Thursday, August 26, 2021

About Last Week And Also Today

What a sad day. My heart breaks for the many families getting that horrible phone call, and also for our nation, which seems to spin a little more out of control every day. In this season of turmoil I want to keep my eyes on the God of the universe. He is good and He is sovereign, even when our TV screens tell us to believe otherwise. 

Blogging feels out of place on a day like today, but that is the thing about life. It's beautiful and terrible all at the same time and I write to remember both. 

A little over a week ago we made the trek with Daughter1 and her boys to Tennessee, stopping for two nights with hubs brother and sister-in-law so they could meet 'Max' and catch up with the mancub. My mother-in-law also lives in that same town so she was able to have time with her great grandsons too.  

The sun shone and these little men slept in yet another new place (their 8th since May!) without batting an eye and we had a wonderful time together. 

My son-in-law had gone on to the new house in another part of the state so he could get the keys to the house they rented sight unseen, meet the utility guys for water and electric connections, and tell the movers bringing their air shipment and their storage unit where things should go. Their household goods arriving by sea were to be delivered today, and the in-laws made the trip over yesterday to help with that. 

Moving is never a simple thing, particularly when you've been living abroad and the air conditioner goes out the second day you're there and the house is basically the temperature of the sun until it's repaired. We survived though, and I would say we even thrived in this lovely new space with a ginormous play room and an honest to goodness back yard. 

Hubs made one thousand trips to Lowes and unpacked their garage while they went to buy a car to park there. We ate ice cream with sprinkles...

And squeezed in a walk at a nearby park with its cool dark cave and a pond filled with turtles and blooming things. 

The mancub started preschool because resilience is his middle name...

We read a million books and laughed a lot because these little boys are the absolute best, most entertaining people we know. We went to bed ridiculously early every single night because we were all completely worn out by sunset. 

I have been thinking a lot today about this big little town where they will live these next two years. A 'military town' where everywhere you look you see the US flag flying and guys in baseball caps that read US Army. Lots of tattooed arms and crew cuts. Friendly people who knock on your new front door and say welcome to the neighborhood with a box of donuts because they've been where you've been and they get it. 

A town where most everyone has some sort of tie to one branch of service or another, and my heart aches for them today. So many armchair pundits and even many of our politicians have no clue what day to day life is like for active duty military families, which makes days like today extra hard and frustrating. 

Those who live it though? They understand and support one another in ways that truly matter. They will feel today right down to their marrow and will resolve to keep being brave and proud and true. 

"These things I have spoken to you, so that in Me you may have peace. In the world you have tribulation, but take courage; I have overcome the world."  John 16:33 


  1. Oh, this made my heart smile as I read it. You can absolutely see the joy in everyone's eyes. Yes, such a sad, sad day for our nation and the families of those precious men. Again, so glad those sweet boys are back in the states and you will be able to see them more regularly.

  2. I pray for our military and their families every day. Joyce, I am so glad your little guys (and their folks) are back in the USA and getting settled. Such sweet faces in all the pictures!! I especially love the one with great-grandma. Loved this post!! xo

  3. Beautiful post. I know you are so happy to be able to help and just be together.

  4. Life is hard, but life is also wonderful. Thanks for the reminder because it's so easy to let it overwhelm you. So glad your kids are closer to you now and that you've had this time with them.

  5. Aw, what a wonderful post! I just read another post not even 10 minutes ago about a military family unpacking their household goods after 3 months and moving to Korea. I am just in awe of these military families and all they do for our country.

  6. Yes, and amen to this post and these thoughts. My heart is sick for those Marines and others who were killed. I cannot imagine that knock on the door. Hooray for your kids and grands getting into their new place and settling in. Your man cub looks pleased as punch to start his new adventure! We don't have one decent preschool in our little country town that we can trust with our dear grandchildren so our daughter in law is connecting with a good homeschooling group and has ordered the materials. It's wonderful that you could all chip in and help with this huge move especially with herding two little guys! Wonderful photos of your time together! We need to remind ourselves each new day that God is still on the throne. Blessings!

  7. It's definitely a sad day but life does have to go on and it must be so lovely for you to have the family closer to you and be able to help with things like the move and settling in etc and spend time with those gorgeous boys.

  8. Thank you for sharing Joyce!!
    As an Army Mom.. I appreciated the last words.
    Love, Carla

  9. This is a heartfelt post and I think their town sounds like it will be a perfect place to raise the boys. I'm so happy they are in the states. Have a nice weekend.