Wednesday, August 11, 2021

The Family Hodgepodge

Welcome back to another edition of the Wednesday Hodgepodge. If you've answered today's questions add your link at the end of my post, then go say howdy to your neighbor. Here we go-

From this Side of the Pond
1. What's something you would say 'runs in your family'?

Blue eyes sounds so much nicer than a stubborn streak so let's go with blue eyes. 

2. A book, song, tv show, or movie you love that is centered around family. 

I'm never very good at choosing just one. How does anyone choose one book or one song related to anything? Here are a few favorites, but maybe not my only favorites-

Book-Anne of Green Gables (by L.M. Montgomery)
Song-The House That Built Me (by Miranda Lambert)
TV show-Parenthood
Movie- Father Of The Bride

3. Family matters, family ties, family tree, family man, family fortune, black sheep of the family, family values, one big happy family...choose a 'family phrase' that applies to your life currently and explain. 

I'm going with family tree today. We have a large extended family and my grandson wants to know how everyone is connected...'Nana who's your Mommy?' 'Who is Pawpaw's brother? 'Who is Mommy's Daddy?' and on and on it goes. Most of these questions he already knows the answer to, but there's something comforting in hearing it all said aloud. 

"What can you do to promote world peace? Go home and love your family." Mother Teresa

4. Last thing you fixed for a big family dinner? If you're not the cook, last thing you were served at a big family dinner? 

The last big family dinner we had was on Sunday when my mom, sister, brother-in-law, niece, niece's fiance, niece's fiance's mom, niece's good friend, my daughter2, and my daughter1 and her family were all here for a BBQ after my niece's bridal shower. 

If you're new here you need to know we don't do anything by halves. 

Anyway, hubs worked his magic on the Big Green Egg and smoked two pork butts with a little help from his sous chefs. It was out of this world good. I did all the sides but it was mostly about the BBQ. 

5. What are three words you would use to describe your family. 

loud, loving, warm

6. Insert your own random thought here.

You might be surprised to know today's random thought has nothing to do with grandbabies in the house. A couple of weekends ago hubs and I were enjoying our early morning coffee on the deck when this guy lumbered into the yard-

He checked out the bluebird house (and let it go without incident), admired my limelight hydrangeas, and strolled along the shoreline contemplating a swim. He's young but not a cub, and no mama bear in sight. It was a lot of excitement for 6 AM on a Saturday. 


  1. Our family is loud, too! It is so sweet that your grandson wants to know how everyone is connected. I love it when those connections click in their little heads. My sister lives out of state and due to covid, granddaughter #1 has only seen her a couple of times. When sister visited last time, granddaughter called her "Gran's sister" the WHOLE time. She would get her hand and say, "Gran's sister" let's go play with Barbies!
    I imagine that watching that bear was very interesting!!

  2. I will never forget when my grandchildren realized their mother and daddy actually had a mother and daddy too. And how aunts and uncles fit into their story. Your grands are so blessed to know their great-grandmothers. Yes, that bear appearance must have been exciting and I'm sure you were glad to be seeing it from above and not on the same level.

  3. My Kelly family can be loud but nothing compared to the Italian D'Orsaneo side!! I so enjoyed today's questions and your answers, Joyce!! Keep having fun with those little guys!! Loved seeing the bear! Wow!! xo

  4. You got some great pictures of that bear! We got within 6 feet of one in Lake Tahoe while it was playing in the river. I enjoyed your family reunion pictures. I am sure it is so special being able to hug your grands!

  5. Loved your answers Joyce and the boys helping their grandpa are so cute. Now, that bear is beautiful, but I think it would rather scare me to see that in my yard. Yikes!!

  6. Whoa! That would be fun to watch and you had the perfect view from your home of that young bear! Pork Butt the perfect thing for a huge crowd. Love your little sous chefs. Cracking up about the blue eyes answer instead of stubborn streak. Keep having fun over there. I'm sure it's good when your head finally hits the pillow at night. Hope sleep comes easy.

  7. Thank you for hosting! The little bear is adorable! I chose family tree too... because I keep struggling with a brick wall on my dad's side.

  8. I agree Parenthood was a great show and Father of the Bride is another great pick. I love that your grandson is asking all those questions. So cute. Love the quote too! Sunday sounds like it was a perfect family day. Oh my,that was definitely a surprise visitor you had! Enjoy the rest of your week.

  9. Wow ! when I want to see a bear I have to go in a zoo ! and certainly not at 6 am ! You have a big family ! when my best friends mother has her family gathering for her birthday they are 67 !! Nearly whole Belgium !lol