Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Tidings Of Hodgepodge Joy

Yep. Still here. Still hodgepodging while we wait for the world to regain some sense of normalcy. It's been fun to reconnect with so many of you who I knew only through this weekly link up. Thank you for making Wednesdays in 2020 merry and bright. 

If you've answered this week's questions add your link at the end of my post. It's nice to leave a comment for the blogger linking before you too... 'tis the season...

Here we go-

From this Side of the Pond

1. Here we are entering the last month of the year 2020. 2020!! Every year The Oxford English Dictionary publishing team chooses a word that captures the general mood of the year we're leaving behind, or the one word that will leave a lasting impact on the world at large. This year they needed sixteen words in order to cover the whole enchilada. 

While two of the other major dictionaries selected pandemic as their word of the year, Oxford came up with a long list including-bushfire, impeachment, acquittal, coronavirus, COVID-19, lockdown, social distancing, reopening, Black Lives Matter, Cancel Culture, BIPOC, mail-in, belarusian, moonshot, net zero (read more about each word here)

Of the words listed which ONE would you say should be in the number 1 spot? Which word/phrase on this list would you be happy to never hear again? 

If I have to pick one for the top of the list I'm going with coronavirus. I know we tend to call it COVID these days, but corona was how the virus was first known, and how I think of it still. 

The second part of this question is easier than the first. Which word would I be happy to never hear again? I choose D) all of the above.  If pressed I'm going to say the phrase 'social distancing' grates, but the actual concept of 'cancel culture' really grates. 

2. What one word from your own list of words describing this year sums up/best reflects your 2020? Tell us why. 


Wait I need two words. 

Trust and control. 

If this year has taught us anything it's how little we control. We know this, but we live our lives as if we're running the show until BAM! some crazy virus turns the universe on it's ear. So very many unknowns all these months later, and we struggle with the not knowing maybe most of all. 

When I look back over my life I can see it has always been during times of great stress, change, and disappointment that God reminds me He is faithful. I can trust that what surprises me does not surprise Him.  While it sometimes feels the world is spinning like a top He's got this. 

The pause this strange year has ushered into our normal routines and busy-ness was a fresh reminder He's the One in control. The One who changes seasons, tells the ocean where to stop, and commands the morning to appear knows all about what's been and what's to come. And He is trustworthy. 

3. Do you like peppermint? Peppermint mocha, a candy cane, peppermint bark, peppermint tea, York Peppermint Pattie, peppermint ice cream...of the peppermint treats listed, which one is your favorite? Will you bake anything featuring peppermint this holiday season? 

I do like peppermint, in moderation of course. I never cared for the flavor as a child, but in recent years it has become one of my holiday favorites. Of the peppermint treats listed I'm going to choose the ice cream, especially if it's homemade. I bake a peppermint snowball that is made with crushed candy canes and they're one of my must-haves as far as Christmas cookies go. 

4. Besides Christmas, what do you associate the color red with? How about the color green?

I associate red with danger, a warning of sorts. The word STOP came instantly to mind. 

Green for me shouts the great outdoors and it's one of my favorite colors. 

5. Is your tree up? Real or artificial? Is your house decorated? Is your shopping done? Started? Wrapped? On a scale of 1-10 with 1 being Scrooge-like and 10 being Buddy the Elf, how's your Christmas spirit? 

Our trees are partially up. The ornaments are in place but the trees still need a few bells and whistles. My house is the same, but it's getting there. It normally takes me about a week to get things the way I want them in terms of decorating. Our trees are artificial this year, but we love a real one too. 

My shopping is not done but I'd say it's more than 50% complete which is typical for how I do Christmas. I've wrapped one present, something I sent home with my mother-in-law, so there is also a  lot of wrapping to be completed. 

How's my Christmas spirit? I'm at about a 5 right now, but once the boxes are put away it will be a notch or two higher. 

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

Hubs says I post this song every year and he's right. The carol was never my favorite as a child, but this particular version is haunting and beautiful and has become one of my favorites. The lyrics are so timely, and could have been written in 2020 instead of 1863. 

May your hearts be full of peace and hope this Advent season-


  1. I appreciate you bringing back the Hodgepodge! Amen! Nothing surprises God, me Yes, but God, No.
    Love the song. Hate is stronger this year than ever, but God is not Dead!
    Peace on Earth, good will to men!

  2. What a beautiful song and it is perfect for 2020. I enjoyed your answers and I actually chose the word trust too. What else can we do but just trust God? But really, what else could we even want to do?

    Thanks for the questions Joyce and I hope you have a great day.

  3. I agree about that carol! So many years it has resonated for me (pun unintentional); this year, yes, again.

  4. I woke up way to early so I decided to add my link. You have multiple trees like me. We don't get live trees because I like to keep my trees up from Thanksgiving to the New Year. I love Christmas! I don't like Corona, I use Covid because I did not like calling the virus after my city! :)

  5. It's a breath of fresh air to read your answers and to be on the same page. Lately I'm consoled by like minded people especially when it concerns God and His Sovereignty and the fact that we humans are not ultimately in control. That song is a very relevant for this year in particular. Praying that people will repent and be reconciled in peace to God...all because of what Jesus did for us.

  6. Thank you for doing the Hodgepodge. I missed a few weeks but am glad to be back to a familiar place on Wednesdays :) I love your answer to #2 and Casting Crowns!

  7. Like Susan Corona is the city I border. I live in Riverside but everything I do is in Corona so I tend to say Covid-19. Trust and control are great choices. Great answer for #4 on Red and Green. Way to go on getting the trees up. I would love a real tree but I keep them up way to long to do that. Thank you for the video. Enjoy the rest of your week.

  8. A beautiful song! I say covid because that's what the doctors called it when I was in the hospital. I don't suppose it matters, it's brutal whatever you call it. Enjoyed reading your answers today, thanks for hosting. How about, RED for STOP THE VIRUS!! :)

  9. I love that song!

    I agree with this year being a time to learn that God is in control. I have thought many times when things get cancelled or plans change that I'm not in control. I like to have my plans and have really changed in that and my expectations I feel like this year.

    Thanks for having questions each week.

  10. Trust was my choice too and my word for the year. I explain it in my post.
    I love that green means outdoors! Trees, grasses, flower leaves!
    Have a sweet pepperminty week!

  11. My dad's favorite ice cream to have at Christmas was peppermint ice cream. He would get so excited when it would show up at the store. Every year, the kids and I eat some in his memory.

  12. I agree with remembering that God is in control. Trust in Him! Thanks for the fun Hodgepodge again this week!

  13. I don't like green in a house, I love it in nature. Green belongs to the cold colors in painting, I prefer red, because it's warm ! I am almost finished with the decoration too, this year will be sad or strange Christmas !

  14. That rendition of 'I Heard the Bells' is one of my favorites. Chills.