Monday, November 24, 2014

Miscellany on a Monday

Gonna make a stab at catching up a little bit here on the old bloggity blog. Hubs had a meeting in Orlando last week, so I trekked to my mom's for a few days. We were not idle. We attacked the Christmas shopping, hers at least, and attack feels like the right word because the mall had a bit of a  street brawl atmosphere happening. Ka-razy!

Was the whole of America shopping on Friday and Saturday??? The crowds and the parking lots and the noise, and yes, I'm talking to you especially Macy's. On top of all.the.people they had their music absolutely blaring when you walked through the store. I think it was part of some sort of promotion they were doing around the makeup counter, but it made me want to find the nearest exit.

Except you couldn't get to the exit because of all.the.people. I know I sound all granny-like there (no offense grannies!), and trust me when I say I like my music loud, but there's a time and place, and a jam packed department store the Saturday before Thanksgiving is neither the time nor the place. Rant over.

Almost. Let's all be nice this holiday season k, cause wow, rudeness abounds.

Now I'm done.

My sister in law celebrated a birthday on Thursday, so my mom and I fixed dinner for her and spent a nice evening relaxing around the table. I went to church with my mom Sunday morning, and unexpectedly ran into a friend from summer camp which was a nice little bonus to the weekend. Not nearly enough time to catch up, but we made some plans to get together in the new year.

So we have a wedding in about 40 days. Just thought I'd mention that. There's some stuff to do-ha! and we're busy doing all the doing. My dress fitting went well and I've found shoes, a bag, and jewelry so I'm excited about that.  To carry a purse or no? I opted for yes because if I want to see anything written I'll need my glasses. Also maybe Kleenex. Who thinks I'll need Kleenex? Anyway, I found a lovely small clutch while shopping with my mom, and it will hold just enough so I'm happy.

Thanksgiving is Thursday, in case anyone needs a reminder. I'm not cooking this year which feels very strange. I am bringing an apple pie and the sweet potato casserole to our feast, but the pressure of the entire meal is not mine. I have other pressures this year (see last paragraph), so I'm okay with the not cooking.

Feeling thankful today for our weirdly warm 66 degrees temps. We have 100% chance of snow on Wednesday, so today's little reprieve will be short but awfully sweet. Happy Monday all!


  1. I can not agree more with loud music in stores and restaurants. Nothing can turn me off faster. Well, almost nothing. We are having Thanksgiving with our daughter in Dallas whose oldest daughter is about 150 days out from a wedding - end of May after an A&M graduation. Yes, after the holidays, things will certainly begin hoping over there. She already has her dress in and I can't wait to see it. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

  2. I get to go shopping with my daughter on Saturday at the discount mall in San Marcos. I'm sure it will be a madhouse, but there is something challenging about shopping in those circumstances, and puts me in the mood for Christmas. Good luck with all your planning, and enjoy the off day on Thanksgiving.

  3. I love music loud in my car, but not when shopping or eating in a restaurant. I.can'!

    We're having a rather strange Thanksgiving. No turkey or traditional food. We're doing chicken pot pie, beef stew and lasagna. I'm not sure why, but my sister is hosting and that's what she wants and it's fine with me. I can do a traditional dinner another day with hubby. No problems.

  4. Loud music and too many people ... all reasons why I've done my shopping online. ;-)

  5. I think we all agree that the loud music in the Macy's would send us looking for the nearest exit as well. Sort of like low lighting in restaurants. I HAVE to see my food! :o))

    So glad your fitting went well for your dress and I did carry a small clutch to our daughter's wedding and yes, I definitely used the Kleenex I had inside it. I'm telling you when you see your daughter on the arm of her Daddy it does something like no other to your emotions.

    I will be cooking Thursday but only for 6 of us, but 6 or 16, it's the same menu and the same kind of work, except a smaller cleanup.

    Happy week!

  6. It has been so long since I went to the mall for any shopping, let along Christmas shopping. I do all that I can through Most of those we used to shop for, just get a gift card these days. We live so far away, and haven't a clue what is wanted or needed. The last couple of years we actually shopped and mailed gifts north, the shipping cost more than the actual gifts. Karazy.... :)

    Nice that you could spend some quality time with your mom. That is a blessing. I would love to still have mine here to shop with, and would gladly hit the noisy, crowded mall with her if I could.

  7. I absolutely hate trying to shop while fighting crowds or having music blaring at me! No fun.
    I'm experiencing technical difficulties, so I'm commenting under my second blog user name today.