Monday, May 28, 2012

Weekend Ramblings

My mom has been staying with me for the past week and will be here for one more before she moves on to my sister's house for a few days. She had knee surgery a couple of weeks ago and needs some tlc before she's back in her own house. My mom is a very independent woman...she might be turning 82 this summer but she's leaving some of her fellow p.t. patients in the dust.

I think it rained every day last week which was fine because she isn't supposed to be out and about anyway. We kept the weekend low key too although hubs and I did make it out to our tinytown parade and water ski show on Monday. My mom stayed home with her Drill Sergeant physical therapist which I'm sure was a lot of fun too. Ha.

I love a small town parade...they don't seem to vary too awfully much from place to place. Small towns all across America line up fire trucks, scout troops, the high school band, and of course veterans, for a march down Main Street. Now for a small rant-do the groups marching in your parade toss candy to the kids in the crowd? They do in ours and I'm almost to the point where I wish they wouldn't.

As a truckload of veterans rolled by the gang of kids pushing and shoving in front of us didn't even notice...they were too busy scrambling for candy. They even bring bags to the parades now and leave with a pile of loot that for some rivals their Halloween haul. I'm sure I sound like an old fogey but it seems like we've lost a little perspective here.

Stepping off my soap box...

Our little town is built around a lake and has a water ski team that's pretty impressive. Memorial Day is their first show of the season so they've only had two days of practice in the (super cold) water.

By Labor Day their show is just about perfect.

Its fun to watch but it causes my hubs to sigh a lot. Water skiing is one of his favorite things in all the world and I've told him he should join the team.

They have adults skiing too-

Hubs doesn't have time and of course would never make the practices but he would surely love to be out there doing this-barefoot skiing.

Some say crazy...

...and some say crazy fun.


  1. What a cool water show! The candy-throwing at parades is my biggest complaint, too. When did that start happening?

  2. I hope your mom's recovery is going well. Sounds like she's not one to be down too long at a time. Who knows, maybe SHE would like to join that ski team?

  3. It really seems like a great parade and waterski show, thanks for the pics.

  4. I love water ski shows and small town parades so it sounds like a good weekend to me. I was thinking recently about how long it has benn since I've water skied and that I would like to have an opportunity to give it a try again.

  5. I hope your mom continues to heal. And, I know what you mean about the candy that gets thrown at the parades. It happens here too, and I think it sends the wrong message AND it's dangerous! kids run all over the place trying to scoop it off the street. Crazy! Someone might get hurt! We saw the waterskiers when in Sparta. Definitely unique and amazing!!

  6. I'm with you on the "candy thing" at parades--it's gotten crazy!

    Hope your mom is soon as good as new :)

  7. How lovely that the community comes together to celebrate. Wishing your mum a speedy recovery.

  8. That candy thing is crazy dumb, isn't it?! Shaking my head...

    Aren't you the perfect daughter! ;) Sending speedy recovery wishes!

    I would be the some to say CRAZY fun. :)

  9. WOW, what great pictures of the skiing! I would love to see something like that, although for some reason it gives me the heebie jeebies. It's just not natural for people to be able to walk on water and throw teeny boppers in the air while doing it. Great pictures, Joyce!

    And I am soooo with you on the candy at the parade thing. It's because our society doesn't believe our children are capable of enjoying themselves and showing respect unless there is something in it for them. I have the same beef with my kids' school, which rewards them with candy for reading or getting their work done on time. *sigh*

  10. Glad your mom is visiting with her. Hope she is healing well. Your so right about the parade. You want the kids to know the reason for the parade, not that they get candy for going! I haven't been to a parade or water show in so many years. Looks like a fun time!