Monday, November 17, 2014

Recent Goings On

I thought I'd share some random 'stuff' here today, otherwise known as Friday Fragments. Except it's Monday so we're calling it stuff.  

It snowed. Surprise!

I think this happened Thursday night, but the days are running together right now so I'm not 100% certain. 

I love the first snowfall of the season.

As long as I don't think too hard about the fact that we have a winter wedding happening and people will be traveling from all corners of the earth to attend.

Friday morning we spied this little guy outside our kitchen window-

I'm going to be honest here and say there is something about a fox staring me down that kinda creeps me out.

Also on Thursday, Daughter1 and I made a mini Thanksgiving feast. Is there such a thing as a mini? Yes, because we didn't make our usual twenty sides, and there was no dessert which is a cryin' shame, but still the meal was delicious.

My girls both love to cook, and have always helped prepare the meal on Thanksgiving. This year Daughter1 will be cooking for just two, and a long way from her mama, so a refresher on the dressing and gravy making was in order.

It's tricky making this kind of meal for two, but who doesn't love leftovers on Thanksgiving?  She plans to make the whole meal for her hard working fiance, who will no doubt be hard-working on the actual holiday. Thanksgiving dinner is good no matter what day its eaten, right? He's a first year resident and I'm pretty sure the law says first year residents work all holidays. Second year too.

Doctors in general don't have the most reasonable or predictable hours, so an early lesson to carry into married life- adapt. Make the most of the minutes and don't get hung up on the calendar.  Hubs and I have been married 30 years, and this is the first Thanksgiving we'll be home alone. Except we won't because my very sweet neighbor has invited us to dinner, so yeah...adapt. Year one...year thirty...and all the years in between.

It was so much fun having my girl home all last week. We ticked many things off the wedding to-do list and instead of 124 tasks left there are only 60. Something like that. I know!! The bride-to-be began the second leg of her cross country travels on Friday when she flew to SC for the week.

Let's just pause here for a moment and discuss the moving shenanigans. Less than two weeks ago a moving van filled with her posessions set off for the West Coast. We were told it would take three to four weeks to get there, but she got a call on Tuesday saying it had arrived.

Seven days after it left Maryland.

She let them know she wouldn't be out there until later this month, and they said no problem. They will hold it for her at no charge, and bonus-they scheduled the delivery for the day after she arrives in WA.  I have been so pleased with this company, and once she accepts delivery I will give them a real shout out.

In addition to the moving van, we somehow still have a very large amount of clothing, jewelery, and miscellany to get from Point A to Point C via Point B. I left her at the airport on Friday with three overly heavy suitcases, a too full-too heavy carry on bag, and a mandolin strapped to her back. It reminded me of when we moved overseas and I told her she needed to think of it that way. Put your head down and get on with it because your stuff has to get there somehow.

She made it to SC with all her bags and will be there for a week before flying out to WA. She's not officially moving until after the wedding, but she wanted to get everything into the house and settled so they can arrive to a mostly uncluttered space as newlyweds. Her car is also in transit and fingers crossed will arrive when she's out there.

On Saturday some friends of her soon to be mother-in-law hosted a lovely shower down in SC.

Is she just the cutest bride ever? Her sister went with her and are they just the cutest sisters ever?

Yes and yes.

The bride-to-be received so many nice things and really enjoyed the afternoon. I so would have loved to attend, but it was just a little too complicated to get me there right now. Plus I know my girls are enjoying time with each other, which is sweet and special and never enough. They have some fun things planned and of course Daughter2 will be working all week, and Daughter1 needs to be ticking some of those 60 items off the above mentioned list, ahem. so plenty to do.

And there will be moments. Words and laughter and secrets whispered and joy shared because they have always been, and still are, the original besties.

Aren't they just the cutest? 


  1. I love teaching my girls how to make all those special family dishes. I'm glad they enjoy learning, because it makes me very happy!

  2. As always, it's good to catch up with what's going on with you. I know it will be a 'different' kind of Thanksgiving for your family, but, as you say, "we have to adapt", even though it's not always easy.
    As for the wedding, it's inching closer, and I'm getting excited (and nervous) just hearing about everything that's going on! It will be here before you know it!

  3. Beautiful everything! The snow, the scenery, your daughters! The fox ... well, from a distance. I think that's wonderful you and your daughter cooking the mini-Thanksgiving dinner. Great idea!

  4. Love your snow pictures. We woke up here today with several inches of snow too. It's very beautiful.

    Glad things are coming along so well with the wedding plans. Have fun!

  5. Love the cute pose of the bride in that little veil:) So has she officially quit her job? Or is she just using up a lot of saved-up vacay days?

  6. We've had ourselves a mini winter event too. So out of character for these here parts. Psh. What a great idea, a trial run for turkey dinner! We will be without Son #1 this year for Thanksgiving. Yep. And I didn't even make serious noise about the fact that he is going South with the GF for the holiday. Look at me being all easy. :)
    Yes, they are absolutely the cutest.

  7. I know the feeling of having it be different this Thanksgiving. This could very well be the first time it will be just 3 of us, rather than 4...first time in 18 years. Enjoy all these wonderful moments you get to share with your girls...special times, for sure!

  8. Yes, they are the cutest!! You are blessed, and so are they!! I am so enjoying that you are sharing with us, and allowing us to feel the joy and nerves, and fun and love! Thanks for that!!

  9. Beautiful girls, and I love the snow pictures, Joyce. I think the little critter is a fox?

  10. With all of my kids married and working their own little families our holidays are different every year anymore. It took me a while to let go of "traditional" but now it seems more like an adventure. Boy your daughter really has had LOTS to do in addition to the wedding what with the big move and all as well. We moved our daughter too right after her honeymoon. We packed up all her stuff (that she didn't get to before the wedding that is) while they honeymooned, and then caravaned with her driving her car, her new hubby driving his loaded to the brim truck with their wedding gifts, my hubby driving the big moving truck full of her furniture and stuff , and me driving our car to get us back home in once we got We were a sight for 1000 miles. But somehow we did it. Then we stayed a couple of days and helped her unload and settle in to their new house as her hubby had to get back to work...He had been gone for 2 weeks and it was a mess for him. Driving away leaving her there a few days later was one of the hardest things I've ever done...seems so long ago now.