Sunday, December 6, 2020

Musings Of The Random Sort

Or you can call it a phone dump if you want. 

Periodically I jot notes to myself in the note section of my phone, things I might want to mention on my blog. And sometimes I read the notes back and think hmmm??? What in the world is this shorthand code for and why did I put it here? 

Remember Thanksgiving? I never mentioned ours here and this blog is a journal of sorts so I'm going to mention it now. 

After the fact, but that's okay because it's 2020 and time is blurry. 

My mother-in-law spent the week with us, has been back home for one solid week, and I still haven't finished the puzzle we started while she was here. This is one of those puzzles where every piece fits in forty different places, or at least seems to. 

We discovered about halfway through that each piece was lettered on the back so all the A's go in the A section, all the B's in the B section etc., and you can tell by looking at the back if you have them put together correctly.  My m-i-l tried working some of it from the backside and I told her she was cheating but y'all, since she left I've discovered we have about half of the pieces in the wrong spot (including some of the outline!) so now I'm cheating a little too. 

In other Thanksgiving week news, there was a boat ride on a blue sky sunshiny day.  

And thoughtful neighbors who give you sourdough starter and their go-to recipe. It was delicious even though I forgot to set the timer and had to make my best guess as to it's doneness. 

Honestly it needed another five minutes, but that didn't stop us from slathering the warm loaf with butter and later enjoying a sandwich. 

For the record, I did not murder the starter but have decided not to keep mine going right now. I don't have the time or the pre-wedding waistline for it and my neighbor says she'll happily share more later. I can try again in 2021.  

2021. We have heaped a whole lot of expectation on to the coming year, haven't we? I feel like everyone is hanging on by their fingernails with their eyes on a new year that will be filled once more with beloved old routines. I hate to say it, but that might be overly optimistic. The calendar page will turn to 2021, but it looks like we're going to be stuck in 2020 a while longer. 

Which is one reason I'm thankful the gift of Christmas lands where it does. 
God is not dead, nor doth He sleep....

Have you heard about the Christmas star set to appear on Dec 21st just as Saturn and Jupiter align? It's been almost 800 yeas since they appeared visibly this close to one another, a phenomenon known as conjunction (two objects in space appearing to be close to one another as seen from Earth). 

Look at me sounding all Bill Nye the science guy here-ha! 

But seriously, is this 'star' what the wisemen saw? Some people think what they saw was a triple conjunction-Jupiter, Saturn, and Venus but no matter, the heavens some 2000 years later are still a beautiful reminder of our great God, Master Designer of the Universe. The One who holds it all in His hands. 

2020 could use a little reminding. 

I feel like 2021 might need some too.


  1. I just hate puzzles like that! I love puzzle making but I can be pretty picky about which kinds I put together though I really hate giving up on any puzzle and admitting it got the best of me....

  2. Oh my...that puzzle sounds like a bear. We just finished a puzzle that was started Thanksgiving weekend at our house. Thankfully it didn't need letters on the back of the pieces! Your sourdough loaf looks beautiful! It will be nice to be able to look back on 2020 as just a memory...

  3. I'm afraid that you are most likely/probably/90% right in your expectations for 2021. And, really, with then hype and high expectations, what year could possibly fulfill ALL that people hope it will? :-)

    What make is that puzzle? I think I need something with a little extra challenge this month.(seriously)

  4. I love that puzzle, but I probably would never have the patience to finish it. Hope you'll show us the completed photo.

    I don't know if that is what the wisemen saw or if God placed a special star in the sky for them at that time. I like to believe that is what occurred. I know He is more than able as He created them in the first place. He could move them around or make a brand new really bright one! I so love that our God is like that!

  5. The puzzle is a lovely needlepoint/counted cross stitch type design that must be horribly hard to work. I am not a puzzle person, which is good because the cats would be trying to help! I think we are all hoping 2021 will bring back some sense of our old normal and I hope it is (though it will be a few months yet). That bread looks delicious! Our God is amazing.

  6. God is not dead, nor doth he sleep -- for some reason those words resonate deep within my soul today - thank you!

  7. Your table looks so pretty and I love the puzzle. The bread looks beautiful. I agree, sadly 2020 will be hanging around for a long time. Hoping to see the star this year. I actually woke up as a young girl and saw one in the sky in the middle of the night. I hold that close in my heart. It certainly wasn't 800 years ago...LOL! Love your photos.