Tuesday, August 10, 2021

I Haven't Run A Marathon But...

I have spent the last week with a just turned four-year-old and an almost two-year-old while they navigated the time change from Asia to America which, is pretty much the same thing as running a marathon. Or two. I have about a million pictures on my phone and a million special moments marked in my heart and I want to dump them all here but I guess I won't. 

Well I am going to dump a few because what good is a blog if not to overload anyone who might still be reading blogs with a bunch of family photos? 

Also maybe more than a few. 

Y'all know I have to go all the way back to Day 1 here because I don't know any other way. The 'kids' (yes they are full grown adults who've been raising children of their own while living out of the country for two years but your kids are your kids no matter their age) and an-y-way... the 'kids' bid farewell to the Land of Morning Calm and landed in crazy town USA (that would be the Atlanta Airport) last Sunday night. 

Their flight was on time, but then there was that pesky three hour wait in a completely ridunculous passport control queue with two toddlers who'd just spent fourteen hours on a plane, and I am here to tell you these 'kids' are absolute rock stars.  

Small rant...what is the point of travelers masking on an airplane when you're going to stand them shoulder to shoulder in a s-l-o-w moving three hour queue with a bajillion people upon arrival? 

On the other side of the gate we grandparents were waiting waiting waiting not so patiently to welcome them home. Yes of course all four grandparents made the two hour trek to the airport. We have not had an in person hug in almost two years, plus we needed two vehicles to haul their umpteen bags and assorted baby gear back to the lake.

Finally there were hugs and tears and then a too long car ride to South Carolina but we made it with everyone's remarkably good moods in tact. Their pup (you know him now as our pup) plus Daughter2 were there waiting when we opened the front door and I cannot explain to you how wonderful it feels to have everyone on the very same terra firma. 

Sleep. It's all relative when you're upside down on time and these little men were such troopers. There were some middle of the night calls for momma but by about day four everyone was pretty much in the sleep groove. And nobody was cranky. They jumped right in to lake life, both figuratively and literally...

...and we have had the best time doing all the things, many many things, with the cutest tiny humans on the planet. There was fishing with Pawpaw-

Celebrating a special someone's 4th birthday with all  his favorite people-


In case you're wondering they like to go fast!!...or as the mancub says, 'When are we going to kick it into gear?

There were bubbles-

These bubble guns my neighbor recommended (Amazon link here) were a huge hit and so much better than the tiny little wand in a bottle we grew up with-

My popcorn popper was a hit too-

This little guy had his very first taste of Chick-fil-A-

Summertime in South Carolina definitely calls for popsicles dripping down your chin-

There was bird feeding-

And bird watching-

Homemade waffles with Nana-

Pool fun-

Auntie hijinks-

This aunt is the absolute best at doing whatever needs doing to keep our proverbial train on the track. Don't know how we'd manage without her. For real. 

Also, sisters reunited might be my favorite thing about the whole happy-exhausting-glorious week we've had together. 

God bless America and the service men and women still far from home, still far from their siblings and their children's grandparents and extra hands to help with busy toddlers. Far from their momma's home cooking and in-person time with their people. The sacrifices are both large and small and we are so grateful for each and every one. 

Welcome home! 


  1. A great look at the week! So much fun to be back together and to get to know your grandsons. So special!!

  2. Wonderful post! So much fun to see the circle close once again. Hope that your peeps will be much closer from now on.

  3. Oh, my goodness, know that settling in was no easy feat for the boys but sounds like it all worked out and a good time was had by all. So, so happy they are stateside and now the fun can continue. Enjoy! Enjoy!

  4. I am so happy for you Joyce and all your family!!!!

  5. Looks like a great time. I agree with you in your rant...a lot that doesn't make a whole lot of sense sometimes....but anyways...glad you were able to spend some amazing time with everyone

  6. Enjoyed every bit of this post! So wonderful to see the reunions and the joy the littles bring. I think rants are called for on these occasions.

  7. Hooray for reunions with hugs and kisses! So happy for you and your whole family to have this time. Hooray for our military in all branches who serve far away from home. I pray we return to sanity and freedom in our country...soon.

  8. I have SO enjoyed the pictures on FB and this post is the absolute best, Joyce. Thanks for sharing all the fun and love with us. I know I have been anxiously anticipating the return of this beautiful family and the boys' introductions to all things family, fun, and love. How did Hunley react? I'm sure he remembered his people, too!! Keep making memories!! xo

  9. How wonderful! Looks like everyone is enjoying this time together.

  10. Aw, I just LOVE this post! So glad you have your whole family back together again making wonderful memories.

  11. Thanks for sharing! Sounds like a great week for all.

  12. What an absolutely delightful post! The pictures, the descriptions, the facial expressions, the fun activities and food -- everything is a joy to observe here on your blog. Thanks for sharing with us. I love this!

  13. Your post made me smile from ear to ear. I could "hear" your happiness and joy as a mother and grandmother!

  14. Soooo happy to read this post. 2 of our grandsons are currently stateside catching up with their Grammy and Grampy. A joy to see.

  15. What a sweet homecoming post! I started to tear up when you talked about reunited sisters. Our youngest daughter lives in Pennsylvania while we all - including our middle daughter - all live in Seattle. And when the two of them get together for whatever reason, a birthday, the holidays it just brings me so much joy. I know their bond is so deep! I'm glad your family is all home again!

  16. I LOVED this post Joyce. Thank you for sharing! God Bless your family. And High Fives to those little ones for doing so well on the airplane and in the airport.

  17. Love you guys at the airport. Too cute! I can't even begin to imagine then on the plane for 14 hours and then having to wait 3 hours with their passports. Honestly I have chills. What a wonderful moment in all of your lives. The pictures say it all!!!! I am beyond happy for all of you.

  18. How wonderful that you have your family all here now! I can see the joy on all of your faces. Please thank your son in law for his service and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!