Monday, February 27, 2017

Five Minutes of Life In The Slow Lane

I'm linking with Five Minute Friday this morning, and yes I know it's Monday. The word prompt last week was SLOW, so I've got that covered.

Here's how Five Minute Friday tell your inner critic to hush, then write for 5 minutes flat for pure unedited love of the written word. Next hop over to the party hosted by Kate Motaung and add your link to the list. Be sure to leave a comment for the writer who linked before you, because that's the neighborly thing to do. Here goes slow-

I've slowed way down here this month, and while I'm feeling nearly back to normal I want to keep life more slow lane, less passing lane. That's sort of new for me, because we've always been top down-sunglasses on-fast lane passing the slow Sunday drivers going way below the speed limit kind of people. We're do-ers, go-ers, entertainers, travelers.

Slow helps me see how impatient I am. 

I read fast, walk fast, drive fast, talk fast.

Slow helps me see how bossy I am. 

I'm quick to spit out words, quick to act and react.

Slow tells me there are rhythms to life and I need to embrace both the seasons of busy and the seasons of stillness that come my way. 

It's quiet here. Did you know you can hear quiet?

I've spent hours sitting on the deck watching the water, sky, and woods change. Fish jump high and land with a splash, the water rippling outward in ever widening circles. Bluejay and hawks and kingfisher soar and swoop. Squirrels are tiny trapeze artists in the branches overhead. The sun rises across the cove and paints the sky all kinds of magnificent.

If I don't slow my feet and my mouth and the rushing whirl inside my brain I miss it, this quiet beauty that was made for us not to miss.

You miss a lot of things if you're perpetually on the go. Not just the what in life, but also the why. Some of life's most needed, best loved skills and traits require a slowing down of schedules, pace, and endless chatter, opinion, and activity.

It's in the slow I find space for listening and creativity. For deep thought and focused prayer. 

For awe and gratitude.


  1. After all these years of rushing and pushing and orchestrating, and yes, manipulating, the Lord has shown me (and it hasn't been a painless lesson) that the slow and waiting times are the ones where I find Him and consequently myself.

  2. LOVE this post, and I honestly couldn't agree more. I sometimes feel a little guilty when I spend so much of my time, just "being"...or sitting at my sewing machine mindlessly sewing...and lots of my sewing is mindless, lol but I DO find myself just appreciating everything more. And soo much more time for prayer. I will admit if I had the view you have I'd be hard pressed to do much of anything else though, but sit and observe the wonder of God's creation. Soo pretty. Have a good week!

  3. I have a lot to get through with the move in the next few months, but yes I look forward to being quiet again. Beautiful words Joyce :-)

  4. I discovered you can hear quiet when the last lovely moved out to go to college. I discovered how much I loved quiet when the first one moved back in. Slow is my focus right now- slowing down to listen and observe and learn. I've gotten myself to the place where I noticed I'm rushing and remind myself to go slow. It's a process and I seem to be fighting it. Except when Baby M is around. I have no trouble slowing down and focusing on her. :)

  5. Sitting on your deck and watching the fish jump along with the squirrels doing their trapeze acts sounds perfect! Hope you find time to do that more often.

  6. Do you see how beautiful and poetic your words are when you take the time to "just write your thoughts"??
    When I left my teaching job after many years, I spent to the first few yrs feeling guilty. So much to many places to go. And I rushed around for several years trying to catch up on all the things I'd missed while in the workforce.
    Then, I learned the serenity of a good nap. A couple hours spent on our deck at the lakehouse just watching....birds, trees, ripples on the water, reading a real book and writing...much like you've done. And just in the past year, how to say NO! I've just given myself permission to be lazy. To love our world. To appreciate all I've worked for and been given in my life. And you know what? It's ok. Learning about myself has made me grow tenfold and realize that I never would have grown if I hadn't slowed down to actually enjoy my life.

  7. I love quiet but am afraid I'm probably not in the slow lane and probably need to work on that. I don't go go go but I do enjoy being busy. I'll ponder this post for a while as I need it to sink in. Great post!!!!

  8. Love this and I agree! I discovered the slower lane some years ago and it is the better way to live. The passing lane has its place, but it grows wearisome if it is never ending. It's helpful getting reacquainted with your thoughts, the Lord, and His world. Pondering is good.

  9. I'm glad you're feeling better. Sometimes it's good to slow down but I'm sure you'll be in top gear before long.

  10. I love this so much. I spent my children's growing up years running from one soccer tournament to the next...oftentimes across the state or the country. I'm slowing down now...especially after my ankle injury...and finding much joy in the process. It's funny how you notice the little things once you're not running so hard, eh?