Saturday, February 18, 2017

A List To The Rescue

When you've lost your blogging mojo sometimes it helps to make a list, so how 'bout we try that? 

1. I officially have bronchitis. I am so tired of coughing and hubs would say he's also so tired of me coughing. He tries not to say it and if he does it's mostly muttered under his breath, but I get it because I'm annoying even myself. 

2. I've been coughing for three solid weeks, but finally waved the white flag and saw a doctor on Wednesday. I knew I didn't have the flu, nor did I want to get the flu, which is why I put off going to the doctor. 

3. When she heard how many different airplanes I'd been on in the past month and a half she told me to go directly to the pharmacy for my prescription, then directly home to do absolutely nothing until I feel much much better. For the record I'm not that great at doing absolutely nothing, but I'm trying. 

4. That's partly why I haven't been blogging, I just haven't had the energy or more importantly, the brain power.

5. Which is why you're reading this really interesting post all about my cough. 

6. New subject (you're welcome!)...remember Valentine's Day? Ha! Hubs needed to be out of town on the actual day so we celebrated early beginning with this-

So pretty! Still sitting in that same spot a week later, and still pretty!

7. We met Daughter2 for lunch at a favorite burger spot in town and had a great time catching up with her in person. She is too adorable for words, and has the best, brightest smile of anyone I know. Nothing says love quite like a sweet and tender-hearted grown up daughter.

8. We ran some errands while we were in 'the big city, and later that evening hubs grilled steaks in the cast iron skillet, and made my favorite dessert-

Every kitchen needs a hand held torch.

In order for me to declare creme brulee a success, it must pass the spoon test. By that I mean when you tap a spoon on the crystallized sugar you need to hear the tap-tap-tap. I'll insert a little video clip, but these things never seem to work on my blog.

It might be me?

Suffice it to say, this one was perfection.

9. We've been looking for just the right coffee table for our covered deck and had something very specific in mind. We finally found it and broke it in last night.

Daughter1's in-laws came by for a casual supper and we dined

It's got a sweet little fire pit in the center that runs on propane, and we love it!

10. Lastly, the sunrises here. I know I over post this particular subject matter, but every single morning I just sit and watch the darkness turn all shades of pink and lavender and I need to share.

The sky literally changes color minute by minute and sometimes I miss the prettiest bit while fiddling with my camera or the door or my glasses...

Not today though. Today was especially gorgeous. 
Happy weekend everyone! 


  1. I am having Creme Brule for the first time tonight. My daughter is making it. What's your favorite burger place? Hope you feel better soon.

  2. I love your sunrise pictures. Hope you feel better soon.

  3. I hope you start feeling better very soon. We've had some lovely sunrises here the last couple of days as well. Maybe I'll have time to post tomorrow. Take Care!

  4. Oh, my! Tommy has had the same gunk and has nearly driven me over the edge. He finally went to Dr and got a shot of Rocephin and I think he's getting better. Take care of yourself and keep enjoying those beautiful sunrises!

  5. Lovely post. Sorry about the cough. Last winter I had three bouts of bronchitis. Made up for all the years I never got sick. Take care.

  6. Love your new table! Creme Brulee looked positively delish. Hope you feel better!

  7. Love this post! Hope you are feeling better soon! My husband and son have the same cough . . .and it is annoying :-) Love the table with the firepit in the center!!!

  8. It seems like everybody out here has that horrid cough. So far we've managed to escape...sure hope that continues for the duration. Hope your feeling better soon. With sun rises as gorgeous as yours, I can certainly see why you just can't miss them, and I LOVE that you share them so we get a glimpse too. 😊

  9. My sweet friend who lives close by has one of those tables with the fire pit in the middle and it is AWESOME! I love that thing! So glad you found one. You do need to sit still, girl. Bronchitis is nothing to take lightly. Several people I know started out with it and ended up with pneumonia so, be careful and take care.

  10. Well it appears the "crud" "gunk" cough mess is making the rounds. Dick and I have had it and I still can go into a coughing spasm at the slightest tickle. And zero energy! Hope you are better soon. Oh my, what a coffee table/ fire pit. So ideal for your porch. And, speaking of blog fog! Just say'!

  11. You certainly caught a cold in the airplanes ! Happened to me too and it always bgecomes a bronchitis. The best you can do is just nothing ! We don't celebrate Valentines, it didn't exist in the past and now we forget, lol !

  12. What a lovely covered porch, and the table is wonderful. What a view.

  13. Lovely list! Your creme brulee looks divine.

  14. Well I'm glad you gave in and went to the Doctor. Hopefully the meds are kicking in by now and you'll start to feel better. Lovely photos of all lovely things but the creme brulee would be my favourite.

  15. Hope you feel better soon! Nasty stuff going around. Beautiful photos, always, of that view. Love the fire pit! Awesome.

  16. Oh no, sorry about the bronchitis. The flowers are beautiful. We celebrated early too since Mark was out out town too. Glad you got to meet up with your daughter. Makes the heart happy!

  17. Hoping you feel much better very soon! Love the sunrise pictures you post and I never get tired of them. That fire pit in your coffee table looks like a wonderful place for entertaining! So glad you could enjoy it!

  18. Love your blog Joyce! Hope all is well in your new home.

  19. Good evening, Joyce,
    I hope this finds you feeling much better. We have had many students and teachers absent with the Influenza B and Strep Throat. You were wise to steer clear of the many germs there!

    Enjoy what's left of the weekend. Take care ~Natalie

  20. Hope you're feeling better. Those flowers are pretty, and that creme brulee looks amazing. I really, really like that outside fire pit.