Thursday, January 15, 2015

Let's Do Lunch-Wedding Post 3

Hubs and I arrived in SC on the first day of the brand new year. We only had a bazillion little things to do, but still managed to squeeze in dinner out at my sister's house, where my mom and uncle were staying. The bride and groom came too, so that was fun.

I did not take a single picture, because ya'll...I was My sister cooked a turkey tenderloin and it felt good to let her wait on me. I know that sounds awful, but I was gearing up for the weekend ahead, and my adrenaline was on overdrive, and my head was spinning.

Sisters are just what you need when emotions threaten to run amok.

There are a lot of us, so we introduced the groom to family members in stages over the course of a few months. We talk a lot, and hug and kiss, and we think we're hilarious. We don't mean to overwhelm, but sometimes we can't help ourselves. I feel certain he'll get used to us.

Pretty certain.

Friday morning the bride had planned a sweet little luncheon for all her girls, plus her mama and mother-in-law. Unfortunately her mother-in-law couldn't be there, because that was the same window of time the rehearsal venue gave her for set up on the opposite end of downtown. So sad. She would have enjoyed this I know. 

Lunch was lovely. We dined at Brick Street Cafe for those of you who know downtown Greenville, and these girls are just so precious.

Smart and precious. 

Also truly adorable. 

After we finished eating, Daughter1 doled out her gifts. I mentioned in a previous post she gave everyone a robe and fuzzy socks, but there were a few more fun surprises too. She also gave each girl a pretty cream colored pashmina so they would have something to wear over their dresses as they were stepping in and out of the hotel, trolley, church, and reception venue.  

In hindsight an umbrella would have made a nice gift, but what's a little rain? Daughter1 ordered the Pashminas from an Etsy shop called, Sweet Pea Sunday. They were packaged so beautifully, with each girl's name on the wrapper. 

You should know we fully embraced the brown kraft paper in our wedding design. 

There was more. The bride bought each of her bridesmaids a necklace to wear on the day. She had designed a cute little graphic/logo for nearly all of the wedding print work, and a pine cone was heavily featured. A pinecone and an evergreen, because hello Washington State. 

When she saw these necklaces she knew we had to have them. They came from L Rose Design (another Etsy find), and each delicate gold chain held a small smoky quartz gemstone, a gold disc with engraved initial, and a gold pinecone. They were sweet and a little bit different, and looked beautiful with the mint green gowns. L Rose Design has some really lovely jewelry on her website, and we were so pleased with the final product, the turnaround time, and the packaging. 

After Daughter1 handed out her gifts she made a little speech. There may have been some happy tears shed as she went around the table and said something about each and every girl including the one who birthed her. There were sorority sisters, a real life sister, a cousin who is like a sister, and a brand new sister-in-law.

These girls are part of so many happy memories and moments in Daughter1's life, not to mention representative of all the many homes away from home she has claimed as her own since graduating from high school. They are bright, funny, optimistic, and beautiful. They care for one another in a way that makes you feel good about the future of the world, and I pray they remain close always.

Daughter1 was funny and tender in telling what it was she specifically loved and appreciated about  them, what they meant to her, a little bit of humor and a lot of heart. I so admire the way she put her feelings into words. Too often we let those moments pass us by, with our good intentions remaining just that, but not this day.  Oh my word. Made my insides ache in that most wonderful way. 

Being the mother of the bride is almost as much fun as being the bride.  


  1. You know, I love it that one daughter looks like your Hubby and the other one looks like you! Perfect!

  2. Thank you for including the name of the restaurant. I was hoping you would do that. I am including it in our list of places to go.

    1. It's a cute space, and a great lunch menu! Not on Main, but just at the edge of what I'd call downtown.

  3. Yes, being the Mother of the bride is so much fun and you get to fill that position twice. Double fun! What a sweet, sweet time for all of you! So enjoying these posts!

  4. Joyce, I am so enjoying your posts on the wedding excitement. Thank you for sharing it all so eloquently. Looking forward to more!

  5. It sounds like a really wonderful day.

  6. Oh the mother of the bride was one of my most cherished and loved memories for sure. I am soo enjoying these posts. Your daughter gave wonderful gifts, but I agree with you. Her words to her friends is what they will remember always.

  7. Aww, what a sweet time! You look so happy with your daughter!!

  8. Such lovely girls, and a beautiful momento.

  9. I think being the mother of the bride has to be fun... get to enjoy all the fun of it all without a lot of the pressure :)

  10. She put so much thought to make everybody feel such a part of her special day! Such a sweet, special time.

  11. Thank you for sharing. What a lovely day and such a special time.
    You all look so happy and Beautiful!!

  12. I'm loving all this wedding info.

  13. I appreciate the thought that went into her gift giving; too often, it goes another way...