Monday, September 29, 2014


We had a nice weekend, filled with bright blue skies, Indian summer temps, and nothing special on the calendar.  We need those weekends round here.  We had dinner with neighbors on Friday evening, hung out at the rodeo on Saturday, napped on the couch, watched football and golf, read books and soaked up the beauty that surrounds us always, but never more so than on a crystal clear autumn day.

Fall is showing up little by little in our corner of the world, or maybe leaf by leaf would be a more accurate description. There's a tree on our back hillside I will photograph no less than fifty times  between now and winter because it is perfection.

As is the brilliant blue cloudless sky.

Sunday evening after dinner was eaten and dishes were washed, hubs and I sat on the patio and admired what we've affectionately dubbed our 'Festivus Tree'. It's a shepherds crook made for hanging plants that hubs wrapped in Christmas lights, and we agree it's one of the happiest things around.

Seriously, every patio needs one.

We sipped coffee and listened to a playlist scroll through a random selection of songs. We sang along and talked about how each one that popped up took us somewhere in time, geography, and memory.

When fall rolls in its not only the leaves that change. It's the light and the air and the way my heart feels more reflective.  Hubs says I think too much, and maybe he's right, but it seems this time of year is made for contemplation.  Maybe it's because school begins here in September, but as the month draws to a close I realize I have always viewed this month as a new beginning, much more so than January.

In September I set goals, feel the urge to clean my house, and make attempts at organizing paperwork, files, and desk drawers.

In September I look through recipe books for fresh cooking inspiration.

I make lists of books to read, movies we've missed, what I'll buy-make-bake for Christmas.

I schedule routine home repairs and maintenance.

In September I tell myself this will be the winter I'll actually catch up on my scrapbooks, and with a new found enthusiasm I'll go buy pretty paper and stickers and embellishments. I will tuck these away with the rest of the pretty paper and stickers and embellishments collected in Septembers past, ready for when winter rolls our way.


September is when some of my good intentions become reality and others not so much, but it is the month I give myself a talking to, the month I declare my good intentions about a lot of things.

In September I make sure I'm caught up with the dentist, dermatologist, and all the other various and sundry doctors one must be caught up with once one has passed the 50 mile mark.

These are not things I want to do in January.

In January I prefer to curl up on the couch with a blanket while snow piles up outside.

Except this January I'd like the snow to come in February because we have a wedding to celebrate in January. While snow makes for lovely photos the same cannot be said about snow and travel.

Course we won't think about that today because we can't control the weather three months from now, and I'm sure that's a good thing. What I can do on an end of September autumn day is grab my camera. I can take a picture of leaves that turn from green to golden yellow before my very eyes, a reminder God is in the details.

And really, that's enough.


  1. Beautiful pictures and a nice post. I love the fall!

  2. I love fall too. You're right, it's the perfect time to get things done! Before all I want to do is snuggle in and make soup. :)

  3. Beautiful pictures! Yes, I too mark the years starting in Sept for some reason. Must have something to do with school I guess, your right. I do many of the same things too in September! Enjoy your week...

  4. Your weekend sounds 'picture perfect' :)
    I, too, think of September as a time for new beginnings. I suppose it's caused from all those years of working at school.

  5. I have many of the same thoughts about this time of year.
    You said you washed dishes, I am assuming the sink is back to normal?
    I think I need a picture of The Festivus Tree!
    There are several trees that I pass regularly in my to and fro-ing that I love to watch change. Fall is like a kiss on the cheek from God!

  6. I too feel the need to reflect and then organize this time of year. Love the idea of the lighted shepherd's crook. We have little lights above our cookstove, across two bookshelves, and above the hutch and fireplace. Needless to say, I'm a big fan of mini lights. :-)

  7. I did all my appointments in September also. Doctor, dentist, mammography and blood work. So excited about your wedding!!

  8. Sounds like a perfect weekend and that your going to keep yourself busy this Fall with a lot of projects and appointments which is a good thing. I think I need to follow your lead. Love the colors!