Monday, November 10, 2014


We're having a spectacular fall. The leaves are mostly off the trees in our back woods, but there are still pockets of color around town.  

In some ways they're more beautiful because they're rare. Hubs snapped this picture on his weekend run around the lake-

I thought it looked like he'd put the photo through one of those apps that make your pictures look like paintings, but this is the real deal. No filter. 

Sunday afternoon we took a walk in a nearby park. There's a small airfield here and we sat for a while watching planes take off and land. 

They come in and out over water and you can sit pretty close to the field. 


 Everyone found it interesting.

What's an afternoon spent outdoors without a selfie?

Or a mushroom four times the size of a boot?

It felt good to walk. To breathe in the fresh autumn air, and soak up the golden gold sunshine, and savor a day that was made to be savored. No doing.

Just being.

"Work is not always required. There is such a thing as sacred idleness."
~George MacDonald


  1. Enjoy every minute of your daughter being at home - the days to just be together are the best kind :-)

  2. Beautiful photos, a day well spent, and I love that MacDonald quotation. So true! We used to enjoy being inside MSP airport and watching the planes land and take off. Now no one is allowed to do that. :-( But I would also really enjoy watching the small planes. Pleasant day, lovely views.

  3. Joyce, there is nothing better than a nice walk on a fall day when there is lots of sunshine. We are enjoying that kind of weather right now in Texas. Fabulous.

  4. Lovely, Joyce! What a great way to spend some quality time together, watching the small aircraft take off and land. I am always amazed. We have a restaurant at our small city airport, and you can watch take-offs and landings while eating a meal. We really enjoy doing that. Thanks for sharing your wonderful day!

  5. What an absolutely stunning day! Great selfie and I like the quote. My husband would love the planes.

  6. Glad y'all had a day of just being together and without hassles!

  7. Oh man, you so needed that kind of weekend, eh? :) I am in shock and awe at that mushroom!

  8. What a perfect day! And such pretty pictures. When we were first married there was a small airport literally over the fence in our backyard. We spent hours and hours sitting on that fence (can't believe now I actually climbed it and sat there, lol) watching those little planes come and go. Yours is quite the view though with the water and all. Hope you have a good week and enjoy time with your daughter!

  9. Beautiful-walking a great way to unwind and just enjoy. I really need to practice your quote.