Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Hodgepodge Old School Style

With the back to school theme happening here today I feel like I should begin by saying good morning boys and girls! Be sure to add your link at the end of my post then go see what your classmates had to say.  Here we go-

1. What's something you wanted to do this summer that you never got around to actually doing?

Go to the drive-in.  It's not too late so we'll see if that's something we can squeeze in before winter makes an appearance. 

2. Share a memory of your own back-to-school days as a child.

I remember always having a brand new dress to wear and how nervous excited I felt the night before the first day. I was happy to share a room with my sister then. We didn't find out who our teacher would be until we got to school that morning.  They grouped us by grade and teachers read out their rosters while we students sat on pins and needles hoping a nice one would call our name.  

3. What's one chore or daily task you prefer doing 'old-school'?

A few things, all involving pen and paper. I keep a paper calendar, write in an actual journal, number my daily to-do's on cute notepads, and make grocery lists on the back of an envelope instead of on my phone. I do keep notes on my phone, but mostly forget to look there after I've written them down. I'm much more efficient and productive with a notepad. 

4. Share something you've learned in life through the 'school of hard knocks'.

Cliches are cliches for a reason...

Life is short.
Don't sweat the small stuff.

5. As a child did you mostly bring or buy your lunch for school? What was your favorite thing to find in your lunchbox?

During my elementary school years we walked home for lunch every day. Even in Jr. High and High School I still mostly brought lunch from home. My sister and I were just talking about lunchbox treats this past weekend. Our favorite was a RingDing, a round chocolate cake wrapped in foil. It was filled with a yummy cream filling (all natural I'm sure-ha!) and covered with a thin chocolate shell. 

6. Football season is upon us which has me big of a sports fan are you (not just football)? On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being 'I scream at the players through my television screen', and 1 being 'is knitting a sport?', where do you fall in fandom.

I'm a pretty big fan. I don't yell at my television screen, but when my team is performing badly I sometimes have to leave the room to calm the nerves in my stomach.  I'm going with an 8, because if I miss a game it's not the end of the world, but if I'm watching I'm all in, no matter if it's the NFL or our local high school team on the field. 

7. Share a favorite quote you think my inspire students of all ages at the start of a new school year.

"What one does is what counts and not what one had the intention of doing." Pablo Picasso

8.  Insert your own random thought here.

I stopped in a nearby shop for a look-see last week, and ended up buying my mother-of-the-bride dress. I wasn't really planning to buy, but I fell in love with this dress which felt like it was made just for me. 

It is nothing like I thought I'd wear. 

I thought I'd wear short. 
It's long. 

I thought I'd wear a light golden champagne color.
It's a rich bronze. 

I say I'm not really a 'bling' girl.
It's got a bit of the bling. 

And on the very day I bought my dress, Daughter1's gown arrived in the D.C. shop. My mom and I are going down today to meet her for the big try-on. We are so excited! 


  1. That has to be such a relief that you found your dress...sounds beautiful! I know you and your mom will have a ball at your daughter's fitting...makes everything feel so 'real'. I remember RingDings...and I ate my share of them, too. Ah...those were the days when you didn't have to worry much about fat grams and calories.

  2. I write down 'stuff' on a calendar-make that three calendars! Aw-the new clothes to wear a must. Seems like all is coming together for the wedding.

  3. I think I could have commented on all of your answers! We must be the same age! We walked home for lunch too, how did we have the time to do that?! I can even remember watching a little tv!
    Ahhh, picking out first day of school clothes, very important!
    I have a paper calendar too, almost a lost art.
    So glad you found a dress, that's a big one!

  4. Your mother-of-the-bride dress sounds beautiful. Can't wait to see pictures of it after the wedding.

    I'm with you on still liking to write things down with pen and paper!

  5. Great Hodgepodge, Joyce (always!). I'm so glad you found "the" dress, and how fun to be there with your mom and daughter for the big 'try on'!! I am so glad you and Shannon are including your blogging friends in the wedding planning! I'm excited for you all and can't wait to see wedding photos!

  6. Congratulations on finding the dress! Sounds like it was destined to be. I like making my lists on an actual piece of paper. It's nice to see them marked off. Makes me think I'm accomplishing something.

  7. ...your area of the country still has drive-in theaters? Wow. I thought they were 'extinct'. And love your answer to #4

  8. Oh, yes, the notepad is definitely my choice of keeping track of lists, thoughts, to-do's and so on. And I remember the jitters of waiting to hear my name called for the "good" teacher.

    Funny how certain dresses are just "it." I thought for my first son's wedding I'd wear long (it was mid-calf), champagne (it was deep wine), and I'm not really a velvet person (it was velvet). Yet it was perfect in every way. So eager to how about your tears and smiles for the big try-on!!!

  9. Love love love that quote!!!!

    Also love that you unexpectedly found your dress. I think that had you been looking really hard, you wouldn't have found one so easily. I cannot wait to see pictures of your daughter's wedding with all of the little hints you've been throwing our way!!!!

    1. Totally agree...if I had to buy I probably wouldn't have seen anything I liked. That seems to be how it goes.

  10. I always try to get my husband to go to the drive in every summer... but we've never got... ever... I'll try next summer :)

  11. So, I am exactly like you when it comes to the need to still write lists and keep a calendar the "old school" way. I keep my calendar on my fridge because I KNOW I will open it in the morning. I keep updates on my electronic calendar too but mostly so my hubby can see (we share the iCloud). If I don't put a reminder alarm on I will never see my electronic calendar each day.

  12. oh - and yes, congrats on your dress! Did you go to the wedding shop down in the Lake Mohawk area? My daughter's wedding dress is champagne so I need to find a dress that is darker but still "Springy" for April. I'm waiting for spring fashions to come out.

    1. Not in Lake Mohawk...there's a big bridal store out in Andover. I didn't even know it was there but Anne M. told me she got her dress there for her daughter's wedding so I popped in. It's a great shop with a huge selection. Plus it's nice not to have to go into the city to pick up : )

  13. So glad you have your dress for the wedding. Isn't wonderful when you find it in an unexpected place.

  14. Guess with the holiday I am behind...Hodgepodge came fast for me, lol.
    Soo glad you found your dress. That was a HUGE problem for me. I didn't do one single thing I had in my head to wear on that day. I too wore LONG and BLACK (of all colors) and it had sheer sleeves and LOTS of bling. Not me at all thinking back on it. And I got more compliments on it then on any other dress I've ever worn, haha. You were smart to whip it up when you found it. I was down to the last minute and frantic. Enjoy the rest of your week!

  15. The drive-in.....that sounds like fun! Pen and paper never came to mind for me and I still buy cute papers, make lists along with sending thank you notes and cards out. Happy to hear you walked home for lunch too, I loved that! I just got very emotional over your news of finding "The Dress" and I am elated with you!

  16. So glad you found your dress. I remember what a relief that was for me, all three times :)
    I still like pen and paper, too, and I'm a list maker, as well.
    We have a drive-inn, located about 35 miles away, and pass it every time we go to St. Simon's Island. None of the movies playing have appealed to me, this summer, though.

  17. You went with a long dress! yeah. exciting. Glad you found something.

  18. The drive in!! We have one here in town ... I think the kids would love it. Hmmmm, may have to catch a movie on a night fall night soon!!

    I too am excited to see your dress - and of course, the BRIDE!!!! :)

  19. Congrats on finding THE dress. Will you be posting a pic?
    I liked your #4, i try not to follow all cliche's why be like everyone else? ;)

  20. Yay on the dress! I got mine last minute and hated it so I wore something I already had, then hated the pictures... I wish I had spent more time on that detail!
    I loved ring-dings as a kid! I completely forgot about them!

  21. That bronze color with your blonde hair will be really pretty! I try to grocery shop from a list on my phone and it seems to take longer. I need to cross off, rather than delete or I feel I've missed something.

  22. Oh, I'm with you on #3, I have to have our wall calendar where all activities, Drs. appts. and such are posted for the world to see. And, I have my journal calendar of sorts that has my daily agenda on it, errands to run and things to not forget. The IPhone just doesn't do the trick for me on that.

    So, so glad you have already found your dress and that you love it. I found mine the same day that our daughter found hers. I knew when I saw it that it was "the one" and I loved it. Such an exciting time! I'm already anticipating all your blogs about the "big day." I can hardly wait!

  23. I like the drive-in idea. I'm glad you found a dress for the wedding. It's always fun when life gives such a serendipitous gift. As far as being a sports fan goes I generally don't go all in. I think it stems from being a Red Sox fan during the "Curse of the Bambino" years. The lesson painfully learned is that disappointment is a huge part of sports. I've learned how to deal with it for the most part. All the best.

  24. Oh, I should have put that! LOL I tried doing my homeschool planning and maintain an on-line calendar, but I missed so many activities & appointments! I need something I can have laying out all the time or carry with me. Ring Dings are awesome, but I prefer Devil Dogs...;)

  25. Paper and pen! YES! I still do that as well as put things on my phone. Sometimes " stuff" happens to what you put on your phone. I record things I want to remember and then never listen to them.
    So exciting to find just the right dress. My mother of he bride dress was a bronze also and I still love it. If only I could still fit into it!!