Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Homemade Hodgepodge

Welcome to December and that most wonderful time of the year. Grab your cocoa and take some time to read what other Hodgepodgers had to say today by clicking the link at the end of my post. And don't forget to add your own link to the list and leave a comment for the blogger before you. Here we go-  

From this Side of the Pond

1. When it comes to gift giving are you more of a 'create something from scratch' or a 'buy something in a shop' kind of giver? Tell about a favorite homemade gift you've given or one you've received. 

I'm mostly a 'buy something in a shop' kind of giver, but I have done some homemade gifting through the years too. I definitely try to buy things that feel personal to the recipient. 

As far as favorites go, in 2013 our girls surprised us with a painting of our sweet pup Dixie. They had the artist copy a photo and we love it still. 

In completely unrelated news, look at me with my short hair. 

In terms of giving something homemade, one year I made both girls holiday 'notebooks'. They were filled with all of our favorite holiday recipes written on cute cards, all of our family Christmas cards/letters, and lots of Christmas pictures taken as they were growing up. 

I might not be crafty but I can tug at the heartstrings in my own way. These books are keepsakes and I enjoyed putting them together. 

2. Do you have the 'gift of gab'? Is that a blessing or a curse? 

An easy question-yes. I Gab. With a capital G. We all gab here which is mostly a blessing. We think so anyway-ha! Our listeners may disagree. 

3. What's something you have going on that you need/want to 'wrap up' this month? 

For the love, is this office redo ever going to be redone??? Also, hubs added a new piece to the project which is basically bigger and more involved than my original project but whatever, none of it has been completed.

On the bright side, the wood was delivered and is in the garage. The carpenter will be here Monday to do some measuring that needs doing before the electrician can come which needs to happen before the carpenters actually come back to do the work. I'm kind of like it'll be done when it's done, but hubs is not wired that way and wanted it done yesterday. 

4. A food you love that is 'wrapped' in some way?

Lots of things, but Beef Wellington, sushi, a spring roll, and a soft taco would be near the top of the list.  

5. December is upon us...share something here (quote, verse, poem, song lyric, your own thoughts) related to the word hope. 

One of my favorite Christmas songs...

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

I recapped our Thanksgiving travels in Monday's post, but hubs reminded me I left out one teensy tiny happening. A drunk driver hit our (parked) car Thanksgiving evening while we were all getting ready for bed. Ugh. 

Our car was parked in front of my daughter's house and the road is wide. About 9:30 (yes, when there are toddlers in the house you go to bed early) the across the street neighbor knocked on the door to tell us she thought someone had hit our car, and then had continued driving on up the road. Her husband had gone to see if he could spot the vehicle, and fortunately for us (and probably the drunk driver too) he was stopped just up the street. 

He had somehow managed to completely demolish another neighbors enormous brick mailbox stand. The airbags deployed and the car was a mess, but the driver was uninjured although struggling to stay vertical. The police were called and we did not get to bed anywhere close to 9:30. 

We are so thankful the damage to our car, while aggravating, was relatively minor.

So thankful the driver hit that brick wall and did not end up getting on the highway and perhaps causing grave harm to an innocent person. 

Thankful it was night not day, and no children were on the sidewalk playing. 

Don't drink and drive. I guess we still need to say it. 

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  1. Regarding the gift of gab - we are all talkers, too, and can get quite loud. My poor son-in-law is a major introvert and I think he probably wishes we would quiet down and hush! I'm so sorry about your car but am glad no one was hurt!!

  2. What a terrible thing to happen, especially during a holiday and at bedtime. I am glad there were no injuries and only vehicles and mailboxes were damaged. Joyce, another fun Hodgepodge! It does my heart good knowing your girls are so close again and precious visits are so much easier to do. Happy Hodgepodge!! xo

  3. Love, love, love those holiday keepsake books you made for your daughters. What a great idea and what a treasure. Oye about that drunk driver. So glad it was a parked car and a mailbox and that he was stopped. Happy December!!

  4. The painting is beautiful. Those gifts for the girls are wonderful, a real treasure to have. Hope the office redo goes well. Beef Wellington is a great answer. I've one had it once and that was in Europe. So sorry about your car and thankful no one got hurt. Take care.

  5. Aside from the car mishap, your Thanksgiving sounds wonderful. So glad you have your girls "close" by this year (relatively speaking, of course).

  6. It's a shame that we still have to say that, but alas we do have to.

    Love the books you gave your daughters and love the dog painting. My daughter paints pet pictures for friends and clients too.

  7. Scary thing about that drunk driver! I'm glad no one was hurt. I've kept all our Christmas letters and photos over the years, they're like a time capsule of our lives. What a great idea to put them in a book! I do not have the gift of gab. Neither does my son-in-law. We sit quietly and let the rest of the family gab away! :)

  8. I love your holiday notebook idea, such a precious gift!
    I remember seeing Dixie on the blog <3 It's so hard to lose a pet.
    Thankful no one was hurt in the accident!
    Thanks for having us!

  9. I made Christmas memory books one year (in notebook form like yours) and they were such a hit. When my parents saw the ones I'd made for our grown kids, they wanted one too. And then my aunts wanted them. Now I'm thinking of making some for my nearly adult granddaughters (20 and 18).

    So sorry about the damage to your car -- but so thankful that no one was hurt and that the drunk driver got stopped before anything like that could happen. As one who has lost a loved one to a drunk driver, I feel pretty strongly about the subject.