Thursday, July 31, 2014

I Wonder

It's the last day of July, and it's summer, and I got not a lotta deep today, so how about a list? In true Thursday fashion we'll make it a list of thirteen, with a throwback in there for good measure.

Some things I'm wondering about lately....

1.  Do those Direct TV ads featuring an insecure marionette wife make anybody actually want to switch their service to Direct TV? Creepy. Really creepy.

2. Why is swimwear so ding dang expensive?

3. And ridiculously unflattering?

4. Where will I buy cute hostess gifts now that my favorite shop in town is closing its doors?

5. Why is it so hard to figure out which smoke detector in your house is beeping?

6.  And why does it stop beeping when you stand under it, then start up again when you step away?

7. What's for dinner?

8. Will my kitchen floor see the vacuum today?

9. Isn't it time for The Bachelor/Bachelorette series to end?

10. Past time?

11. Will I ever be able to do pushups without feeling like I want to cry?

12. World chaos.

13. Determined little people who grow up to be amazing, who remind me God is good and also great.


  1. The Direct TV commercials are really creepy.
    Swim wear and bra shopping, the two worst activities.
    My oldest is headed to junior high this year. How did he get to be so big?

  2. Luckily, my kitchen floor saw the vacuum yesterday. It was in dire need of it. When will I ever be able to DO a proper push-up? Have a great day!

  3. Scary how many of these would/could be on a list of my own. Except of course that one about push ups. Ha.

  4. #1, Yes, I HATE that commercial. I turn it off/fast forward whenever it is on.

    #2.3....and the tiny little bikinis are more expensive than the swimsuits I might buy...and what's with paying separately for a top and a bottom? What is that about?

    #9. 10 Yes.

    #13. Precious, indeed!

  5. Oh my goodness, I just got home from looking for a new bathing suit today!! GRrrrrrr. Why is it so difficult to find a top AND a bottom you like??? I would pay a LOT to find a cute and flattering suit!

    World chaos. Drives you to tears. People need the Lord.

    Ditto for #13.

  6. Enjoy your list Joyce. That is a crazy commercial for sure! Sorry about your cute shop closing :(

  7. Great questions! And I can answer #8 for me...NO! And it hasn't seen a broom either for the last 3 days!

  8. I am right there with you on the swimsuit thing! I bought Allie a new one in May for the bargain price of $180!! But... (Hear me out on this)... She was actually smiling when she put it on... She said it was the first swimsuit she had tried on in "years" that didn't make her hate her body! SOLD! Then she comes out last week with a list of stuff she needs for school and a swimsuit is on it... WHAT!?!?!?!... When I ask her she informs me that her current swim suit is for laying on a beach not swimming laps in a pool. Her father informed her she was either going to teach that suit some new tricks or buy the new one with her own money. (You want to know the really sad part? I kinda saw her point...)

  9. This list is a great idea! If you can figure out the answers to #5 and #6, please let us know!! ;-)

  10. enjoyed reading your answers.

    I made Taco soup for supper.

  11. Yes, the Direct TV ad is creepy! And, I so well remember those hostess gifts and what fun daughter and I had in wrapping them all so cute with just the right tissue and bags to match her wedding colors. What fun! Happy new week ahead!

  12. These days, I spend a good bit of time 'wondering' myself! What a good idea for a post :)