Monday, January 26, 2015

Best Day Ever-Wedding Post 5

So it's been awhile since we last spoke. To recap-this little darlin'...

...grew up and got married. Some stuff happened in between, but for now let's focus on the best day ever, which happened three whole entire weeks ago.

The Wedding Day.
I feel that needs to be capitalized, don't you?

I wrote a little bit about the day in Wedding Post 1, which you'll find by clicking here. That post was kind of all about me, so I thought I'd try to put the focus back where it belongs here today.

Or it might still be a little bit about me.

Also, I'm still operating from iPhone pics and friend's cameras, so until we get our professional shots back these will have to suffice. I'm going to save the reception for another post (yes, really!) and will concentrate on the ceremony here.

The bride texted me this picture first thing in the morning on her big day.
She was a little bit excited.

Me too. Sisters are special every day, but never more so than on your wedding day.

Something else every bride needs-

Simply because seeing it in writing makes it all just a teensy bit more real.

Let's discuss the weather, because if you're a regular reader here, you know weather is in my blog wheelhouse. It rained pretty much the entire weekend, some of the time nothing more than a soft mist, and other times real honest to goodness rain.

If it were possible to schedule your wedding weather ahead of time most brides would say no thank you to the rain. While it created a couple of minor hiccups, I'm here to say I think the morning fog and off and on rain added to the romance of the day. It helped that temperatures were in the mid-40's so nobody froze, and our wedding and reception were indoors regardless of the weather.  Looking back, if I were given the choice, I wouldn't even pass on the rain.

The only thing it interrupted were outdoor photos, but our photographer had a plan B that worked beautifully.The hotel was situated directly across the street from The Peace Center, so the bride and her girls dashed in there for some before the ceremony shots.

The lobby in the Peace Center is quite modern and all glass, so while we were tucked safely inside, the outside was also fully present. Did I mention I'm anxious to see photos?

Here's a shot of the bridesmaids taken just prior to leaving the hotel suite-

I absolutely loved the bridesmaid gowns. The dresses were from J Crew, and while each girl wore the same basic dress (floor length silk chiffon in dusty shale), they all chose a neckline that best suited their body type and figure. I love this trend in wedding design! There were four necklines to choose from, and without trying we had a perfect mix.

The bride looks beautiful and serene doesn't she? Keep in mind she'd just scooped her mother off the floor not ten minutes earlier. Pretty sure my little mishap helped her find her inner reserves. You're welcome sweet girl.

The hubs! Or the F.O.B. as we called him all weekend long. He hadn't seen the wedding dress at all, so Daughter1 worked with the photographer to capture his 'first look'. The groom's first look was when the bride stepped into the sanctuary, but we all knew Dad needed a minute too.

It was important for him to see his girl before he walked her down the aisle, so our photographer set him up just outside the hotel. All the bridesmaids and I lined up along the windows inside to watch and it was something, y'all. We had two videographers with us starting early in the day, so they also captured this super sweet scene for the wedding film, which we'll get in a few months. Even the photographer's assistant was teary eyed.

Little girls who grow up under the guidance, encouragement, and protection of their father's love are the luckiest little girls in the world.

The wedding party and the groom boarded a trolley for their ride to the church and our little family of four climbed into a waiting limo soon after. Daughter1 wanted all four of us in the car together, and I loved that.

The groom and his men were ushered into one side of the church, and the bride and her girls to the other.  We waited in one of the church nurseries, as evidenced by the miniature chair I'm sitting on.

I think my breathing had almost returned to normal here, but the bride might be making sure.

The groom's mama came into the room, and immediately became teary eyed. I mean look at the bride-how could you not?  The grandmas were there too, and they got hugs and beautiful wrist corsages to mark them as most important people. The bridesmaids then gathered around the bride, and prayed the most lovely prayer over her and her groom and their future life together, and then we all checked our mascara for the walk to the sanctuary.

The groom's mom and I were to light candles before we sat down, and thankfully she went first, because just as she and I predicted the night before, the lighter wouldn't light. Conveniently my brother in law had a lighter in his pocket, which he casually tossed to the groomsmen who escorted the groom's mama. The groomsman caught it one handed without flinching, and everybody clapped. I feel there's always a bit of tension prior to a wedding ceremony getting started, and this gave the whole room an excuse to exhale and relax.

And there she was. The bride. On the arm of her father. Beaming. Looking confident and serene and supremely happy.

I want to always and forever remember the groom's face as he saw my daughter coming down the aisle to join her life with his.

Dear Girls Everywhere....choose wisely. When you choose the right groom, the joy that fills the church on your wedding day will be palpably felt by everyone present. Your own heart will be too full to contain all the happiness you feel inside, so much so that it will spill out and over and all around. It will touch all your friends and family and perfect strangers too. It will be the biggest thing guests take away from your special day, and it will fill your mama's heart with peace. 

The ceremony was so lovely. Music was provided by a local cello and guitar duet known as Wirewood, and they were absolutely wonderful. A friend of Daughter1 read scripture in a sure and confident voice, and the congregation joined in to recite The Lord's Prayer and in singing a hymn-Be Thou My Vision. The officiant shared wise words regarding marriage and in the end, surrounded by so many who love them so very much, the bride and groom were pronounced husband and wife.

Best day ever.


  1. Oh my... a bride on the arm of her father gets me every time :)
    Look at how tiny your daughter's waist is... such a gorgeous bride.

  2. Well, I needed a tissue to finish reading this. So touchingly beautiful. I can't wait to see the "official" photographs. You are so good with your words, Joyce, painting lovely pictures with them so that those of us reading can actually see everything you describe. Wow.

  3. Imagine my delight when I picked up my laptop on my lunch break here and saw the title of your was time to hear about the big day and I was downright excited, lol. Funny isn't it when we have never met (and probably never will this side of heaven) but I still feel like I have shared a little in this event by reading of your joy. I will admit I have a soft spot for wedding stories, but this one had me teary eyed right from the beginning. That picture of your girls in their bed that morning got we going right off. Soo sweet. She looked SOOO beautiful and I loved the bridesmaids dresses. I can just imagine the professional pictures. Like you one of my biggest joys at a wedding is watching the grooms face as his eyes first catch sight of his bride. My daughter's groom was teary eyed and it got everybody there the same way in an instant. Your soo right. When the love is soo apparent and soo real and soo obviously blessed by God everybody there can FEEL it and there is honestly few things better. I wish I had kept a blog during the time my daughter married as it would be such a neat thing to come back and read about now as there are just some things you forget. You have got this all documented now and how glad you will be someday. Certain moments of course you will never forget and you spoke of them now. The first time daddy see's his girl is another forever moment that is etched on all of our hearts permanently I am sure. Soo glad you shared all of this with us. Hope your having a good day...

  4. I can't wait to see those pictures of your hubs seeing her for the first time, and her hubs seeing her!

  5. Oh, here I am all teary eyed again from reading this. It is causing me to relive that very special day with our own daughter. And, when Dad sees his daughter, it is such a special, special moment. I almost feel like I was there and witnessed the entire ceremony. Thanks so much for sharing all the details with us. I love it!

  6. Joyce, the description is so poignant that I, too, felt as If I were there. I chuckled at the "as evidence by the miniature chair I'm sitting on". The pre-ceremony-at-church rooms are often authenticated by Sunday School pictures, dwarfed tables, and the mother of the bride gathering her wits. As the mother of only grooms thus far, I can attest to the tears when seeing the beautiful bride for the first time in her princess gown and glowing at the thought of belonging forever to my son. And I can tell you that F.O.Bs cry too. Those little boys lying in the crook of my arm or his have grown up to choose a darling and sacrifice for her. The love in the sanctuary, as you said, is indeed palpable, and gives a deep peace as parents. No reservations about their choice of bride or vice versa, when the M.O.Bs thank the MOGs for raising such fine men that they are at peace releasing their precious daughters. By the way ,I love the color of the dresses. I cant wait to see the pro's pictures, but sure do enjoy your words. I had a dream last night that I wrote about on my blog today that includes this bloggy group of onlookers in a funny way.

  7. Reading this made my eyes fill with tears.

  8. Love the pic of the two of you before the wedding! She is just lovely.

  9. Joyce, you did such a wonderful job of sharing the wedding details. It made me feel as if I had been there, too!

  10. Beautiful pictures! The "dusty shale" color of the girls' dresses is very classy. I'm enjoying the blog posts about the wedding. The baby photo is so precious! They sure grow up fast!!

  11. cant wait to see the photographer pictures!

  12. It sounds so perfect and wonderful!

  13. You know I saw that Starbucks cup and starting tearing up. Wow, that is a lot of bridesmaids! It all sounds so perfect. I can't wait to see what the photographer shot.

  14. Everything just seemed, oh, so perfect! Loved every detail you shared! Here's to a Happily Ever After!

  15. Hello Joyce,
    I have enjoyed reading your posts regarding the wedding. I am a new follower, so this has been fun for me. I am a mom of two boys, age 14 and 12.
    I have enjoyed reading about the relationship you have with your girls.

  16. Joyce, I am so enjoying this special day with you as I wipe tears. Nothing like your daughter getting married. Well maybe when those grands come into the world. But this brings back so many memories. Nothing us mommas want more that our daughters to be happy!

  17. Love reading the recaps! I couldn't get my lighter to light at my son's wedding, and had several awkward moments before the photographer helped me. The laughter did help set the tone for happiness and relieve some tension. ALL of you looked beautiful, and I love your dress!

  18. Enjoying your description of this joyous wedding.