Monday, July 11, 2016

House Talk

In case you've forgotten, we're still building that house. I know you're thinking 'how can that be???!' but trust me it can be and it is. On the bright side, there's been some honest to goodness progress in the last month, and today feels like a Monday good day for an update.

Since last we spoke....

We've got walls! Whoohoo!

The dry wall is in, taped, and sanded. I think the next step is primer followed by trim work or trim work followed by primer, but whatever-

...we've got walls!

And a front door! It's not stained yet, and they still need to add siding to the front porch section of the exterior, but the door had to be up before they did that so step one=check. 

The stone masons have been super busy and they are so skilled. It's a father-son-cousin-team and I love their work. There's an art to fitting the stone together so that it looks beautiful, and they've definitely mastered it-

When you make your stone selection you're looking at a little four foot by four foot sample wall and of course there's a lot of variation in color from one pallet to the next, so we're really happy with the finished product.

Wait, there's more! As of today we've also got tongue and groove in our screened in porch ceiling-

I need something pretty to look at when I settle in for an afternoon nap by the fireplace out there, so I'm relieved to know this is happening. The front porch and the back covered deck will both get this same ceiling treatment. It's so exciting to see forward motion!

Is there such a thing as too many exclamation points?

Not when you're talking house build progress there's not!!


  1. I'm thrilled that progress is being made! Everything is looking good :)
    Kathy (Reflections)

  2. Progress! It's really starting to look like a house, isn't it? Thanks for the tour.

  3. Oh, how exciting! Love the stone work, it's just beautiful. Love seeing the progress! I revealed our landscape today. We feel "set free" now! :o)))

  4. Hooray!!! It is really starting to look like a home! I know you are excited, Joyce!! Love that beautiful ceiling, and the stonework is truly beautiful.

  5. Getting to the pretty stuff! Yay!

  6. Oh Joyce, what a lovely home its going to be...I love the front door, smiles. CYA tomorrow for the Hodgepodge, friend.

  7. Amazing! Now 'we' are getting to the good stuff!

  8. Even these unfinished interiors give us an idea of how lovely your new home is going to be. I do love the pattern and color of the stone fireplaces. Keep the updates coming.

  9. Beautiful! I love the porch ceilings and fireplaces:)

  10. Wow, it is really starting to come together! Love the fireplaces and that ceiling.