Thursday, March 5, 2015

Thoughts On Retirement Day Six

I thought it might be fun to post a Thursday Thirteen today. That used to be a thing in the blogosphere. Bloggers posted lists of thirteen random thoughts on Thursdays, I guess because the words Thursday and thirteen go together? Anyway, I'm not sure if it's still a thing because it's been ages since I've written something random on a Thursday, but if it's not still a thing I'm going to make it one today, because a list is what I've got.

We're six days in to retirement and so far so good. Ha! Technically hubs is the one six days into retirement, although as his wife of 30 years, the woman he's moved from pillar to post and back again, the woman who's kept dinners warm and sleepy babies awake to say hello and goodnight to their Daddy, who on more than one occasion ate popcorn for dinner while he dined on hand rolled pasta in Italy, who has handled the mail, the calendar, the laundry, the years of home maintenance, the packing, unpacking, schedules, appointments, and  countless other bits and pieces that make a house a home, it feels a little like I've retired too.

And technically he's only four days in because weekends are still weekends. Four days may not sound like a lot, but it's enough for me to have thirteen thoughts on a Thursday.

1.  Hubs was considered officially retired at the end of work day Friday. I made a big deal of it by serving him left over chicken casserole from my book club gathering the night before. Wife fail.

2. Tuesday afternoon I phoned my mom to chat and she asked how hubs was spending the first few days of retirement. I informed her he was, at that very moment, polishing the wood floors downstairs. That I was calling from the upstairs bedroom because he didn't want me walking on them until he was finished.

Retirement rocks y'all. Mostly.
3. I might need to pack up the Keurig and go back to using a regular coffee pot. Now that hubs is home sipping coffee with me in the a.m. those Keurig cups are disappearing at an alarmingly rapid rate.

4. I enjoy hubs sipping coffee with me in the a.m.

5. Breakfast lunch and dinner...'nuff said. My dishwasher is running a whole lot more frequently than pre-retirement.

6. Course hubs would love to eat out many times a week, but no can do.

As much as I love dining out, it's too hard sticking to a healthy eating and exercise plan if I eat out a lot. I've finally found what works for me, and restaurant dining adds an unfortunate wrinkle to the mix.

A delicious, who-wants-to-always-order-grilled-chicken-in-a-restaurant??? kind of wrinkle, which is why no can do.

7. While we don't watch a lot of television here, when we do watch we mostly agree on content. There are one or two programs I enjoy that I know hubs does not enjoy, so pre-retirement I'd record these programs and catch up during my lunchtime. While he was at work. Hmmm.

8.  The ice on top of snow on top of ice on top of snow around here this winter is ka-razy! Good thing hubs is retired. His workouts this week have involved a whole lot of chipping ice, shoveling snow, and swearing.

9.  When you put your home on the market you fall in love with it all over again.

10. Who are these kids?

Work trip-Aruba, 1995

11. I have not been to the dry cleaners in over a week. That's exciting.

12. Friends are flowers in the garden of life. Somebody said that and it's true. So much love has come our way since hubs announced his retirement. There have been phone calls, Facebook messages, cards in the mail, texts, emails, fun packages, invitations to luncheons and dinners and weekends away. Every kind word and thoughtful gesture fills our hearts with gratitude for the people whose paths have crossed ours in the course of a quick thirty years.

13. It's been
sixfour days and I still like him. A lot.


  1. Congrats on Hubs retirement. I've been retired 3 years and SWMBO still likes having me around. It's an adjustment but one worth making...together. All the best as you begin a new chapter of your life together.

  2. A very fun list, Joyce. Since I have always worked, our adjustment will come when I can retire someday. I'm used to having him home, taking care of errands, etc. So looking forward to it, though!

  3. It took me about two years to get used to having Hubby home ALL THE TIME! Now, 17 years later, I can't imagine him being gone. At least not for two long. The TV is the toughest part. Hubby is a news junkie, and I am not. But, we both love NCIS and Blue Bloods, so all is not lost. Enjoy!

  4. Well, sounds as though you are both adjusting well. I laughed over the Keurig cups. Hubby doesn't drink coffee and I use one K-cup twice each morning and that's all. Those little suckers are expensive! Keep enjoying this time and I'm anxious to hear what's next for the two of you and where you will be moving.

  5. Your dry cleaners may call & make sure y'all are still alive! :)
    I saw your hubs' retirement announcement in the local paper yesterday.

  6. You have had quite an eventful few months! (An understatement for sure.) God bless you as you face the changes all around. Exciting stuff!

  7. This made me laugh, and hang in there.... you will each find somewhere to spend some time apart, and some new things to do. Have fun!

  8. I am going to admit I am a little jealous over here, lol. Can't wait until hubby decides to retire. He changed his job 5 years ago and his load and stress are WAY WAY less and he is much more relaxed and around more. But not ready to retire. I guess I am like you. Technically I am retired since my job involved raising 4 kids and all that goes along with that. But the last one left 6 years ago so I've moved on to different things, lol. ENJOY these days, I know I would!

  9. Sounds like retirement is going to work for you guys, for sure. Enjoy!

  10. Joyce... great post. I love your candor. I think our hubbys are very much alike. My Mister would be polishing the floors too. Adorable pic of you two at the end. Enjoy your new chapter.

  11. I think about this a lot and what it will be like very soon! I know my husband will be golfing as much as possible. Enjoy the new season you are in.

  12. Oh, Joyce! I enjoyed reading this post, and can identify with so many parts of it :)
    We've just wrapped up week seven, here, and we're still adjusting. I'm happy to be able to say, we do still like each other--even after all of the cold, cloudy, housebound days :)
    Best wishes with this new chapter of life! It'll give you many new things to blog about, for sure.

  13. Ah, retirement, that sounds delicious!!!! Lucky bug!
    We are hoping maybe this fall to join your club.
    I am in agreement on your eating out quandary.
    It's good to be compatible television viewers! My problem is I have more free time to watch, but I like to wait for Honey. So sometimes I wait, and wait and....... and then we have 4 or 5 episodes on the DVR!
    Have a good weekend!

  14. I love having Hubby home now that he is retired. He was a police officer and so he worked weekends and holidays and storms! I stayed home and held down the fort and kept the house warm with the fireplace, wood stove or pellet stove, which ever we had at the time. Now he does the storm prep and is home with me while we weather it together.
    We eat together and have a blast. May you find that there are still things you don't know about each other and enjoy the journey.

  15. It all sounds good! I wish Mark and I agreed on TV shows. We each have our own DVR. I am really happy for both of you and how awesome that he was polishing the floors.....that will never happen here. I'm a little jealous.

  16. Seeing your topic heading I couldn't wait to read your 13 points. Hubby and I retired together almost 4 years ago this May, he after 50 years of church work and me 35 in administrative positions. My people-person Hubby needs to be around people so goes to the realty office every day. I on the other hand need to be in charge and it is best I spend the bulk of time by myself. LOL! Best wishes to you both in this new adventure. I am living my dream, and so will you. May the house sale quickly. Assuming you are moving back to the south.

  17. {giggling} my apologies for doing so. My husband was forced into retirement nearly 10 yrs ago and talk about an adjustment (rolling eyes)--now that I am back in school, he plays Mr. Mom--well...not as good as I do....but let's not tell him that, shall we? I will keep you in prayer. Smiles

  18. I enjoyed reading this. I am excited for you.
    I had a chuckle about the K-cups.

  19. This is going to be sooo informative. ;) I think I'm going to like retirement... kind of. I keep remembering our 4 month sabbaticals and hoping the feeling will be like that. But knowing we won't be traveling to far away places full time .... could be interesting.

  20. You make it sound so wonderful, Joyce. I'm so looking forward to that day for us.

  21. As usual, I relate to your post here. lol My hubby went through six months of retirement before going back to work. We will see how long it takes yours! Although, you ARE planning a move, so that will keep you both busy for awhile. My eating out routine: small salad, followed by a light hor-dourve. (sp?) I have chicken at home!