Monday, January 30, 2017


I started to recap the craziness that was my January, but it was almost too ridiculous for words so how 'bout we go back to the islands instead?

We spent a few days with a handful of hubs colleagues on the island of Antigua, and it was fabulous. FABULOUS! I love the Caribbean, but this was my first trip to this particular island and I loved it. We stayed in a smaller resort that was super chill and crazy beautiful.

I've always wanted to stay in my own little beach cottage with doors opening up to views of the sea, and ours even had mosquito netting over the bed if you wanted to leave those doors open all night long.

We like air conditioning and also there were some critters larger than a mosquito roaming around the island, and since I wasn't too keen on uninvited nighttime guests we slept with the doors closed. Think mongoose, which apparently eat snakes so no snakes, but still...mongoose. Mongeese? Mongooses? Mongi? Whatever they look a little like a meerkat and are not something I welcomed in my little pink house.

Our little cottage was perfect. As I mentioned it was PINK and we faced Montserrat, which is an active volcano in the Caribbean about 34 miles from our island. Actually Montserrat was smoking, but I just swam in the sea and read my books and sipped a coconut crush without giving that volcano too much thought.

One couple in our group were out and about on excursions around the island nearly every day, but the rest of us designed our own daily excursions.

Our excursions consisted of a leisurely breakfast in the on-site outdoor restaurant, then a short stroll to the beach where we set up in comfy chairs for the duration of the morning.

Then it was back to the restaurant for lunch because you know time flies and all that.

After lunch we relocated to the infinity pool, also beside the sea, and there we remained until the sun set spectacularly before our eyes at about 6 PM every night.

Once the sun dropped we'd all get showered and changed for dinner and meet back at the restaurant. As an aside, the food was delicious. Sometimes the food at an all-inclusive can feel a bit institutional, but this was wonderful and I think being a smaller resort helped.

After dinner we'd meander under the stars back to our own cozy cottages, climb in under the mosquito netting, and sleep like babies until it was time to get up and do it all again the next day. Lather. Rinse. Repeat. It's my favorite thing.

The weather was perfection, bright sun all day every day, but only about 79 or 80 and with a soft breeze blowing that made it just about the nicest setting we could have asked for. We did rent jetskis one morning and even though I'm pretty sure the last time I was on a jetski with hubs I said I'd never get on the back of another jetski with him I did get on the back of another jetski with him.

The other guys driving all shared the same adrenaline so we agreed we'd take a fast ride and then they could drop us on the beach and have the last few minutes to do all the dipping and spinning and nonsense they wanted. We went out around the island a bit and it was a lot of fun to see the landscape, beach homes, and some truly gorgeous boats.

I'd only met one other person in our group prior to the trip, but we all just clicked and had a marvelous time together. I'm not posting any up close people pics here because not everybody wants to be on a blog in their swim suit, moi included.

It was a magical little getaway and hubs and I have decided we need an island holiday every January. Or February?

Or maybe both?



  1. Yep. I agree, it's the perfect time to get away. Preferably an island getaway. Which is why we go every year this time. Starting tomorrow. :)

  2. Hello there,

    I am writing from the 'other side' of the pond .....and have popped over from my friend Katie's blog attracted by your title, for Antigua is one of my most treasured places on earth.
    We spent our blissful first holiday there as a couple and I knew that it would remain in my heart forever. We stayed down at the St James Club, but visited many places with dear Antiguan friends including near where you were. It is all idyllic, and so unspoiled
    So glad you enjoyed your stay, and what a perfect January island escape. Antigua me come from :)
    Very Best Wishes

  3. What a fabulous getaway! Those sunsets are gorgeous and the water is such a lovely shade of blue. I vote for Mongi, sounds cute!

  4. Wow!! It is beautiful there, indeed! Sounds like a wonderful get-away for you two. Absolutely amazing photos!

  5. Now that would certainly be a lovely luxury! Beautiful destination.

  6. What a wonderful vacation! We visited Antigua about 14 years ago and loved it. Gorgeous beaches! Thanks for sharing!

  7. So jealous here!! Beautiful pictures!

  8. Oh, that looks and sounds like the absolute perfect getaway. Especially after the busy past year of your life. Have a great new week!

  9. I am putting Antiqua on my travel bucket list. What a beautiful place!

  10. That was such a fun post, Joyce! The beaches. The water. That gorgeous, clear amazing aqua blue water!! It looks like a delight. You've sold me on the idea, that's for sure.

  11. What beautiful photos, Joyce...and scenery! Would love to visit there one day! Happy you had such a remarkable vacay!

  12. Now that sounds like how I could enjoy an island holiday. No demands except to show up to eat and enjoy. Pictures were fabulous!

  13. WOW! This is amazing - beautiful! I would love to go there someday!

  14. Joyce, it sounds absolutely perfect! What a beautiful place.