotta love your life, vet bills and all...

    Have a great week!!

  2. You are so funny!

    First of all, your dog is so cute. My husband has such bad allergies so we can't have a dog. So I visit my mother-in-law so I can play with Barney, her cocker spaniel. :) Of course, I enjoy seeing her too.

    Did you know that even if you have to fast for blood work you can still have coffee? The only problem is it needs to be black with no milk or sugar.

    I love to watch American Idol and also Glee! Those characters are such a riot. The actress that plays Sue; oh my!

    And yes, how did we ever have time to do everything when we worked full time?


  3. Isn't it awful to miss that first cup of coffee in the morning? It throws my whole day and I feel a half step off the beaten path.

    And dont' get me started on the vet. My shelter kitty is quickly reaching his lifetime maximum on vet bills :)

  4. Dixie is absolutely adorable! My schnauzer has cost us way more than our Jack Russell mutt has. Can't wait to hear about your trip this summer...Don't get a paying job, 'cause I LOVE hearing about your everyday job! Taking care of your hubs should be enough of a job, anyway. And, if you had a paying job, you wouldn't have the choice to travel when you can/want to!

  5. Oh boy, we are SO living the same lives! Right down to finding storage for the daughter's essentials, vet visits, being travel ready and loving and needing my morning coffee routine!

    Yep, parallel lives just on different coasts.

  6. We are two peas in a pod today, Big J! I had a super frustrating day, myself. Although I got to have coffee whenever I wished.

    Big J.
    Not big like, huge. Big like "you da bomb"
    Can I call you Big J?
    I think I just did.

  7. I think lots of times when you don't have a paying job, you become the errand and detail person for the entire household--just as you described. People generally tend to take care of more of their own issues if you have a paying job. But I'm not sure the dog would drive herself to the vet.

  8. This sort of thing is precisely why I NEVER skip my coffee.

  9. For me, it's tea -- but it's the same principle. Let me have my morning cuppa and no one will get hurt. Loved reading about your day!

  10. Oh, I know what you mean about having your morning, routine or not, disrupted. The rest of the day just seems to be off-kilter.
    Oh, and the first visit to the vet after we got our "givin' them away to a good home" kitty, just about knocked our socks off! They were telling us that we needed this and to do this and the kitty should have this until I finally just held my hands up and said enough! I want flea and tick and a shot for the said kitty and that is it!
    AND I am so glad that you don't work outside of the home, too, Joyce, because I so enjoy reading your blog! :-)

  11. I love this post Joyce, I can so relate to the NO COFFEE thing. I mean seriously people need to understand our need for caffeine. I am so glad to hear that you are finally having your coffee.

    I agree, that the thought of going back to work sounds appealing but only if I can manage the hours, the pay and the benefits. Looks like I need to create my own company huh? If I do, I'll keep you in mind.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  12. the only way this lets me post a comment is if I created a blog...they'll be sorry that was a condition...but I do enjoy your blog. pay no attention to my blog, as it is controlled by the man behind the curtain :-)

  13. Love your pup, she is beautiful. I don't drink coffee much but I love being home and reading blogs in the morning. I use to play Webkinz before I started blogging. I do know that I accomplished more when I was working. Doesn't the day just fly by?

  14. This was such a great entertaining post, my friend! I love it.

    I am totally a coffee person.....and don't tell anyone (well at least the lab tech because my doc even knows)....you see, I get all my bloodwork done (chol/thyroid/sugar/etc) when I visit my OB because she is the ONLY doc I ever go to. So she knows she has to do any/all bloodwork while I am there. anyway....she is about an hour away so I like to go right to the in-office lab. Being an hour away, you know I have to have coffee, right? So we still do it anyway....thankfully I don't have an issue with cholesterol even with that big plop of cream and sugar in my coffee! ;)

    And I am SO with you......we are in the wrong business, I should be running a vet clinic instead of being on the other side "of the vet". I just paid almost $75 to find out one of my older mama goats had a bum udder. neat. Do you know my vet gets paid $2.50 a minute?!?! Yes, just for 15 minutes of her time, I had a $37.50 fee...that was before the bloodwork, tests, etc.

    So now, Joyce......I have my coffee, and it is just the right color.....and I am off to visit more of my friends before the kids get up and we have school to do.

    Have a beautiful day.....

    oh, and I just LOVE your dog.

  15. You crack me up....your day sounds like my Monday .