Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Happily Ever Hodgepodge

Welcome to this week's edition of the Wednesday Hodgepodge. If you've answered today's questions add your link at the end of my post, then leave a comment for the blogger linking before you. Here we go-

From this Side of the Pond

1. What's something we'd find you doing most afternoons? 

Afternoon activities vary here, but it's safe to say at some point between 1 and 3 PM you'll find me making a cup of tea. 

2. Who do you take after? In what way(s)? 

I'm like my mother in very many ways, but not all ways, and naturally there's some of my dad in me too. I wrote a post along these lines back in 2017 which you'll find here. Basically my mom and I both enjoy a lot of the same things... cooking, reading, Bible study, and loving our people. We're sensitive and we both might be a little bit stubborn or as I like to say 'independent'. We like the word home and all that entails. 

3. 'After every storm comes a rainbow' or 'the calm before the storm'...which phrase do you relate to more right now? Tell us why? 

I like the first one, but fear the latter applies better to our country just now. People are not happy and it shows. 

For me personally I'm going with the rainbow. We've just experienced a wonderful wedding weekend, and while I wouldn't necessarily describe the season of planning as 'stormy weather' it wasn't all cloudless skies either. 

The day itself was for sure all rainbows though.

4.What are your plans for the day after tomorrow? 

We don't have a lot of plans this week since we're coming off the wedding weekend. We're laying low and sticking close to home to be sure everyone is healthy. I'm doing a few things each day in the way of catching up...laundry, blogging, vendor reviews, putting away all the wedding bits and bobs...

5. Complete this sentence-"After all is said and done_____________________."

He is still the great I AM. 

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

I have almost no pictures on my phone, but here's one someone sent...a sneak peek of the gorgeous cake. You really need to see the wider view of the table it was sitting on because our florist worked some crazy beautiful magic there-

Ironically I'm holding my phone? I think we had just called her sister. 

Also, might as well get this out of the way now...that's the grooms adorable grandparents in the background, sharing one short small dance together all by their lonesome on the dance floor. Rest assured they wore masks at all times otherwise, had their vaccines prior, and did not stay past dinner. Not that it should be anyone's business but their own, except in 2021 people make all sorts of things their business that are not their business. 

I know by sharing photos there will be judgements made because sadly, that's how the internet rolls. With great judgement. With everyone's opinions stated as fact. Going forward I'm not going to explain the back story to each and every shot I post so keep calm and carry on everyone, and have a happy Wednesday. 


  1. Maggie is beautiful and she is beaming!! Nice looking groom, also!
    I don't know, not trying to be mean, but here lately I just don't care what people think...I am doing what I know in my heart is right and trying to stay safe by following the guidelines, etc. People will always judge, but God has the final say!

  2. Joyce,

    I enjoyed reading your responses and I, especially like how you responded to #3 about the "rainbow" and the "calm". You're spot on! People who knows what's about to happen, if they know Christ then they'll get through the storm with His help, and those who are clueless I pray that their eyes are opened finally to the truths of the evil one. Again, you're right about the nosey bodies on the Internet who will say something negative about a situation they have no idea about's easy to be rude hiding behind a monitor. Not to say these same individuals aren't rude in person, too. It's obvious with each passing day how the in your face, inconsideration of social media is bleeding into our public life. How sad! People have no class or manners. Of course, I loved your answer to #5. God is the great I am! I have joy in my heart because He changes not and is in control of all things. Thanks for hosting the mid-week fun, my friend. Now rest awhile, you've earned after a busy, busy several months of wedding planning. :)

    PS: I'm getting some traffic on my secondary blog (Blogger) and for anyone who's looking for my hodgepodge responses. I think folks are clicking on my Blogger profile and looking over the Contact info "My Web Page" which is my main blog to see only the Blogspot site. Here is where you'll find today's Q&A answers: Curious as a Cathy.

  3. Can’t wait to see more photos. No judgement here and I couldn’t agree more. So much judging and commenting on everything.

  4. I really didn't read your answers before writing mine but I feel like we have a very similar theme in a few answers!
    Beautiful picture and you look fabulous in that dress. I love that color. Look forward to seeing and hearing more and good for you for not explaining each one.
    Thanks for another week of Hodgepodge questions :)

  5. What a lovely photo. You don't need to explain yourself to anyone. Looking forward to seeing more photos of the wedding soon.

  6. I love your pictures and people need to let people make their own choices and decisions (at least that is my opinion).

    Yes, He definitely is still the Great I Am and I know He's in control of everything. Have a blessed day and thank you for continuing giving us the Hodgepodge.

  7. Hope you can relax and enjoy the week as you "catch up" and reflect on the special wedding weekend!

    Thanks for the questions!

  8. I can tell you I am not happy about today and I'm speaking out on Facebook. Yes there is always laundry to do and I pray everyone is well. Love your answer for #5. Your photo brought me to tears. What a beautifully captured moment.

  9. Beautiful Bride and Mother of the Bride! Love that photo capturing the dear grandparents in the background enjoying a more normal moment! No judgement here. It's interesting how we are holding back on sharing our good times together outside of the new standards being forced upon us. I'm doing a lot of hesitating before I share especially on FB. On my blog I'm less hesitant. People have a choice to come to it or not. Loved your fill in the blank answer. Happy memories to you as you recuperate!

  10. oh my goodness - the bride is beautiful and the cake looks amazing! I think the picture of the grandparents is extra special! I hope you will write more details from the wedding day in an upcoming post!

  11. They both look very happy and that cake looks amazing. Making an afternoon cup of tea happens a lot here too!

  12. That cake is absolutely beautiful! Maggie is glowing (and so is the groom!) and you look fabulous, Joyce. I can't wait to see more photos! Thanks for another fun Hodgepodge!! xo

  13. What a beautiful cake and bride! No need to explain your photo. I know what you mean though...sometimes I hesitate to post fearing judgemental comments. Have a wonderful week.

  14. That picture speaks volumes - love it. Your dress is exquisite and the bride's is simply the most elegant I've seen. I also love the way she wore her hair, which complimented her face and her dress. Love that the grandparents are in the background. What a shame on all of us, that an explanation would be necessary. Not one single person of the 180 at our Oct. wedding wore a mask and not one single person came down with Covid. Hopefully, all of this will be a distant memory in the near future, and thank you Father for being the one who controls all things.