Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Out of the frying pan into the fryer

If you're looking for this week's Hodgepodge questions scroll down to the previous post.

The A-Z blog challenge has officially come to a close which means May is here. Can that be right? Anyone else feel like 2012 is moving faster than a speeding bullet?

If you're looking for a fun little blog event this month check out the Pinterest Party happening over at Our Front Door. I won't be linking up every Tuesday and Thursday, mostly because we have a full real-life calendar here in May, but I'll do my best.

Do I say that every month???
Well this month it's especially true.

My baby, my precious second born daughter who just yesterday had a hold of my hand with her tiny fingertips, is graduating from university. I'm sure I'll have more to say about that so stay tuned. In addition to all the graduation festivities we have a fun little family holiday planned for this month and right after that my mom is having surgery. Essentially May is all about family with some blogging tucked in so I can remember it all when I'm old and gray (er). ahem.

For details on the Pinterest party click here. In short- you try something you've pinned to one of your boards and then blog about it. The good the bad and the ugly, but with kindness please. If you have no idea what a Pinterest board is send me an email and I'll send you an invite.

You'll find my boards by clicking here and you'll notice most of my pins are food related. Surely you are not surprised. This weekend we made a dish called Spicy Baked Salmon. Actually we made Spicy Grilled Salmon because I rarely cook fish indoors. Hubs can't handle the lingering aroma and I like the clean up with grilling. ie-no pan to wash.

The recipe (found here) includes both grilling and baking instructions so use whichever method you prefer. You'll notice the word 'Spicy' in the name and that's accurate. It is a very spicy dish which hubs and I both said tasted similar to a blackened fish. It's not blackened but does contain a lot of pepper. We're big fans of spicy here so not an issue in my kitchen.

The recipe requires very few ingredients, all of which I typically have on hand. It takes no time to assemble and only a few minutes to grill. We absolutely loved it-very flavorful. If you don't like a little heat when you eat then this is not the dish for you. I suppose you could back off on the black pepper but that would back down the flavor too. Since salmon is a mild fish I thought it paired perfectly with the fiery seasoning.

Definitely going in my keeper file!


  1. Congrats to daughter2 on her big graduation! I just love Pinterest.

    BTW-the OFD badge is not loading right.

  2. Congratulations to daughter #2! I do agree that time is flying by. The old adage that retires like to use - I don't know how I had time to work - is certainly true for us. May is the month for family for us too. About to spend 5 weeks with our son and family in the Midwest. Creating memories! Have a great month.

  3. I'm glad you've joined the party! I needed a new salmon recipe, it's good to know this was a keeper.

  4. Wow graduating already. Another proud moment and can't wait to hear about it!

    Pintrest party sounds good and can't wait to join in on the fun. Thanks for sharing

  5. I make a blackened salmon that I serve on fresh baby spinach- so yummy! What a cutie DD2 is! Is she excited? DoodleBug has one more year and then we're back at a college graduation. Which will make us 4 for 4! Oh, and we will also have Birdie's graduation from grad school. We may need to figure out how to clone ourselves next May! Congrats to your lovely! Be sure to let us know when your mother goes in for surgery so we can send up a prayer for her!

  6. I love spicy and yet somehow have managed to produce three spice-intolerant children. I blame their father and his sensitive tongue.

    If it weren't for them, I'd have this on the menu ASAP!

  7. congrats to daughter #2!! You guys must be so proud! Have a great weekend!

  8. Do you grill the salmon on foil? Or wood blocks?

  9. Congrats to your daughter #2! You must be so proud and happy to not write a Uni check again! I made a spicy Tilapia dish last night! This looks yummy!

  10. I can only imagine the emotions you're going through with your daughter preparing to graduate from college. I'll be there before I know it! The Pinterest party sounds like a blast...I might just look into it. Your salmon looks DELISH!

  11. Ah, the emotions of a graduating daughter are overwhelming. Throw in some boy drama and I got myself a good ol' headache!

    Looking forward to hearing all about hers!

  12. Such an exciting time for you! Congrats to your daughter and you too!!
    What will you do with all the extra money you save...?! LOL

    Love the recipe, will have to try it!

  13. You must be plumb worn out from the A-Z blogging! A saga; it was a saga!

    Enjoy the graduation, shed the tears and then plan what to do with the extra $ you just 'found!' Seriously, though, what an exciting happy/sad/thrilling time for you and yours!

  14. We love salmon! And we love spicy. I will have to give this a try.

    And I totally agree with you about the cooking fish OUTSIDE. :)

  15. It sounds and looks delicious! I will have to try this one.