Monday, September 30, 2013

I Hear A Symphony

...and dogs barking, horns honking, and people speaking en francais.

That sentence pretty much sums up my weekend, and what a fabulous weekend it was. You know I must first mention the weather, right?  Absolutely gorgeous! It's really starting to look and feel like fall here, and I'm just going to pretend I don't see that high of 82 predicted for Wednesday, because now that fall is here I'm ready for cooler temps.

We had sunny bright blue skies all weekend long, and spent as much time out of doors as we could.  Friday night a business friend of the hubs invited us to be his guests at the opening night gala of the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra. We actually know several people connected to the symphony as trustees and supporters, but we'd never been to a performance here.

The venue is stunning and the acoustics are amazing. Musicians say this particular venue has some of the best they've ever experienced, and I'd definitely love to see more. The symphony performs in the NJ PAC (Performing Arts Center) located in the Ironbound section of downtown Newark. I've written before about all the wonderful restaurants in that area, but the gala event included a cocktail hour, the performance itself, and then a late night supper after the show so we had dinner in the PAC. Everything was so lovely, truly, whoever organized the event gave it just the right touch.

Hubs and I like to dress up, and doesn't going to the symphony sound like a grown up thing to do? The music was fabulous (yes, I know I'm overdoing it with the adjectives, but really-it was fabulous) and the dinner afterwards was delicious. I sat beside the percussionist and enjoyed hearing more about how the symphony works, and how he got involved with it. Plus, here is my dessert-

I didn't take a lot of photos because it felt a little bit obnoxious, but this dessert was so good I didn't think anyone would mind.

Saturday was another blue sky kind of day so hubs did some yard work and I did some fun things like wash the bathroom rugs, and then we went into town and had a lovely al fresco lunch. Hubs wanted to take the MG, but I had a new haircut that was still feeling new so I said we had to go in a car with a lid.  Convertibles + hair =convertible hair.  'Nuff said.

Sunday was yet another beautiful day and we had plans to trek into the city to check out an event at the Javits Center.  Super cool building!  The Javits Center is home to some of the biggest events in NYC, and hubs has been to a couple of work related convention type things there, but this was my first time inside. We were there for an event called 'Meet the Breed' aka puppy time!

There were hundreds of dog and cat breeds represented, but sadly no Gordon Setter breeders. We really want another Gordon, but hubs has also always wanted an Irish Setter and I've always said no way, because do you know any Irish Setters? They're crazy. Fun crazy, but still a little too high energy for me. Except maybe this one-

What a love, and so mild mannered. Her owner is going to breed her later this fall and we took his contact information, and now hubs will start the process of trying to convince me we need an Irish Setter.  We do have some Gordon contacts, so right now I'm still holding out for another Gordon.

After we'd wandered around the dog show we headed out of doors, because quite honestly there are few things better than a sunny fall day in The Big Apple.  We walked all the way to Bryant Park and had a lovely lunch on the patio at The Bryant Park Grill. I highly recommend.

As it happens there was a French festival going on in the park all weekend long, so we wandered through that and dreamed of trips to the French countryside while savoring dessert-a French cheese plate.  Si délicieux!

We thoroughly enjoyed the weekend.  When you live in the Northeast you need to take advantage of the gorgeous autumn, because we all know what comes next.  Hopefully not a foot and a half of snow in October, but hey, it's happened the last two years before so not as crazy as it sounds.

Soaking up the sunny mild days of fall makes the coming winter a little easier to bear.
A trip to France wouldn't hurt either.  


  1. Your haircut is great.
    My sister, a veterinarian who teaches at U of Minnesota, always gets her Gordons from the same fabulous breeder. Shall I link you two up?
    Her last Gordon got his MACh in agility. Hers are gentle quirky souls with a definite sense of humor

  2. What an amazing weekend. I'm jealous. Never been to the city and my hubby says 'absolutely not'. He hates big cities. I'm glad you had a good time.

  3. Yes, we would like to connect with her. Thanks!

  4. Yeah so my weekend.. went to Walmart.. cooked dinner 2 days.. had company over for a fire pit and some adult beverages... pretty much covers it lol.. I love your pictures that symphony building was gorgeous.

  5. We had the exact opposite weather! But I'm glad you had what you had, it sounds like a fabulous grown up weekend! I'm hoping it continues in the NE because we are heading to DC at the end of the month so please, please say it will hold. :)
    Super cute hair!

  6. So hoping for October autumn here as well. What a great time!

  7. Oh, what a fun, fun weekend. I would have so enjoyed the symphony! And, I would have enjoyed the dog show as well. And, the dessert, well, I would have enjoyed that as well. Happy week!

  8. How awesome that you were able to attend the Symphony. That must be a wonderful experience. The French festival sounds like fun too and I love all the pictures.

  9. Your hair looks fabulous! Thanks for sharing the great photos of what sounds like an amazing weekend! Wow.

  10. Love the haircut! Back from Texas - ready to enjoy the fall weather here!

  11. I don't know any Gordon Setters, but I've know a few Irish and, well . . . hold out for the Gordon. ;)

  12. You hair is cute! Glad you had a fun weekend!
    The Irish Setter talk reminded me of my childhood. There was one a couple streets over and it was big neighborhood news when she got out! Everyone was running around yelling "Scarletts out!!!". I guess her owners were willing for anyone and everyone to help corral her. She seemed to get out WAY too much. Is that the kind of crazy you mean?

  13. I love your hair cut! What a great weekend of fun things to do. I'm looking forwarded to the low 80's on Wednesday because they are getting fewer and fewer as we get closet to that 4th season. YUCK.

  14. Your hair looks very nice! Good call on nixing the convertible ride.