Thursday, January 21, 2021

Practice Makes Perfect

While I don't have many photos yet! from the wedding day itself, I do have quite a few from the rehearsal so let's go there next. They're  a little blurry and my computer hates my photos so editing is a problem, but I'm sharing anyway. 

Somehow we missed taking a whole group shot at the rehearsal dinner but we were busy enjoying life in real time and which is more important?  

Okay, let's back up...the bride and groom arrived at the lake Thursday afternoon, followed shortly thereafter by the groom's parents. His folks are the absolute nicest people and we have a lot in common. We are looking forward to making many happy memories together as extended family in the years to come. Hubs grilled chicken and my next door neighbor dropped by with the most delicious appetizer (a hot bacon and onion dip that was so good you could have eaten it with a spoon) and we had a wonderful relaxing meal as soon-to-be family. 

The in-laws headed back to the small big city to check into the hotel and we got the cars loaded and the bags packed and checked and re-checked we weren't forgetting anything before heading to bed. Friday morning the kids headed out to deposit their two pups at the kennel and we headed out to pick up the wedding dress from the seamstress who kindly offered to steam it for us. Steaming a wedding gown makes me nervous so I was grateful for the assistance. Actually I don't really like to iron so probably would have had hubs do it. He's good with the iron and the vacuum both, so yay hubs! 

We all met up at the downtown hotel, dropped the gift bags we'd put together for our guests at the front desk, and got busy celebrating. Hubs went with the groom and the groom's dad, brother, and good friend to lunch at a local sports bar while the bride, her mother-in-law and I went to a bridal luncheon with the bridesmaids at a nearby charming little bistro (Brick Street Cafe for you locals). 

Daughter2 passed out gifts to her wedding party and we had a lovely couple of hours just chatting and letting the excitement build. 

The rehearsal was at 4 PM in the venue, but not in the space where the actual wedding would be performed. We had the day of ceremony in the building's lovely glass lobby but on a Friday afternoon non-wedding people were coming and going in that space, so we moved the rehearsal upstairs. 

Is my daughter a teacher? Yes, how could you tell?  

Did I take a single picture capturing the scope of the venue? No I did not. But there will be some to share very soon. 

Our reception was held on the 6th floor of a downtown building,  a gorgeous rooftop venue with views of the city, and that's where the bride and groom practiced getting married.

Is that something you can practice? normal times I might say not really, but in the age of Corona yes, a little bit. The newlyweds have learned a lot in this season of making ready to join their lives and much of what they've had to 'practice' will be put to good use as the years roll by. 



Adjusting expectations-check.

Focusing on what is most important-check. 

Regularly asking God to show you the path you need to be on, and then cheerfully walking that path-check and check. 

After the rehearsal we headed to a most fabulous evening hosted by the groom's parents. The rehearsal dinner was held in a cozy nearby loft space (The Loft at Soby's) and it felt almost like we were celebrating in someone's home. We had a delicious meal and then the words flowed. 

First the groom's dad spoke and as he described the traits he and the groom's mom love best about their son I couldn't help but think he might be describing my very own hubs. Hubs and his new son-in-law are alike in very many ways and he tucks so nicely into our family. 

Several of the groomsmen also spoke and I loved hearing people talk about my now son-in-law, about what a good friend, encourager, fun-loving, optimistic soul he is. I got a good one y'all. Bridesmaids were up next and it was again so special to hear these sweet friends tell how much our girl means to them. 

One has known her since the second grade, one as an adult, and one is a cousin so a first friend to both my girls. A cousin is the next best thing to a sister and we were so happy to have some family in the wedding party. 

Nobody knew about Daughter1's video toast and we saved that until the end. Thankfully, because everyone present agreed if we'd played that first nobody would have wanted to follow. It nearly wrecked me and the bride both, but we recovered and it is a memory I will treasure forever and ever amen. 

After all the emotion what we needed was cake. Cake is the answer to a lot of life's questions and this one was super cute. 

The cake was followed by the real thing...bourbon and cigars on the rooftop along with a touching champagne toast courtesy of hubs brother and sister-in-law. We decided up front that anyone who wanted to celebrate the bride and groom in some way would be welcome to do so because in this crazy upside down world there can never be too much love. 

And y'all these two are so very easy to love. 


  1. Great photos! It's such a blessing when your children marry into families that are compatible with yours. It also helps if you genuinely like each other!

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  13. It all looks perfect. Sounds like a really nice rehearsal day and that cake is really cute! Enjoyed the photos.

  14. Hello, My son is getting married next spring, may I ask what you put in the gift bags for the guests at the hotel? We're trying to come up with some ideas. Enjoy reading your blog. Melissa