Monday, March 9, 2015

For Sale Delights and Aggravations

Good Morning. It's sunny. Two days in a row. Whoohoo! It does a body good to see the sun, and while I know that phrase sounds like something my grandma would say, it's true. We haven't had nearly enough sunny days this winter so I'm feeling extra grateful today. A snowy yard is prettier bathed in sunlight.

We do still have a snowy yard. ahem.

The hubs and I have bought and sold houses a number of times, so we know the drill. It's a painful but necessary process, the selling part anyway. You get every nook and cranny of your home, yard, and even the garage, shiny sparkling clean, and in that state it must remain forever and ever amen. Of course there's only so much we can do to 'spruce up the yard' just now, but we do keep the driveway plowed, the front porch and walkways cleared, and the steps free of ice which is no small thing.

My house is always pretty clean, sale or no sale. There's just the two of us here for the most part, so while 'stuff' doesn't accumulate, the furniture still somehow manages to collect dust, and the floors still need vacuuming, and every bit of personal needs to remain out of sight.

Oh, and we have a dog. A sweet, gentle, lovable old dog who must be contained whenever potential buyers are here. What that means is we're spending a lot of time in the car because it's WINTER and too cold to hang out of doors for very long.

Until yesterday. Yesterday was glorious...a whopping 40 degrees, which I know sounds downright chilly to some of you reading here, but for those of us in the northeast 40 is a temperature worth celebrating. Even a windy 40 degrees could not dampen our enthusiasm for the big yellow ball overhead. Our realtor hosted an open house which meant we needed to be out for about three hours, so we did what anyone in our situation would do-

Snow picnic. Check out the bench....there's nowhere to put your legs because of all the SNOW, but we didn't even care because sunshine and the great outdoors! How we've missed you!

For the record our pup loves the snow. She's sporting her very stylish booties, and hubs did put a blanket down for her to lay on, but she prefers the snow. She is not a fan of heat, so winter is her favorite time of year.

The lake was frozen solid making for a stunning view. We trudged walked for a while, and I have to say, it does feel a little daring to be on the lake.

We saw ice fishermen, snowmobilers, and cross country skiers all smiling, happy to be out enjoying the beauty of a winter's day.

That's my super model.
Too cool for the camera.

Or distracted by a flyaway plastic bag, you decide.

We lasted the whole three hours, although at one point I might have been wrapped up like a mummy in two blankets. It's not easy walking in deep snow, but we didn't even care. It felt so good to be outside, moving. So good to feel the sun on my face. So good to remember that in spite of how it's felt some days, winter never lasts forever.

"How many lessons of faith and beauty should we lose, if there were no winter in our year?" ~Thomas Wentworth Higginson


  1. Oh my, you (and the dog) look cold, but happy to be out in the sunshine! I sure hope the open house was a success and that you start getting offers soon. I would be happy to entice you down our way, when you begin house hunting..... no more snow, unless you travel north to find it.

  2. I don't envy you the selling process! We have been there, done that and it starts to feel like you are a guest in your own home! I pray you have a quick sale and are able to start your next chapter quickly!

  3. Well, we'll be selling an empty house so guess that could be a good thing. That snow looks like it goes on and on for miles, almost scarey looking to me but oh, so pretty. Yes, so anxious to hear of where you all will be heading. Happy week!

  4. I remember all too well our numerous open houses. I hated having to be gone for that length of time. But, we managed. You and your hubby are far braver than I'd ever be to go on a snow picnic. Makes me shiver just thinking about it, but it sure looks pretty! I saw you plan to move to SC. Do you know where? My mother-in-law lives in Chapin and my husband's cousins live in Charleston and Greer.

  5. Oh sun!! Hello sunshine! We do love ya!! I feel the same about sun as you wrote here. Except - no snow.... some trees have started to bloom...others are budding. I planted a few flowers yesterday, just because I could! And today I bought two new ferns for my front porch. (Am I making you jealous??)

  6. What a great time you had in the snow....and I'll let you do that. Not a fan of the cold. The selling process is a little overwhelming, although we have for the most part had pretty good luck with it. That interim between selling the old and buyin the new or vice versa is a bit scary.

  7. Oh Joyce ... you are too funny! It is so hard to sell a house with a dog. I wholeheartedly agree. Love your snow picnic. I'm sure your house won't take long to sell. It's just such a royal pain, tho. I just looked at your sidebar. Happy 30 year, 8 month, 3 week anniversary to you and your man!!

  8. We had 51 yesterday in The Mitten!!! We were celebrating as well!
    I am most thankful to not be slapped in the face with the frigid air and that our ice rink of a driveway has been restored.

  9. Looks like you had fun! Not sure I could stand the cold for that long.

  10. I'm sure I couldn't have done that.....way to go! You definitely got in some great exercise. I would have sent Mark out with Skye and I would have gone to the show. Good luck with the sale of your home.

  11. We had sunshine and 70 degree weather here today ... divine! Good luck with selling your house.

  12. I feel so out of the loop! Hubs is retiring? You are moving? You STILL have snow?

    I need to stop by more often . . . . :)