Thursday, September 12, 2013

Continuing With The Stuff

So, I mentioned last Monday I was going to try to catch up some on my blog and now it's practically Friday, but who's counting?  If you've been here before you know the drill...brace yourselves for some mediocre.

I have a friend who moved here from the UK, and when her sister hopped the pond for a visit recently, she asked her to bring me this-

She knows I have a small obsession with all things England.

This adorable tin is filled with shortbread, and when my mom was here visiting last week we had tea and 'biscuits' every afternoon.  I even pulled out my Polish Pottery teapot and cups.

It's possible pottery is another tiny little obsession. ahem.  

Moving on...I'd purchased concert tickets for hubs birthday, so last Friday night we went to see The Marshall Tucker Band play in a small local venue. Marshall Tucker Band might be hubs all time favorite band, and they definitely rank up there in my top three.

The bands creator sadly passed away several years ago, along with his brother who was also a key member of the group, but the original voice is still singing, still sounding so awesome. They've maintained their original sound which is most important, and the flute/sax player is incredible.

Sometimes these 'old' bands want to play all new stuff, but MT played the old familiar and the audience loved it.

Back when I was in college (in TN) my younger sister, who was in college in Delaware, came for a visit. I remember sitting around talking about music with hubs and a friend of ours who happened to be from Spartanburg SC which is Marshall Tucker Band's hometown. This friend could not believe my sister didn't know any Marshall Tucker. My sister on the other hand, couldn't believe our South Carolina friend didn't know anything by 'the Boss'.

Guess everybody was a nobody once upon a time.
Even Springsteen.

Last Saturday hubs and I spent a fun afternoon at a local rodeo, and the weather could not have been more perfect for an outdoor event. We brought lawn chairs and set up on the hillside overlooking the ring, and we ate bbq and homemade ice cream while we waited on the cowboys.

This was a professional rodeo, the participants competing for points on whatever the big time rodeo circuit is, so really entertaining, and only slightly nerve wracking.

I gained a whole new respect for mamas who let their babies grow up to be cowboys.

Cowboys who need to wrap their arms from wrist to shoulder before jumping onto the back of a bucking bronco from which they will very likely be thrown.

On Sunday a young man who was our across the street neighbor (three houses ago), and who is currently hiking the Appalachian Trail from Maine to Georgia, passed thru the portion that hits our neck of the woods.  We trekked out to meet him, bring a few supplies, and then run him into town for a break from trail food at a lovely little Italian place with outdoor seating.

Pretty sure there's no avocado topped with tuna tartar and caviar out on the trail.  If there is I'm pretty sure you wouldn't want to eat it.

I posted a picture of the boy on my facebook page, and yes he's actually now a man, but I've known him since kindergarten so he'll always be 'a boy' to me...anyway, I had to smile at all the commenters worried about his safety. The danger factor is part of what makes stuff like this fun.

Guess who would love to take six months and hike the A.T.?

I could see the wheels turning in hubs head.  I told him I'd go along for six days, maybe even sixteen days, but six months holds no appeal, mostly because I like showering

Once upon a time I spent eight days on the Appalachian Trail. It might be fun to write about that experience one of these days.  How about I leave you with this little teaser...

The leaders of our group almost sent me home pretty much as soon as we arrived because I hyperventilated, then fainted.  I scared them good, but here I am so I guess it all worked out in the end.  


  1. Mark is heading to the UK right now as I type this. I hope to get something about Prince George when he returns. I L.O.V.E. Polish Pottery, I have a dozen pieces. Love your little set. Also love the picture with the silo's and clouds!!!!

  2. I always enjoy reading your blog posts and seeing your photos on here and on instagram. That tin, oh my goodness, so cute! Such a fun keepsake. I've been to the rodeo a few times, always fun. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I love Polish Pottery also! Actually I love all pottery and do tend to collect it. I am still loving and using that piece you sent me! :)

    Just moved my daughter to the DC area yesterday. I told her to read S's blog.

  4. I love your tea set! Gorgeous! Great photos of some real fun, and how great that you got to spend some time with your friend from three houses ago! We have neighbors down the street and have known their son since he was 10. Now he is a teacher and we are as proud of him as his folks are. Married and doing well, but always the boy whose first job was mowing our lawn every week. Good friendships to nurture and maintain! Thanks for sharing!

  5. I love Polish pottery! I am afraid my little Clancy is definitely going to be a cowboy. But, just maybe he won't ride bucking broncos!

  6. i love tea cups and tea sets--yours is so pretty----i really like the marshall tucker band too--dillon is going to sing and play tonight at the church coffee house and he is doing one of their songs,"what that women is doing to me"--you know the one, not sure if that is the correct title----hey i would love to hear about your trail adventures---you and your husband are always doing interesting things, love it--hope you have a nice weekend :)

  7. How sweet of her giving you the tin. It's cute and so is that tea pot and cups. I love the pottery. I remember the 'old' band MT. I liked some of their music but can't say I was ever a fan. Good luck and safe travels to your hiking friend. Rodeos are so much fun to watch. But very dangerous. I watch those guys and think about the damage they could be doing to their spine.
    Thank you for the nice comments you left on my blogs.

  8. Love the tin and the pottery! You have a lot of varied interests; love that!

    My hubs, son-in-law and daughter would love to walk the trail, as well. My grown kids thought about joining an organization that does evangelistic outreach on the trail - many of the people on the trail are at a crossroads in life and are open to hearing the gospel. They still may participate someday, but not in the immediate future.

    I would last a couple of days, but like you, I NEED a shower. Yuck!

  9. I Love a rodeo. I wish I was there. ENjoyed your post very much and Love the APP Trail. Did you read Bill byrsons book?

  10. I love the story about your 3 houses ago neighbor. He sounds like quite a young man. I'm sure enjoyed the respite of the time with you.