Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Questions for the Wednesday Hodgepodge-Vol 58

I've more or less dropped the ball on the photo challenge but will hopefully get back in gear later this week. And I was going to post my Christmas card photo over at Kimberly's Korner yesterday, but my computer ran out of black ink just before we left town so I wasn't able to scan the card.

Left town?

Yes indeed we did go out of town the weekend before Christmas. You're not really surprised are you? What that means is I now (still?) have loads of catching up to do both here and in real life, but especially in real life so for now I'm going to post this week's questions and move along. Come back tomorrow to link answers with all of Santa's helpers-

1. Are you cooking Christmas dinner? How many will be round your table this year? What are we having?

2. What is one must-have Christmas cookie in your house?

3. Santa likes a glass of milk with his cookies. Do you? What kind of milk is on tap at your house-skim? almond? soy? full fat (Gasp!)

4. Time magazine recently named their 'Person of the Year' for 2011. This is the person the editors believe had the greatest impact, for better or worse, in the past year. This year they chose 'The Protester'. Your thoughts? Who would you name Person of the Year for 2011?

5. December 21st is National Flashlight Day... when was the last time you needed a flashlight and did you know right where to find one?

6. candy canes...yum or yuck?

7. What Christmas carol lyric means the most to you?

8. Insert your own random thought here.


  1. Thanks, as always, for taking the time - even in this crazy busy season - to come up with questions for the Hodgepodge. {{hug}}

  2. We are moving farther into the English countryside (yea!) in a few months, and my husband will need a flashlight to walk to the train station through the forest. So I'd love to get him a cool flashlight ('torch') for Christmas. Romantic or what?!

  3. Hope you had a great trip and thanks for the new questions.

  4. 1. No home dinner, visiting Daughter

    2. Can't keep cookies, spouse diabetic

    3. Almond milk

    4. Navy Seals

    5. Keep one atop bedroom dresser, one in truck glovebox, and one in car glovebox. All in working order. During a storm, nice to have one handy. Same when looking for omething IN the glovebox.

    6. Yum

    7. "Oh Holy Night" lyrics

    8. It's CHRISTMAS for crying out loud, not Holiday or Seasons.

    Best wishes for a great big happy Chritmas to you all.

  5. Thank you Joyce. It is not a surprise that you went out of town. I will see you tomorrow but I have to be off this computer the next few days. I am still way behind!

  6. Beautiful ~ Beautiful ~ Beautiful pictures!!! Your girls are stunning!
    Enjoy your holidays and Merry Christmas!!!