Monday, September 22, 2014

Silver Linings

Good Morning Afternoon? It's Monday, a fact I am well aware of because life around here today is behaving like a Monday.  That being said, even on a day that feels like a Monday, and is in fact an actual Monday, I think it's good to find the silver lining.

Because there always is one.

That half full glass, the bright side, that thing cynics lack. Sometimes it smacks you in the face, and sometimes you have to look hard, but it's there. On this Monday that is full of small aggravations and problems of the first world kind, I choose to look-

It's Monday-Went to bed far too late last night because hubs and I got all caught up in finishing Season 1 of Homeland.

The Silver Lining-I still dragged myself out of bed and made it to Boot Camp at 6 AM.

It's Monday-We've got Homeland Season 2 on deck, Monday Night Football on live, and The Making of the DCC (don't judge!), The Roosevelts, and Person of Interest on our DVR. 

The Silver Lining-We are not going to get sucked in to the new Season of Homeland until the weekend. 

We're going to try not to anyway. 

It's Monday-Went to bed with a sudden and mysteriously clogged kitchen sink, and woke up to a still clogged kitchen sink. Ugh!

The Silver Lining-I popped down to the supermarket and the hardware store at 8 AM, bought Liquid Plumber (the JUMBO sized bottle) and a plunger, patted myself on the back for developing biceps and triceps in the last six months, and then I plunged and I poured and I plunged.

It's Monday-No luck. Did.not.budge. And now I'm feeling a little woozy from inhaling all those chemicals.

The Silver Lining- A real plumber is sometimes better than Liquid Plumber, and thankfully we have a local plumber we trust who will be out to save the day.

It's Monday-the day he's gonna save will be tomorrow not today, because I have now emptied half the contents of a jumbo sized bottle of the liquid variety plumber into my sink and it needs to dissipate.

The Silver Lining-just texted hubs and told him it looks like we'll be dining out tonight.

So how's your Monday so far? Can you see the silver lining or do you have to hunt for one today?


  1. So far, so good. Have walked, weeded, trimmed trees, cut back the day liliys and irises in the front, and hauled the debris back to the field. I know it's a little early, but I am not getting caught by winter like we did last year!

  2. So far my Monday has been good. Hubby and I got up this morning and after getting ready for work, we left and went to the grocery and picked up items for our lunches this week. Love when we can get that done. No crowds either and still was at work by 8:35. Called the doc and got my mom's prescriptions straightened out. So all in all, things are going very good this morning. Even had time to read my devotional.

  3. Ha! Monday dinner out sounds good! Here: it's leftovers. My Monday is starting off well after a fun and busy weekend. I have NOTHING on my calendar today and that is just the way I like Mondays!

  4. Sounds like a typical Monday to me :) I like your take on 'the silver linings', though. I'll have to try to find some 'silver linings' concerning too many love bugs and ailing baby chicks...

  5. I like Mondays in general. They are usually a mundane catchup for me. Today I was determined to get a whole lot of chores done and have done well so far. I got some sad news from a friend about her FIL so while I do my cleaning I'm also saying prayers for a peaceful passing for a loved one. Life goes/passes on even on mundane Mondays.

  6. I am doing some searching over here as I always have to re-adjust after getting back from a trip out to my daughter's. But I have found some bright spots so that is good. Good luck with the sink issue, and meanwhile, enjoy dining out!

  7. I'm sorry but I had to laugh reading this.

    My silver lining is that Hubby has been enduring an abcessed tooth for 5 days and he had that sucker pulled today. He's a happy man and I'm his happy wife now that he is out of pain.

    Hoping the sink fix is quick and easy tomorrow!

  8. Dinner out - definitely a silver lining!!

  9. There's always a silver lining, isn't there? And dinner out is always the best silver lining!

  10. I love finding the silver lining in all life's experiences. I am a borderline Pollyanna sometimes, which my family finds annoying. ;) Enjoyed this post so much! Hope your sink is repaired very soon! But that dinner out sounds amazing to this tired wife. ;) Blessings and Sunshine, Valerie

  11. Now that was some Monday!!!! Hopefully your drain is all clear by now and you started watching Season 2 of Homeland. I haven't watched it but Mark likes it a lot. We now have two Person of Interest to watch!