Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Recording The Hodgepodge

Welcome to the Wednesday Hodgepodge! If you've answered this week's questions add your link at the end of my post then leave a comment for the blogger linking before you. That's what keeps the Hodgepodge rolling merrily along.  Here we go-

1. Describe your 30's in one sentence. If you're not yet 30 tell us one thing you hope to accomplish once you hit that particular decade.

I asked this question a while back about your 20's and struggled with the one sentence thing. I ended up writing a whole blog post in response (you can read that here) and think I'll do the same with my 30's. For purposes of today's Hodgepodge here is one sentence/phrase that sums up a big huge chunk of my 30's-

Growing up girls. 

2. Is it harder for you to exercise or eat healthy?

Hmmm...depends on the day, but for the most part I more easily drop the ball when it comes to regular exercise. 

3. June 7th is National VCR Day. Huh? Anyway this reminded me of something I saw on Facebook listing household items we no longer have and the VCR was on it. I couldn't put my hands on that list, but found another list here of 21 items we all had ten years ago, but which are now obsolete-

bookshelves (WHAT!!???), drip coffee makers, alarm clocks, file cabinets, desktop computers, printers, printed phone books, answering machines, fax machines, paper shredders, a Rolodex, CD racks, CD burners, china cabinets, home phones, entertainment consoles, DVD players, calculators, takeout menus, incandescent light bulbs, and cable TV

Your thoughts? How many on the list do you still have? Still use?

Here are my thoughts on what's listed and currently in my possession-

bookshelves-I love real books and pretty shelves to hold them. We have a wall of built-ins in my office and we make good use of them. I like bookshelves where books are mixed with 'tchotchkes' for lack of a better word...photographs, baskets, art, mementos...

file cabinet-we still have a small one, although it's out of sight in a storage room. Where do people without one keep those pesky old tax returns? 

desktop computer-on one as we speak but when I change up my office space next year I might go to a laptop

paper shredder-in use regularly...aren't we all paranoid about identity theft? I shred credit card offers with my name preprinted (a pet peeve of mine) several times a week

china cabinet-still have one in my dining room because I like dishes and still use my china on special occasions. Or not so special occasions. I enjoy passing by the cabinet and seeing pretty dishes on display, and I like the easy access a china cabinet provides. I wouldn't mind updating my dining room furniture at some point down the road, but it's low on my list of 'want-to-dos'. 

home phone-no longer have one but I wish we did

takeout menus-there's not a lot of takeout in our little corner of the world, but I do have a couple of menus from local places we frequent sitting in my kitchen organizer. Sometimes paper really is faster/easier than consulting Google. 

cable-we have satellite TV which I know isn't cable, but it's cable in the sense that we haven't cut the chord and gone to subscription channels only

I use the alarm clock and calculator features on my phone all the time and don't miss those items in the house. I think my desktop can fax but I never bothered to learn how and it can also burn CD's which (true confession) I still do from time to time. 

4. What's something you see disappearing in the next ten years?

Keys. Remember when we all had a ring of keys in our purses and pockets? I feel like we're going the way of biometrics, swipe cards, remote entry, etc. 

5. How did you celebrate your birthday this past year? Is that typical?

Last year I spent my birthday right here-

In the water with a book in hand and plenty of sunshine. I floated and read and later hubs grilled me a steak and it was perfect. The day was typical in that hubs always makes me feel special on my birthday, but atypical in that we weren't dining out. My birthday lands in September and I think by the time it rolled around last year I was feeling the effects of a summer filled with activity. A day at home was what I asked for and enjoyed. 

6. Insert your own random thought here.

This little peanut celebrates a big birthday tomorrow-

I'll give you three guesses which one-ha! see question #1 

I know many of you read her blog (you'll find it here) and/or follow her on Instagram so I'd love it if you'd hop over with happy birthday wishes. 

She's still a little peanut, but also a loving wife to her hard working hubs, and a devoted mother to the cutest baby boy on the planet. Happy birthday Daughter1! You're still a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day! 


  1. I think there will be quite a few of us that were raising families in our 30s. Hard work but so much fun! And now the kids are reaching that stage in their lives too and the fun begins again with the grandkids. Your birthday looks lovely but I couldn't be out in the sun, a shady place works better for me. Yes keys could be a thing of the past which might be a good thing. Far harder to lose your thumbprint! lol

  2. Well it sounds as though we are both holding on to quite a few of those "obsolete" items...and I will probably still have many of them even 10 years from now, if at all possible...that is unless, I'M not obsolete by then! Happy Birthday to daughter #1!

  3. Thanks Joyce. I got quite a kick out of reading the list of items. Of course, if you are young, you may never have had the items in the first place.

  4. Hi Joyce,

    As for question #1 I should have said `Growing up boys `.
    I do miss those days. And this year the one son that makes us all take time to laugh is moving out. He will be missed. The other 2 still live at home.

    Joyce, thank you for this weekly meme. Have a great week.

  5. Your little grandson is absolutely adorable! Isn’t having a grandchild the most wonderful thing in the world!!

    What a wonderful way to spend your birthday. I maybe can’t do the lake floaty thing, but the rest would make a pretty great day. Happy Birthday to your daughter.

  6. Jo,

    I hadn't thought about keys disappearing but that's a good one. I really hate that everything is coming to this keyless entry/access. Frankly, I don't trust it. One thing the technology is expensive so if it breaks it's gonna cost you a lot more money than the old-school way of inserting a key and turning the knob/starting the car. I'm sure when we buy our next car this is one feature we won't be able to pass on. :( Relaxing on the water looks like a nice way to spend one's birthday. Happy birthday wishes to your daughter! Thanks for hosting the mid-week fun. :)

  7. Reading and relaxing in the water...a great way to spend a birthday!

  8. Your photo on the float brings back so many memories I have at the lake during my thirties! I wanted to say so much more in the answer to number one as my thirties were maybe the decade in which more major life events happened to me. I will wish your beautiful daughter a happy birthday. What a great thing to enter your thirties with all the best that life has to offer ... especially that cute little peanut she is holding.

  9. This was a fun blog post and I did stop by and visit with Shannon a minute. Yes, you've got the cutest little man cub on the planet. Your key answer goes right along with my answer.

  10. Oh, yes, you are so right, keys will be obsolete shortly, didn't even think of that. Looks like we were both doing the same thing in our 30's. And, yes, I have a gorgeous mahogany filing cabinet in my office and can't imagine life with it. Happiest of birthday's to your #1, that Tommy is so adorable!

  11. I still have many of the things listed. The file cabinet we have is a gorgeous piece of furniture, matches Mark's roll top desk. I didn't think about keys but that could actually happen. I'm not ready for that!! I use the alarm on my phone but we both still have alarm clocks next to our side of the bed. Fun way to spend your birthday. Of course, she's turning 30. Wishing her a very Happy Birthday!

  12. Beautiful photo of the birthday girl and her little peanut. He is adorable. I don't think bookcases will ever be obsolete in our house, along with several items off that list. Thank you for coming up with the questions for us. I'll click over and wish daughter a Happy Birthday.

  13. Such a cute daughter and darling grandson. Does that kid ever not have the most brilliant smile???!! :-)

  14. We talk about eliminating the home phone, but so far we haven't been able to bring ourselves to do it. We've had the same phone # since 1988! When it comes to cable, I'm more than ready to dump cable because of the ridiculous cost, but my husband likes the local news and the convenience of just flipping through channels. He hates having to look at a guide or options to find what's on.

  15. Great hodgepodge again this week, Joyce! Thanks for hosting!

    That looks like a fabulous way to spend your birthday.

    We have many of the same "obsolete" items and are still using them.

    Fabulous photo of your little peanut and her little guy. What a happy baby he is!

  16. I had keys as well, I have keys and I don’t know what they go to. I love your 30’s. We still have our land Lind as the cell phone doesn’t always work up here in the woods. Great questions.

  17. Thanks for your comment, Joyce. Blogger isn't forwarding comments onto my email today, for some reason. The huge and beautiful dog was my beloved German Shepherd who lived to 12 1/2 years old and died in May of 2013.

  18. Looks like a grand way to celebrate a birthday!! 🎉🎂
    Huh, keys, hadn’t thought of that one!
    I still like a desk top computer for blogging, hadn’t thought about what I will do this winter in Florida 🤔
    Happy Birthday to Daughter 1!! She does have the cutest baby boy 😊

  19. I was invited to play along by Cathy Kennedy, so I hope I did it right. Truly it was fun! That little munchkin at the end of your Post is adorable & Happy Birthday to your granddaughter. This was great fun! Thank you!

  20. I started reading daughter #1's blog when Tommy came along. What a beautiful grandson you have! I would love to celebrate my birthday the way you do, but I live in NH and my birthday is in November. Nuff said!

  21. CH bought a new desktop computer last year and got rid of his laptop. I like the convenience of a laptop so I'm not confined to one place. I also like being able to take it outside & sit on the back porch.
    Happy birthday to Daughter1!!!

  22. I'm late with my comments. Marcy got sick at school yesterday and had to come to my house which meant all I did was play with her and hold her while she napped. :) Happy Birthday to you girl!