Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Say When

Hanging on by my fingernails, but still trying to squeeze in 20ish posts before the end of October as part of the 31 Days To Telling Your Story Writing Challenge. It's going to be tight, but I like to think I work well under pressure. Today I'm going with yesterday's prompt because I like to keep you guessing. Also, I missed yesterday.

Our one word prompt-when

As in when it's time for a day in the life kind of catch up on the blog. That needs to happen here periodically or my head will explode from all the things.

So what's been happening here lately?

boat riding
wedding planning
porch sitting
football fanning

crock pot cooking
Neflix streaming
concert going
whole house cleaning

quiet praying
sunset gazing

dinner out
dinner in
talk in real time
soak up face time

neighborhood gathering
pickle ball playing
wine tasting
fund raising

and no 'rithmetic

We've been at home 23 days in a row which honestly feels like some kind of small miracle. We popped into the nearby small big city once or twice and took a leisurely drive over to Asheville one afternoon to meet up with friends passing through, but those were all in keeping with the slower pace that is our Autumn.


As in say when you've had enough trekking and packing and busy-ing and admit you need a month to stay put, slow down, think deep and notice small.

Say when.


  1. Love the photos and great take on the word "when". Yes. Tommy is adorable with his pumpkin!!

  2. Love this post. I can't believe you have been home for 23 days. I love all the photos too. You have been busy!!

  3. And may I add, when you are sassy enough to wear a string of pearls, cap and sweatshirt while driving a boat, that's about as good as "when" gets.

    1. I forgot to take them off after church : ) Pearls always work though!

  4. Your life still seems busy but not being lived out of a suitcase is definitely a blessing. Tommy looks like he was having fun pumpkin picking.

  5. Tommy is such a beautiful, happy, sweet boy! I know you are simply over the moon in love with that little guy! Grandsons are great! (Granddaughters too!)

  6. Loved your pictures. I cannot believe that baby is already that big!!

  7. Well at least you've still got your fingernails... I have dropped the ball entirely. haha
    Loved these pictures! You are living your story!!

  8. Hahaha...touché Elizabeth Day!!!