Thursday, July 7, 2016

Observations From The Dock Boy

So as it turns out I'm the dock boy. Who knew? Not me but yup, I guess I'm the dock boy. Not something that comes naturally to me, but I'm learning. Hubs grew up boating and water skiing on lakes, and he's kind of a natural anyway at activities involving coordination while I'm a bit clumsy.

He likes to remind me we had a boat once upon a time, and then I remind him that was thirteen! years ago, and also we kept that boat in a marina where the owners hired actual dock boys. Boys who had also grown up around boats and who grabbed the lines without so much as batting an eye as you were pulling in and who tied those lines to cleats without missing a beat and who pulled you forward and pushed you away and put fuel in the tank and ice in the cooler and now I'm that boy.

So I thought today I'd share a few thoughts on my new assignment and on boating in general and since it's Thursday let's make it a nice even thirteen.

1. First things first. Boat hair. It's a thing y'all and the struggle is real.

2. I'm going to take far too many pictures of sunlight on the water, sunsets on the water, the water, the sun, and you get the idea.

3. When you live in a swim suit it takes real skill not to be photographed in said swim suit.

4. Since first launching from our own lift a little over a week ago we've taken about five excursions on the boat. These excursions involved stops at various friend's docks and also one break for petrol at the gas dock. Do you know I have not managed to get the line to the person on the dock one time without it hitting the water first? Normally it splashes down just as hubs yells, 'Don't let the line hit the water.' Bother.

5. When I'm your dock boy docking and yelling go hand in hand.

6. Also sweating. Docking, yelling, and sweating go hand in hand. Pulling up to someone's dock makes me sweat. Hubs sweats too, but I think that's mostly due to the dock boy.

7. On our first ride over to my Daughter1's in-laws dock I dropped one of the bumpers before I could get it locked in place. In my defense our old bumpers had to be wrapped around the cleat but these are fancy and lock in place. Hubs had to stop the engine so I could jump in and swim after it which I did so three cheers for the dock boy! Fortunately we were back in a quiet cove and the water wasn't moving fast. Also it was 1000 degrees and I didn't really mind getting wet.

8.  Hubs hardly rolled his eyes at all.

9. The lake is so pretty.

10. It might surprise you to know I have driven the boat and I'm good with that. I have not attempted pulling onto the lift yet, but will slay that dragon soon.

11. Riding on the boat is my jam. So long as it's not too rough, too windy, too choppy or too traffic-y, otherwise riding on the boat is my jam.

12. Some things about boating are coming back to me now, and I reminded hubs that with our first boat it took a few outings before our teamwork really clicked. There was some trial and error figuring out where to store the towel bags, remembering which cubby holds the bumpers for easiest access, mastering looping line around a cleat with one hand, and gracefully leaping from boat to dock without becoming entangled in said line. Oh wait, that's just me. Anyway it takes practice. That's what I remember.

13. Did I mention sunlight on the water is my most favorite thing?


  1. Joyce, I am not a boating/water person so all this is new to me. But I did get a chuckle out of your post and word imagery. Thanks for that and my Hubby thanks you too as I had to share it with him.

  2. When we had a boat it was exactly the same. My hubby grew up boating and I had to learn everything. I learned to drive the boat and pull him skiing. Also drive onto the trailer, but can't say I was ever a natural at that. We did store it at a place in Tennesee after a while that would drop the boat in the water and take it out - I liked that! Your post brings back good memories.

  3. You look like a real pro! Reading your post brought back memories from years ago when our boys were little and we had our boat. It's a wonderful feeling being out on the open waters with the warm wind whipping your are certainly correct about that "boat hair" thing! I remember the feeling of real accomplishment when I was able to drive the boat onto the trailer for the first time. I also remember taking it out with just me and a girlfriend...and running out of gas in the middle of the lake...and having to switch tanks, hoping that I had remembered how to! Scary...but fond memories! Have blast, if you needed to be told to :)

  4. Like Libby, I am not a water/boating person at all. We have owned a fish/ski boat for 7 years and it's been in the water less than 10X. Pitiful! Thinking it will soon belong to someone else that will hopefully enjoy it. We have a little Jon boat for the pond and it's about our speed. :o)) Such an enjoyable post and I pictured all of it in my mind's eye and had to chuckle. Happy weekend!

  5. So...
    1. Maybe if he didn't say 'don't let the line hit the water' it wouldn't. PRESSURE HA
    2. What if you didn't have a swimsuit on to retrieve said bumper?
    3. Can the 'Captain' take his turn at being the Dock Boy? Just sayin' ;)

  6. can you switch things around and let hubs be the dock boy? You look pretty darn professional driving!! I miss having a boat and living near a lake. Lots more fun in Ohio than it would be here in Florida where lakes have all kinds of snakes....and gators!

  7. Not being a boat person at all, you sure did paint a good picture and I enjoyed and giggled my way through this post. LOVE that last picture of you by the water...great shot! Enjoy your week-end!

  8. Not sure boating is my thing, particularly as swimming's not really my thing but you certainly make it sound inviting despite all the hard work.

  9. it's like you're speaking a foreign language. I don't delve into anything deeper than bath water. You're a brave soul and I'm sure you'll be a pro in no time at all.